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How do you tell Vincent and Leonard apart?

ah, a lot of folks have trouble telling them apart, but you gotta understand, these are my babies! I can tell them apart blindfolded (and in fact I do tell them apart in the middle of the night all the time, due to fur texture and behavior). So there’s not really any way that I tell them apart, I just can do so because I’ve known them almost their whole lives. But here’s a crash course of how they differ:

Vincent (left)

  • Fur is a deeper black
  • Fewer light markings
  • Light markings are bright white and very contrasted with his black fur
  • Has a white tail tip
  • Has a distinct white marking on his neck and chest
  • No white on his butt (backside of hind legs), not much fluff on butt either
  • Slightly bigger than Leonard
  • Narrower face
  • Shorter fur with a wiry texture
  • Has white underfur, so if you brush him counter to the grain you’ll see bright white fur
  • More pronounced neck flap
  • Longer claws (we’re filing them down, but they just seem to grow faster or wear down less than Leonard’s)
  • Mostly black face with two distinct white marks on the cheeks that make him look like a Canada Goose
  • Small pinprick “eyebrows” that give him a much more severe expression than Leonard
  • A total grumpus
  • Sighs and grumbles a lot
  • Whines when he hears annoying noises or if you’re not giving him enough attention
  • Will sit on you
  • Very stubborn
  • Barks a lot and is very vigilant, very ‘guard dog’
  • Despite his size, his bark is kinda high pitched and always sounds like he’s straining his voice
  • Tends to not pant too much and when he does it’s pretty quiet
  • Lazy tail wagger, tends to only wiggle it or wag it slowly a couple times
  • Likes to curl up into a tight ball like a cat
  • Pretends he doesn’t want attention but does and will stare daggers at you until you come over to pet him
  • Knows the treats are in the pantry and so will repeatedly run over to it at random times just in the off chance you might decide to give him a treat
  • The couch is his, he just lets us sit on it during the day

Leonard (right)

  • Fur is lighter black, almost dark brown
  • Many light markings
  • Light markings are golden tan and blend into his black fur
  • Fully black tail
  • Golden markings all over face, neck, and chest
  • Fluffy white fur on his butt
  • Slightly smaller than Vincent
  • Broader face
  • Longer fur with a soft, fluffy texture
  • Barely any neck flap
  • Face has a lot of golden markings, giving him an overall lighter and easy to spot face
  • Distinct golden markings on top of his head
  • Large golden arch “eyebrows” that make him look confused all the time
  • A big, silly goofball
  • Easily excitable
  • Spins around in a circle when excited but nowhere to run (I call it the Dognado)
  • “Talks” when you first get home or wake up but aren’t giving him enough attention (always the same “phrase” like “Roh-roh-roh”
  • Won’t sit on you (because he can never figure out how, but he’s tried)
  • Will 100% step on your feet
  • Not very stubborn
  • Doesn’t bark that much, usually only when Vincent isn’t there or in extreme situations (stranger way too close to the house or if something is keeping Vincent from barking)
  • Bark is much deeper and more forceful than Vincent’s
  • Pants a lot and very loudly, you may need to turn up the TV if he’s sitting next to you
  • Champion tail wagger, wags so fast you think it’ll fall off
  • Will wag his tail if you so much as look in his direction
  • If you’re walking in the dark in the middle of the night and hear thumping, that’s Leonard and his wagging tail
  • Will sometimes wait outside the bathroom or bedroom for you to come out
  • Will sometimes just sit in the dead center of the room and look around in wonderment
  • If you look at him, make eye contact, or even just give the impression you might pet him, he will run over to you at the speed of sound (and step on your feet)
  • Has a Skylanders pillow that he loves very very much and will lick it whenever he gets excited (he will not play tug of war with it)
  • If he’s very excited, he’ll carry the pillow around with him for easy access
  • Licks everything and everyone all the time

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Do you have a silken windhound breeder recommendation for someone who wants an easy to train dog with a good tempemant in the south eastern USA?

Here’s the closest one I’m familiar with though maybe @silkenagentsofcsbeck can chime in.

Kent Jones (Kumbaya Silkens) is in Texas and he’s awesome. We had a good conversation over dinner at Silken Fest about temperaments! I met several of his silkens, all of which were immediately friendly, confident tail waggers. :) VERY food motivated too (I almost lost my hamburger!!). They also are gorgeous, like he definitely has the style of silkens I really enjoy conformationally. If that’s relevant lol

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"Patrick Turner we are not keeping this Puppy. Teddy is barely six months old and Angela is only just three, we won't cope!" {Turnadette, just a little bit of fun😉}

“Patrick Turner we are not keeping this Puppy. Teddy is barely six months old and Angela is only just three, we won’t cope!”

