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Unexpected (Ethan x Reader)

Requested : Yes, by the wonderful @kissdolan, thank you so much for requesting this

Summary : Ethan is chasing after a beautiful model until he notices her average, photographer friend. 

Word Count : 2665

Warnings : Fluff, very cute Ethan

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ref pages

(( hello; so it has come to my attention that there are many blogs around that lack ref or character pages, that is, pages or links to posts that contain the refs of one or more characters.

now i have to tell you this really isn’t ideal. why? well, refs allow others to easily access a good picture or paragraph of your character from which to draw them from. if you add more than just a picture or description of them, then it can also gives others a sense of their personality and what they are like. this can increase the amount of asks you get, in particular, that can mean asks that are more tailor fit to your character or plot!

so, to reiterate, ref pages are very much a good thing. even if you just put a tag linking to posts of ref sheets, that’s fine. but that is of course if you tag the ref sheets. I’d even say ref pages are very vital and there’s really no reason not to have them.

if you post it once but never link it anywhere, it will be inevitably be lost to time and it won’t do much good, unfortunately.

the thing is though, especially with the presence of so many new people around, i figured people might not know how to make ref pages. so here is a tutorial under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

Not really urgent but- I came out a month ago. My parents were accepting. But my mom now refuses to buy me anything. Not even stuff I need. I needed hair wash and I asked for men's and she said no. Then I said I want a binder and she said no! I'm not sure on what I'm supposed to do. I thought she wanted to help me. Now she's favoring my sister and using wrong pronouns for me. I'm scared she changed her mind about me. The only thing she ever ask is if I picked out a name. Help!

Lee says:

You can try to save money and buy yourself a binder and masculine stuff! That’s what I did back when I was younger (around 15) and my parents didn’t accept me. 

Now that I’m 18, my parents have come around- sometimes it just takes time for them to get adjusted, but it’s important for to have a lot of open conversations with them and explain why you need what you need, and correct them when they mess up with your pronouns.

What if someone is not supportive after I come out?

“..I’m sure you were expecting our dear Queen, unfortunately, she is not currently present. However, I am available if there is anything you wish to know.“

❀Queen Sectonia’s blog has returned, but our dear Queen is nowhere in sight! Why? Well, a lot’s changed here- Sectonia is still gone, perhaps even dead, from when Kirby had defeated her! She will not be present for quite a while, but do not fret- For now Taranza, the self-proclaimed Baron of this kingdom, will be around to answer your questions~
Also if it’s not too much to ask could I get some reblogs my dash is dead-


So, here is some info on how I render things now :U (Though like how I do everything is subject to change). Also, I use Manga Studio 5 EX/Pro version so you may not be able to re-create this depending on what software you use.

(See image captions so you know which layer I’m talking about down here).

  1. After making the lineart. I create two more layers. These are ‘shadow’ (img.1) and ‘flat’ (img.4).
  2. On the ‘shadow’ layer I select all the colors around the character and then fill it with 50% grey.
    1. It HAS to be 50% grey for this to work.
  3. On the ‘flat’ layer I color the character in. Then I set this layer to Overlay.
  4. After all that I color in the shadows & highlights on the ‘shadow’ layer.
    1. For the shadow color any level of 60% grey - Black will work. Pick whatever suits your preference.
    2. I got the color I use by taking 50% grey and using a Multiply layer over the base to get the color then merging them together.
  5. Once all the shadows are done I start creating Gradient Maps (GMAP) (Layer > New Correction Layer > Gradient Map).
    1. To create the GMAP I use:
      1. Create a color point in the center set to 50% grey.
      2. Now using either the default black color point or a new one set that to a different color. This color needs to be dark and  somewhat desaturated to work. You’ll need to fiddle around with it till you find what works for you.
      3. You can use img.3 as a reference to get an idea what colors to pick.
      4. You’ll need to fiddle with the position of the color point to get the color exactly how you want. Just eyeball it.
    2. This part is a little tricky because it’s ultimately up to you how many you use it’s just important to remember the GMAP will only control the shadow color not the “base” color as seen in img.3. For this picture I only used 4 GMAPs (Hair, Skin, White, and Brown). 

Hope this is helpful or at least interesting.

little update in Lera profile (I’m sorry for making changes and might again in the future I’m just going with my feelings)
in time Lera had this “silly” personality while Lera was ment to be more muture so I brought it back, nothing drastic just made her bit more responsibility and ladylike (there are still silly lera! I’m not going to make her really serious and mean QwQ)
and also add little details to her outfit (changed her height) which you might seen already

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alright my friend spark(@forvirtue) applied some merciless and abominable peer pressure so I am now making a Kimball Cho from The Mentalist. very super under construction right now but if you wanna poke around for now, say hello, etc etc

also im only on late season 2 because spark started me watching barely last week

Announcement Regarding KouAo Doujinshi Preorder:

Thank you very much for your patience, all the books have been delivered. I have sent an e-mail to inform you the tracking code along with some additional info. Please check your inbox, if the mail hasn’t reached you please let me know so I will re-send it again. I hope the package will be there soon! Thank you for waiting!

Also, I have been thinking to change method for the future preorders. I’m thinking to print the dj books before the preorder ends so ppl won’t have to wait for too long again haha o<-< The next preorder will be around September-October, so I’ll see what I can do! 

Your Hair Does Not Define You: A Post About “Spiky”

Alright, so I’ve sort of been meaning to like make a post about this but it’s all just my bullshit opinion so it’s not useful but WELL MAYBE I CAN CHANGE SOME MINDS IN MY FAVOR. 

This applies to like any anime, I guess, but I’ll just focus on YGO since lmao their fucking hair. 

