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Here’s the entire au i had planned out but never acted upon since you seem very happy about it :9

Lance (27 years old):

  • Single father
  • Pidge/Katie and Matt are his kids.
  • Nyma is the mother (ran away to be with Rolo. Lance’s feelings for her are complicated)
  • Works at a clothing store (“they call me the tailor” lmaOOOOOooo)
  • Loves Pidge and Matt w/ all his heart
  • Lives in a small apartment w/ them
  • Dropped out shortly after Keith bc of Pidge + Matt

Keith (28 years old):

  • Lance’s new boss/manager
  • Has some parental issues bc he was an orphan and is still rlly salty about his dad Thace leaving him
  • Buff cheeto puff bc he works off his feelios at the gym
  • Classmates with Lance up until college before he dropped out
  • Has a bit of temper in him

Pidge/Katie (6-7) & Matt (8-9):

  • Cute and smol
  • Loves their papa very much
  • Both are intelligent fucking kids Lance is so proud of
  • Pidge doesn’t forgive her mother while Matt just misses her
  • Pidge is Iffy about Keith. Lance complains about him when he comes home from work so Pidge lowkey hates him a bit. Matt thinks his hair looks cool.
  • Pidge has a toy robot named Rover
  • Loves when auntie Shay and uncle Hunk come over

Shay + Hunk (26 + 28):

  • Watch after Pidge & Matt when Lance is working
  • Highschool sweethearts
  • Shay can’t have kids of her own and can’t adopt atm so Pidge & Matt are the next best thing
  • Hunk works as an engineer
  • Hunk is Lance’s childhood bestie
  • Presents for pIDGE and MATT!!!!

Allura + Shiro (29 + 31):

  • Met in college and are currently engaged after dating for a long ass time
  • Shiro is childhood friends with Keith/Keith’s older brother figure
  • Allura and Shiro run a gym together (the gym keith goes to lmao)
  • Allura is buff and Shiro is buff and I’m really gay.

a few days ago i went to a bar with my mom and my middle school gym teacher was the bartender and he was like “wait how old
are you??? you’re not done with college are you? you are??? holy fuck im so goddamn old” so he served me wine and we chatted about the middle school i went to and his marriage and my tattoos and how we both hate the new iPhone update but the whole time i was just like “i remember when you gave my friend detention and the last time u saw me i was 13 and extremely emo like there’s a good chance i was actually wearing my chemical romance fingerless gloves at the time”

so anyway. adulthood is fucking weird.

jamie keeps the hideout comfortably busy to the eye. messy, but in a cozy, “home sweet home” kind of way. it’s especially pleasing during christmas.

they’ve got some tires of varying sizes for a couch, with a soft leather skin slung over it as a makeshift blanket. tables topped with gadgets and eskies full of lukewarm beer and salted lizard strips surround it in a circular formation. a radio sits in the center.

the couch is nested in the lowest part of the hut, with the ceiling hanging snugly over it, casting a constant shadow over the couch no matter the time of day. makes for a good nap location.

during december, jamie drapes some makeshift fairy lights from the ceiling over the couch. they cascade over the inset in the room like one of the bead curtains in the bars in sydney. when jamie connects them to the portable generator, they cast a warm golden glow over the room.

jamie always feels the need to justify putting the lights up. mako lets him ramble on about keeping the spirit of christmas alive, and the importance of national holidays to the human psyche and whatnot.

in all honesty, mako doesnt need a justification. he enjoys the lights. but he knows jamie typically doesn’t like wasting resources, and this is his way of justifying it to himself.

on christmas eve, they tune the radio to one of the local junkers station. they’re playing christmas hits from america and england, stuff from ancient movies and covers by musicians from another age. some beer cans and shishkebab sticks litter the floor. they’re lying comfortably on their couch, looking at the night sky through the large, glassless window on the other side of the hut.

jamie’s on his back with the blanket haphazardly covering him. he’s fiddling with the fairy lights, delicately weaving them in between his fingers.

the song cuts abruptly for a message from the broadcaster; real old dude, voice deep and cracking from age. he tells them that the clocks have just hit 12. jamie looks over at him with a lazy smile on his face, and laces his fingers with mako’s own.

“merry christmas, ya big lug.”