Patrick looked up from the fluffy dog that was chewing contently on his fingers to see his wife with her hands planted firmly on her hips and her mouth pursed in her usual I-am-not-going-to-discuss-this-we-are-simply-going-to-do-what-I-say way.

“But Shelagh, having a dog is healthy for the children, and it will give us a reason to exercise, and just look at it!” he whined, pulling the puppy on his lap and fondling its ears.

“And who is going to walk this dog, and train it, and feed it? No, Patrick, we can’t keep this dog, and you know it; but I know someone who might like to have a her,” Shelagh said.


“Do we take care of dogs now as well as babies?” Trixie asked as Sister Monica Joan floated past her, holding an adorable puppy swaddled in one of her many knitted blankets.

“The Turners have asked me to raise and love this particularly handsome specimen of the canis lupus familiaris, nurse Franklin. Never fear; this dog and I think completely alike on all matters, and will stay away from your dental surgeon,” Sister Monica Joan said, holding her head high.

“But not the cake tin, I’d wagger,” Trixie muttered under her breath, a smile playing around her lips. 

Cheating but don’t care ;P

Iron Profile

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Iron (Jung Hunchul)

January 8th, 1992 (24)

• Currently signed under Polaris Entertainment (Alongside Ladies Code, and YDG)

• Made it to 2nd place on SMTM3

• Known for his intense rap style, as well as his reggae style

• Member of the crew Daenamhyup, mostly known as DNH (Which means  Great Southern Joseon Hip-Hop Cooperative) (Notable members: Marvel J, Kidoh, i11evn, Rap Monster, Supreme Boi)

• He was in the original line up of BTS (Bangtan Boys) with the rest of the DNH crew.

• Also a member of Rockbottom crew (alongside most of the members of DNH)

• Nickname “Second hand swag” because he’s known for shopping at the flea market and buying second hand clothing. 



(IRON) - blu (Feat. Babylon) MV

►  Rap Monster, Iron, Supremem Boi- We Are Bulletproof Pt. 1

Iron, (AOA) Jimin, Rap Monster-  K'hawah CF

Jimin(지민) - “Puss”(feat.Iron 아이언)

[MV] PRIMARY(프라이머리) _ Don’t Be Shy(아끼지마) (Feat. ChoA(초아) (AOA) , IRON(아이언))

(IRON) - Look out for detox (단독 공연) Full ver.

아이언 - 독기

JONGHYUN 종현_‘Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) (feat. 아이언)’ MV

A fateful bet (part 1)

part 2

(Draco x Reader)

Summary: You make a bet with Draco but things are not working out as you thought they would. Stuck with a guy you hate, how are you going to survive the next few weeks.

Of all the students in the room, Snape just HAD to pair you up with that douche Draco. You were supposed to mix a potion that put you to sleep immediately. But given the fact that Draco was, well Draco, he didn’t do anything.
He just sat next to you and kept staring. Probably planing something aweful and ploting his revange.
True, if he did, it would’t be entirely unjustified. There was this one time you hexed him and he had green hair for an entire week, or the one incident were you had sent him sleepwalking back to Hogsmede, but that was what you get when you were a pompous ass to everyone.
Still Draco didn’t take insults very well, that was for sure.
“What would you say to a bet?” Draco says out of the blue, a smirk all over his face.
“W-What?” You stammer, obviously perplex and irritated by this sudden approch.
Uh oh, this was not good. Judging from his look you were in deep trouble.
“Well?"He insists.
"What kind of a bet?"You say with a questioning look across your face.
"Right now you thought I was trying to get back at you somehow, right? So I was thinking why not settle this little disagreement of ours once and for all.”
“For your information, it’s not ‘a little disagreement’. I dislike you. That’s it. That’s all!” You say with determination in your voice.
“Still…what kind of bet do you suggest. I’ll do it if I get rid of you once and for all.”
That wasn’t quite true. You kinda had a soft spot for that blonde haired bastard, but you’d never actually admit that out loud. You really did not like him…something about him was just intriguig.
“The Quidditch match this evening. Pick a team if your choice wins I’ll leave you alone, if mine wins…well I think of something.”
“What do you mean 'you think of something’?”
“Does it matter? Or are you that scared you’ll lose?”
“Whatever.Fine. Hufflepuff then.”
“Great. See you later.”
With that he stands up leaving the room. Class was just finished, of course he had left you alone with everything still needing to be cleaned up and put away.

