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Once upon a time, there was a humble and nice girl that I met for the first time on a convention. Now these days she's more of the type: "Everyone should love me like a royality and all that comes with it, and if someone else has another opinion, I talk to them as if they are stupid or retard. Just because not everyone are good and has the same talents as you doesn't mean you can be mean. What happened with the nice person? :(

Honestly I dont know what you’re talking about right now. Im sorry if I have offended you or made you upset in any way. I cant know what Ive done when you talk about it in such vague terms. If you have something you want me to apoligse for properly or if you want me to learn from mistakes I have made, please turn off Anon and talk to me properly. Because this is not helping anyone. It wont make me understand if I have done something wrong because I dont know what you’re talking about. Trust me, if I knew how I am acting out of line, I will make sure to try and better myself as a person. But right now I cant do that. Im sorry but I cant be to everyone’s taste. If you dont like me or think I can change, just block me and you wont have to deal with me anymore. And I work hard, I’m not talented. I dont claim to be The best and Im not trying to be The best. I just try to do what I love and get better. When People enjoy what I do, it makes me extremely happy and I really appriciate it. It’s nothing I expect. Please dont try to simplify what I’m passionate about.

In regards to today’s Love Yourself Highlight Reel...

Ive seen a theory going around about Jungkook losing his memory and remembering Yoongi through the girl playing and Yoongi’s lighter. There has been connections to INU and Jungkook’s Wings short film. I think this theory is pretty strong, but I dont know if anybody made this connection yet…

In this scene Jungkook is at the hospital sitting next to the girl doing what… drawing. 

Now if you remember in Jungkook’s short film he is contemplating/reminiscing a drawing of who we assume is Yoongi…  

The notebook and sheet size are almost the same. I couldn’t help but remember this as I was rewatching this scene. Im not smart enough to fully connect this, so if anybody is willing to go for it! 

We also cant forget this one!

the three absolute truths in the universe:

1) i love jared kleinman more than you
2) pineapple on pizza is bad
3) soph @hotdamnitslaura is honestly the best person ive ever had the absolute pleasure to get to know. shes so genuinely good and she always makes me feel better and shes honestly my favorite person. i dont know what i’d do without her in my life. seriously she just took the time to send me something so wonderful and thoughtful to make me feel good and im probably going to hoard it forever because it made my frustrated tears turn to happy tears and i cant think of anyone else who could do that. soph i love you so much thank you for being so good to me

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Top 5 milex moments from the eycte tour!

chriist honestly there are too many to choose from im c ryinggfb

  • ok firstly i gotta begin with when they were at webster hall and this shit went down during eycte….alex on knees with miles stroking his fucking hair while staring lovingly into each others eyes…and then alex pulling himself up by holding onto miles’ shirt..and then they did some kinda interpretive dance???…chill for one second maybe guys???
  • ok so another one of my Fave moments was this…when miles was trying to play his guitar during used to be my girl and then alex came up from behind and hugged him and held him in his arms for like 10 years and miles mouthed what looked like “hold me” and it was so beautiful and i think i died right there and then and i havent really been alive since then but ok….i truly love my dads
  • right so next is……this entire fucking performance of eycte at rock en seine…..purely because it’s so moving and i havent stopped crying everytime i think about it….and the fact miles looked like he was gonna cry and alex supposedly did….and the fact that there literally just stood there holding each other for a few minutes….and the fact that eycte tour is over and im so sad and it hurts to watch this but im gonna watch it anyway and say it’s one of my fave milex moments because obviously i love to suffer
  • NEXT IS THIS fuckign mess!!!(bad habits at sziget) honestly i just spent literally like 5 minutes trying to find it but now i have and honestly ???? I HATE THEM lmaooo….when i was watching it i honestly thought they were gonna kiss….i literally thought this was gonna be the moment when they full on made out in front of everyone…..but they started singing instead and then alex started giggling and started shouting something random god knows what he was saying anyways 0/10 hate :( 
  • another….is THIS…..i cant belieb…. miles saying “i’ll give you the d” and alex replying “i wish you would” NOOO why are they like this i could honestly cry (i say ‘could’ as if i dont cry everyday over them haha ha aha) 
  • AND THERE IS THIS honestly what are they doing???….like ive seen people say that alex is licking miles??? but honestly it looks more like a kiss to me???but either way it’s Gay….and then miles quite clearly goes to kiss alex and they dont even finish the fucking lyric??? how beautiful
  • OK SO I KNOW THIS IS SEVEN and completely illegal as it’s supposed to be FIVE but u know what i got completely carried away because theyve ruined my life (in a good way) but you can’t think that i’d miss this gem.….. the! fucking! kiss! at! coachella!….this changed me as a person im sure….i cant believe They Did That…..

honestly im so sorry that ive written an entire fucking essay about this but literally all i do all day is think about milex and cry so i have a lot to talk about lmao!!!

