St George II by craig wagstaffe
Via Flickr: St George’s Day Parade. Morley 24th April 2016

  • Me at 3 am: " hey WX knows what an AAC device is and I think they started to be used more commonly around the 50s or 60s(i cant remember)and WX references 'Do you believe in magic' by The Lovin' Spoonful, which was released in 65, which means WX may have been created near the 60's or, or they were created during the 20's, or even a tad earlier and they wandered around Earth until nearing 1970, that'd be so weird, WX would be old, that's so funny holy fuck old bot...old smelly stinky bot..need a cane stinky smelly old robot?"

Ever since finishing my Creative Perspective class from this semester I’ve wanted to put the techniques I learned to work and well finally I did. I needed to sketch out Robert’s base and so, here we are. After much screen shooting and research I finally have a concept of his home. Nothing huge but it’s sturdy and works for him. He set up on a ruins biome that was pretty fragmented but secluded enough to be away from monsters of all kinds. So yeah, just sketching stuff. I’m really happy with these. Of course in final works I’d correct some of the perspective errors but over all I just love having the rough idea figured out.

So we have a top down view, then a front view, then a look to parts of the home. Yes there are two beds in this house. (Well three if you count Hutch’s little dog bed.) Who is to say Robert is completely alone? I’m not telling. Wait and see for yourself.

So yeah just rough stuff. Enjoy!