Niall’s Live Stream w/ QQ Music in Singapore 7/7/17 (full)

exo secret admirer! au (pt.1)

A/N: (Requested) This was so different in my head and I didn’t expect it to be so long. So, I’m going to put it in two separate parts! >< I wasn’t sure how to write this it so I turned them into smol drabbles!


It’s been 2 years since he debuted and his life has been hectic ever since. Through all the numerous concerts, fan meets, interviews, and everything else that came with being a top idol, Kyungsoo barely had room to breathe. But don’t get him wrong, he really loves what he does, but sometimes he just needed a break. So whenever he had time off, he goes back to his hometown and visits the bakery he used to go to all the time. The shop owner’s daughter, Kaya, was his classmate in middle and high school. They’ve been good friends for a long time, and they often baked together. At first, he only saw her as a friend, but he slowly fell in love with her charms. However, during the time Kyungsoo was away, she got herself a boyfriend. He was heartbroken when he saw their pictures on her phone, but he didn’t blame her. He never stopped going back to the bakery, because it took away all his anxiety and  stress. Kyungsoo wasn’t sure if it was her warm smile and sweet voice, or the nostalgic aroma of the pastries that they once shared together.


The puppies stared, confused, wagging their tiny tails at the tall man hovering outside the window. He held a black, fluffy, Bichon pup in his right hand. Chanyeol took a deep breath, checked his reflection in the shop’s window, and opened the door to the pet shop he had been coming to for the past few months. The shopkeeper put down the cage she was fixing and ran over to him. “Oh my gosh, how have you been? I’ve missed you so much dear!” she cooed with a big smile. Chanyeol felt his face burn up and he froze in place. His heart wouldn’t calm down and he thought he was faint on the spot. Just then, the shopkeeper took the pup from his hand and hugged him tight. “How’s my little Thoven doing? Has your owner been taking good care of you, little baby?” Chanyeol snapped back into reality as he watched the girl he fell in love with at first sight, cuddling and kissing his little pup, and he bit his lip. “Damn it, Bee Thoven,” he mumbled bitterly.


Loud screams and heavy music clashed as they filled Jongin’s eardrums. He pulled his hood down to his eyes and readjusted his mask back in place. His heart was beating quickly, was it from the shaking in the arena or his own anticipation? Suddenly, the flashing lights turned off simultaneously and only the stage was left illuminated by white lights. The music turned off, the screams stopped, and all Jongin could hear was his breathing and impatient heart. Three girls appeared on stage, greeting the crowd, and were welcomed with countless cheers. Jongin’s face lit up. He has been a fan of SKY since their debut, but they still weren’t that well-known, hence the small venue they were at. Jongin never failed to secure himself a ticket in the pit, and has never missed a concert, unless he had a schedule then. The three girls were all amazing, but Jongin couldn’t keep his eyes off Kisoo, the lead dancer. His eyes sparkled as he followed her movements across the stage, and he’s never felt this way before, even towards the renowned dancers in his own industry. Her charisma, stage presence, and fluid moves had him intoxicated. Jongin longs to be able to dance alongside her, but for now at least, he can only watch from afar.


The sun had just peeked over the horizon and Minseok sat at his table, watching it color the sky orange. Just then, he heard the cafe door open, followed by the tinkling of the bells that hung from the top. And there she was. She went to the counter and placed her order. “Ah, she got an hazelnut macchiato today,” he thought to himself. She always got something different everyday, and Minseok was always curious. She got her order and sat down at her usual spot right next to the windows. They’ve both been frequenting the same cafe for as long as Minseok can remember, but he never dared speak to her. He would just steal some glances and wonder to himself, how can anyone look that good just drinking coffee? He has thought of ways he can talk to her, but the idea of him going over to talk to her didn’t seem realistic. “Hm… maybe I’ll just be a barista here,” he pondered.

- W, mày đi chưa?
- Chưa, tối tao mới đi.
- Vậy gầy sòng không?
- Không, muốn sang chơi karaoke ăn uống này kia thì được, hôm qua thua muốn bán thận rồi không đánh nữa.
- Mie, hôm qua tao phải trực ở bệnh viện, tụi mất dại dám chơi mà không có chị.
- Hôm qua trực thì nay ngủ bù đi còn đòi cờ bạc nữa.
- Không, tao không cam tâm.
- Vậy qua chơi với Chris nè.
- Chris biết chơi hả?
- Tao mới dạy nó chơi bài cào thôi, mày muốn chơi bài khác thì qua dạy nó đi nó sẽ chơi với mày.
- Dm dạy kiểu gì?
- Giờ mày soạn cách chơi xong ngồi dịch ra tiếng Anh, học thuộc rồi qua dạy nó.
- Thôi dẹp mie đi W. Mày nói cái qq gì một hồi cũng đâm đầu vô ngõ cụt hết dmm
—  Bác sĩ gì mà ăn nói chợ búa quá hà. Mỗi lần gặp bạn là nhào tới nói bậy rồi rủ rê cờ bạc. =)))))) Thật là một sự suy đồi của nền y học nước nhà. =))))

“I am sorry, Dr. Ziegler…once again, I am in need of maintenance…”

“Do not worry, Genji - I can patch you up quite easily. No damage can compare to the miracle I had to pull off the first time.”


one part of me loves the idea of genji getting hurt on purpose to get mercy’s attention, but another part of me loves an apologetic genji because he feels like he’s burdening her with constant repairs