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For some reason I forgot what 13's voice sounds like and now that I know, I feel like he belongs in a King of The Hill spinoff

ive literally seen S13 so many times his voice doesn’t bother me, I’ve grown used to it bUT FUCK MAN his dialog gets me more than anything else– i honestly really adore his tfs voice tho jfdgjk nice and deep aAAAA hrgjjh don’t get me started on KoTH i made the worst fucking au for th a t


ok u weren’t the first ask but i need to get all of this out while i remember what i want to say. i’d be lying if i said we have known each other for the longest time bcos its only been just over a year since we started talking, but honestly it feels like ive had you by my side forever. i had never made a friend over the internet before you, i was pretty alone im not gonna lie. but then we started to talk, and grew to know each other and support each other in every way, and honestly sending u that first message was one of the best things ive ever done. to say you saved me is an understatement. you have taught me so much and shown me what its like to have a supportive best friend, i dont know where i would be without you. dead probably, bcos its always you who stops me from doing the most stupidest of things. you deserve the universe and more, and i pray tht you get just that. we may live a thousand miles away from each other but know that if you ever need me no matter the time, im here. thank you for being such a shining light in my life, i love you so much

mutuals send me a number and ill make a nice post about you

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When i was a kid ( like im grown of something lol) i went to catholic school and i everyone never wanted to answer my questions, so eventually i just started to think that it was hoqwash and that it was just an extremely corrupt religion (going off how in the olden times when the church used to used to pressure people into giving them money saying that they would go to hell) and even when i would ask questions to my family (specifically my father as hes more religious) continued

he would answer like he sounded upset that i was asking any questions and ive always been someone to ask a lot of questions about things that i dont know about and so it kind of made me have a scewed view on being catholic/ christian ( for me not really anyone else as i believe that everyone has the right to believe in what ever they want)

honestly, i’m so thankful i was brought up with christianity through my mom. she is incredibly open minded and is 100% against following a religion blindly.

some ppl are under the impression that asking questions is blasphemous, but i totally disagree. i think asking questions is super important because then you can understand why you’re supposed to respect and love this God that can seem so distant and ominous. and wouldn’t you rather that someone loves you because of XYZ rather than loving you because they feel they have to? i sure would lol

answers are out there, but sometimes the answers to the important questions aren’t always easy to find. like,,,hmm what happened during Jesus’ teen years? how come God refers to themself as “us” in genesis? how come everyone blames Eve for sin, when it was really Adam’s fault? etc etc. those are all questions that some ppl shy away from. i think it is important to find ppl who won’t shy away from those types of questions. they are very important and help understand the fundamentals of the religion

find a church that isn’t afraid to tackle the big questions. it’ll change your whole view on the religion tbh

i really really really cant believe that ive actually got to the point where i can do a celebration for 1.2k followers like thats???? that blows me away honestly i love you all so much and ive never made a follow forever before so i thought it was time :)

s p e c i a l  m e n t i o n s :

honestly you might want to skip this because its unbelievably soppy but this is for the people who have befriended me during the past two months since i became more of a book blog than tv and honestly you guys have made me so happy. i spent almost four years on this blog without talking to many people and now you’ve all made me feel so welcome and i am so so grateful for that. you make this whole experience worth everything, so thank you so much for deciding that you wanted to be friends with the mess that is me. this is so much soppier than i normally am honestly im so sorry i just love you all and i know im probably forgetting some people but know that if ive ever spoken to you more than once then i consider you a friend:

@kczbrekkr: jud i dont even know what to say about you because there are no words. i love you so much, you’re my bffl and you’ve made me so happy just by being there for me and complimenting me and honestly you’re perfect. i could write paragraphs and paragraphs on why i love you but this is getting long as it is and i just want you to to know that one day we’re gonna meet just so that we can hug bc youre my bffl and thats for life i love you<3 i could 100% compliment you for years, i could write so many more paragraphs but that’s going to have to wait for a different time

@transandrew: sur its weird to think that at first i was nervous to speak to you bc you seemed so cool and i really wanted to be your friend and honestly im still so surprised that you want to speak to me because??? i am not interesting and you’re actually pretty cool even tho you are a nerd but honestly i love your discourse and im honoured to be your friend

@neiljostm: kyle i am so glad that you called me out when i sent you an anon because without that, i never would have gotten the courage to speak to you and im so glad that i did because even though youre an asshole by nature i am as well so i feel like we fit and ily

@thedreamtwats: ronan i love you honestly the fact that we started talking because you told me you stalked through 50 pages of my blog is still incredible to me and i mean we’ve definitely shared some incredible gossip (i mean mostly from you) and youre like the cutest person ive ever seen

@andrewinyrd: syeda your allison/neil friendship headcanons give me life and im so happy that you love them as much as i do. i dont think i ever thanked you enough for helping me through that night and letting me rant and threatening to punch somebody for me before even knowing who it was. also for sending me one direction gossip the day after youre incredible

@wesnenski: agent p your art is incredible let me first say and your head canons are to die for. we bonded over your phineas and ferb reference and you just keep making me laugh and supporting me and i love you for it

@vintersins: nana we havent been talking for very long but honestly i love you already and im so glad that youre enjoying tsoa but i have to admit honestly i was so intimidated by you before because you seemed so cool and now im actually talking to you im still so surprised

@anndrwminyard: bianca youre so sweet and im so glad you got me back into goodreads but also i hate you for it because now im obsessed again just like you said but ily anyway<3

and now to the actually follow forever because that was so so so long oops:

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who on the team has Pokemon go and is forever playing it

whats a pokemon

jk jk. daisy is for sure playing while on her emo exile. one day she accidentally runs into fitz (literally. they smack foreheads because they’re both looking at their phones) and they just kind of stare at each other and dont say anything?? and then daisy uses her flying powers to get to the pokestop first and fitz is left in the dust. 

bobbi morse is absolutely dragging hunter around catching pokemon while they’re on the run from literally everyone. he complains the whole time but is secretly really into it. gotta catch em all. 

there is also a 100% chance phil coulson downloaded it because it’s “cool” and “hip” but he has no idea how it works. he keeps accidentally finding the most rare ones but then royally screwing something up and losing them. may is ready to throttle him. (not that she’s been playing or anything. heh. hehe.)