Later that day you were outside watching the game with everyone else. Hufflepuff was up against Ravenclaw. The match was halfway through, neither side was winning nor loosing at this point.
You just had to wonder why Draco would make such a bet. He coudn’t possibly know who would win, given that it was a match he didn’t even participate in himself. And even if he knew he coudn’t have known which team you would choose. But it was Draco you were talking about here and he normally woud not wagger on something unless he would come out on top. It made you anxious.
The final outcome was this: Hufflepuff lost with a crushing score of 200:450. But the sad faces of all the Hufflepuff players were nothing compared to the utter shock and horror written all over your face. It was a mask of complete disbelief as it dawned on you that you indeed had just lost your bet with Draco fucking Malfoy.

“I made a decision. You’re going to be my pet for the next 2 weeks.” Draco stated with a blank expression.
“You’re joking right?”
“Are you NUTS?!” You practically screamed at him at this point.
“No. Not at all. We made a bet and that’s what I want. No use trying to back out now that you already lost.”

I want Waverly to raise a hellhound. Like, she just sees a stray puppy mutt on the side of the road and totally takes it in because, let’s face it, that’d be a pretty Waverly thing to do (plus, “Wynonna, please can we keep him?? Look at how cute he is!”)

And as the dog grows up, Waverly realizes that he’s a little different from most regular dogs. Generally, it’s that she’s never seen him sleep and he only eats raw meat; like, still kicking raw. But she brushes it off because he is her dog, it doesn’t matter if he’s a little odd, he still a big cuddled and tail wagger

And into maturity the dog can sense revenants by sniffing them out, growling ferociously at each once they’re identified. And Waverly eventually sees the pattern of people her dog has growled at and people who have turned out to be revenants and it just kinda clicks that this dog is special

And she totally named him Cerberus as a joke when he was a pup, so the name works

(He may or may not growl at Nicole the first time he meets her. (He definitely growls at Nicole the first time he meets her.))

Why do people dock puppies tails? Almost no one has hunting dogs anymore so you can’t use that justification and a dog never looks better with a docked tail, they look better with the happy wagger that nature gave them.


Jay Park the chronic tongue wagger prankin Pumkin who thought they were posing for a photo lol. as always their derpy shenanigans backstage at the AOMG concert in Guangzhou

Na na….na na….la la….. What on earth is he singing lol. Simon D’s turn to record and of course, Jay never fails to wag his tongue.

even when its Gray’s turn he just can’t keep his tongue in xD

and then watching their own dorky videos on instagram haha…

that naughty laughter…

dancing above you…..what a view.


[140712] Iron - 구제 $WAGGER @ RYC X DNH Double Concert

cr; 223

Seminars and Jumpers

The open room was annoyingly clean. Sherlock didn’t trust a place without dust or a cluttered desk. If something was clean, it meant someone felt the need to remove and hide what was previously there. As a result, deductions/inductions were harder to deduce and, then, Sherlock would have less control of a situation. In this case, Sherlock wasn’t too concerned. He had researched each employee and new exactly what to say. 

His blue eyes flickered to the secretary desk. Martha Jones. 35. Single. Homophobic, extremely religious, and addicted to cats. Yes, addicted. Anyone who has twenty felines, and posts hourly about “Fluffy” and “Princess” has a mental disorder. Martha would most definitely be fun to pick at slowly …

Then there was Michael Stanley. 23. Spent his family’s fortune on launching his music career. On the release of his first album Swagger Wagger, exactly 23  sold before copy right claims sued for infringement. Now, he worked at whatever God-forsaken place this was. Sherlock rolled his eyes. Swagger Wagger would be a good ice-breaker before the presentation. 

He smirked and turned to the secretary. “Sherlock Holmes. Human resources.” Martha’s jaw dropped, and Sherlock was pretty sure he counted seven cavities. “Conference room- on the left- Nine.” 

Faking a smile, Sherlock turned and scowled. He hated being fawned over. His high cheekbones and dark curly hair didn’t help keep the women/men from drooling. Still, despite humanity’s general stupidity, he must keep smiling through gritted teeth. Mycroft’s words rang in his ears.

“You don’t want mummy mad at you again, Sherly.” The older brother would taunt. “One more firing and the family simply won’t help you.” 

Good. Sherlock wanted to be left alone. 

Huffing, Sherlock turned to the nearest person. “The conference room is locked. I need to set up my presentation.”

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BTS written reaction to hearing "Uptown Funk" on the radio?

Who’s too hot? *hot dayum* Admin BoGhe, of course. ~ ENJOYY!

*The answer is made in the form of a dialog, I hope you don’t mind.*

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