When writing the change from Malik to Mariku, writing things like “and his hair got spikier” is weird as fuck, because while like, yeah, that’s the physical change in the style of art, that’s more so so that you can tell the difference between the characters. REALISTICALLY, and I know “realistically” doesn’t really belong in places like YGO BUT, realistically, the switch in personalities obviously shows no REAL physical change. Same with Ryou to Yami Bakura, saying “and he grew spiky hair wings” (or whatever the fuck) is… weird as fuck.

To illustrate the shift though, here as some examples of things I like to use, using Mariku/Malik as examples. 

  • Describing a change in posture. When shifting from Malik to Mariku, Mariku tends to take over and roll his shoulders back in a stretch, straightening up and standing taller. 
  • A change in overall demeanour. Mariku has a more unimpressed look about him than his counterpart (if that’s even possible, right?), and when sitting he slouches more. I tend to write him a lot more at ease than Malik at times. 
  • The way they look at others. Mariku stares a lot more, getting lost in thought and ends up just piercing the other person with his gaze. 
  • Speaking mannerisms. With split personalities, a change in voice isn’t uncommon, especially because the other personality can actually range in age AND gender. A twenty year old woman can have another personality of a ten year old boy, and when speaking as him, her voice might get higher and more whiney, or something. Mariku, as I play him a lot more lazy, talks in a lower tone and drawling his words, speaking slower than Malik often too. 
  • Nervous habits. Not really “nervous” but some people might pick their nails, twirl their hair around their finger, scratch their wrists, avert their eyes to the side when speaking, lean more on one leg than the other, chew their lips, etcetera. 

These sort of things just make it more… believable and less, I don’t know, silly to me, when writing a shift in the personalities. It also reads a lot better, in my opinion, than “and his hair changed”. 

That’s my two cents. Double Satan out.

Im very tired.
Im still working out dreamy’s design.
Some info: Dreamy is a fusion of reality and dreams thus Dreamy can hop between reality and the dream plane. They can also manipulate the reality around them. Whatever changes they make fade wen they leave the vicinity.

There are a lot of drawings coming up in a few hours. I made a lot of sketches of old characters. For now enjoy this pudgy fusion.

Chicagoland bloggers: model for body positivity

I have a final photography project coming up that I need to start working on asap. It’s basically going to be a display of different kinds of bodies, shot in a body positive light. I often see projects like this online and they’re becoming increasingly common on tumblr which is great! However, body positivity (especially focused on fat, trans or disabled bodies) is still a concept too many people offline don’t know about– so I’m going to force people in my class to learn. However, I need to create original work opposed to linking them to existing projects.

Thus, I’m looking for models!

No experience is necessary, but I don’t mind experience. I cannot compensate any participants with money but I would be happy to email you images. Also, I don’t have a studio so if you know of some place you’d like to be photographed at that is accessible by CTA, by all means, let me know. At the moment, I’m not sure how candid or staged I want the shoots to be, so it will probably depend on your input as a model however it will feature aspects of what your are body positive for. I will also likely be interviewing you for quotes or insight that will accompany your photo in my project.

I’m not sure how many people I will feature for the project but I am thinking around 15, especially since problems arise and schedules change, so I’m accounting for that. Nudity is not required, but it’s a possibility if both you as a model and I as a photographer feel comfortable enough with the situation.

If you are interested, please submit or send fanmail (no asks related to the project please unless it is a general question) including some info about yourself such as your experience, whether you are queer, disabled, trans or fat or a person of color, what specifically you struggle or have struggled to be body positive about, and what’s helped you. Please include a photo or a link to photos of you as well.

If you are not interested or not near chicago, please boost this post still. Thank you!


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I’m opening commissions again(mainly since were getting towards the end of summer vacation in a month and i’m gonna need to start buying some books lmao). I also changed the pricing around and made it a bit more simpler since it might have been confusing last time;;

For more info and how to order please go HERE !

Thank you for reading and any reblogs are greatly appreciated!

potad0die  asked:

Coming out to your homophobic father? My mum is fine with it and is really supportive but because my parents are divorced they don't like talking...well they haven't spoken for 2 years. I don't know how to tell him because I spend half of my time with him and I want to bring my almost kinda girlfriend home but he wouldn't support me. HELP!! Hope chitty is going well, coming to see you soon💗

I’m going to be honest and tell you I don’t have any experience of this myself so the little advice I have anyways, is very limited on this topic!  Depending on how old you are Childline will take calls from you up until your 19th birthday and they’re great with giving support and advice and there’s also some great info here! http://lgbt.foundation/information-advice/coming-out-support/

Despite my limited help, I will say that no matter what reaction anyone has around you, you know who you are and who you are is strong and brilliant and if someone reacts badly to who you are, it’s not you who needs to change. It’s them. So much love and I hope all goes well! <3



RotBTD Week [Summer]

- NO CROSS-SHIPPING; CANON SHIPS ONLY ALLOWED. This means no Jackunzel, no Mericcup, no Jarida, no Meripunzel, no Hijack, no Hiccunzel, and no Rainbow Scone (Jack x Tooth). Those weeks only allow New Dream/Eugenezel/Rapungene and Hiccstrid as they are both canon. Those weeks are about the four characters’ friendship and nothing else

- Note that the above rule is really important, if I spot some kind of cross-romance I won’t be able to reblog your piece and will have to ask you to either change your piece so it fit the rule, or to remove it from the rotbtd week tag. And to be honest, I really do not like going around and asking people to change their thing. 

- Please use the tag “RotBTD Week” in your first five tags when you upload your piece.

- Also if you could use the tags “RotBTD” and “The Big Four” it would help this entire thing going! :)


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