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I love my fiancée but I cannot for the life of me stand being his support. He’s usually my upport and I’m passive on Caitlyn and he’s aggressive on Nami or Thresh so it works out . But when I’m the support for him it doesn’t matter who I play, what I do, he’s whiny, high maintenance and tells me everything I’m doing “wrong” just because I play the role differently to him. I’m starting to think he just sucks as an ADC and gets frustrated and wants to blame me for it.

scott-e-cus  asked:

*Stands up and clears throat* Hello, my name is Scotticus and I am a support main.. Mainly Ana. While I genuinely enjoy being a support and it is my preferred Heroes to choose from, my will and spirit has been crushed. Every comp game seeing Hanzo and Widow on attack. 4 DPS no tanks, people telling me to go Mercy when in fact we need two healers. I've gone from 2069 to 1748... *Falls into fetal position and cries uncontrollably*

I’m so sorry friend. Come play with me. I shall support ur upportive ways

Diversions, vol. 66

Eli and I ate all of the carbohydrates in the Bay Area last week. We went to both The Mill and Tartine Manufactory and feasted on an unreasonable amount of bread. I photographed 2 spots for The Infatuation San Francisco and waddled up those San Francisco hills by the end of the day. We also caught up with friends and spent time with family. Aside from trying to get back into the swing of things now that I’m home, I’ve been:

The weekly diversion is my way of sharing links of interesting things that I’ve come across online throughout the week. To see past diversions or subscribe visit https://tinyletter.com/AdventuresOnceHad.

- Sandy Noto

Originally posted on my portfolio blog.

A message :)

Operating under the assumption that, until stated otherwise, every person is a “cisgendered, heterosexual female” is wrong
A person supporting same sex or LGBT+ couples (real or fictional) isn’t wrong

don’t assume people come from a place of, “omg i’m such a sinner!!1 look @ those gays!! hawt!! dont like lesbians tho” obviously assholes like that exist, but assuming everyone is like that not only ostracizes potential allies but it also ostracizes people who could be LGBTQIA+ themselves.

If someone likes a couple because and only because, that couple are same-sex and that someone doesn’t see the couple as people but just “2 gays” than shame on that person. they are gross. they are fetishizing. 

but if i support two people i believe have chemistry - and would have that chemistry regardless of their gender, sexuality,etc - that isn’t fetishsizing. 


to recap,

  1. don’t label people you know know as “straight, cis girls”
  2. don’t assume that anyone, other than yourself, is incapable of seeing anything other than “gay” or “not gay”
What It Means To Be A Swiftie:

What It Means To Be A Swiftie: 

• It’s not all about a follow, meet and greet, etc., it’s about showing your love for her in anyway possible. 

• Supporting her in the decisions she makes or wherever she goes. 

• Being happy for her no matter what when she is happy. 

• It’s not about how much merchandise you have or how many concerts you’ve been to, it’s about believing in her and believing in the love you have for her yourself.

 • Supporting, helping out and being respectful to other Swifties. Help your fellow Swifties out. Everybody deserves a chance. I understand you might get selfish sometimes but just remember we all want the same thing, and we have to be respectful of each other. And when you do get a follow, please do not act like you are superior to others, and rubbing (mentioning it a few times is fine, but don’t go overboard) a follow in another’s face is not fair. 

We ALL love Taylor very much. We are all here for the same reason, because we love our queen Taylor Swift. She has helped many of us through many things, and given us all so much. Since she does that for us, we all need to do that for her and for each other. We need to all be there for each other and be respectful of each other. Everybody deserves their chance but we all have to remember we are here because of our love for her. 

 S: upporting Taylor and other Swifties 

W: elcoming to other Swifties 

I: dolizing our queen 

F: orevermore in love with Taylor 

T: hankful 

 I: ncredible fans 

E: nchanted by Taylor 

S: haking of the haters with Taylor 

SWIFTIES is our name. 

MEREDITH & OLIVIA are our mascots. 

THIRTEEN is our number.

FEARLESS is what we are.

LONG LIVE is our anthem. 

RED is our color. 

TAYLOR SWIFT is our queen! 

And we party like it’s 1989!”