Star Trek: AOS USS Enterprise Crew

And here we see a couple of gays, a couple of pansexuals, a couple of heterosexuals, and a grumpy asexual wielding hypos. Welcome aboard the USS Enterprise.

Based on @fandom-dweeb‘s post (you’re welcome):


In honor of Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, I present to you all my first ever zine! I’m so proud of this piece and it turned out so much better than I could have expected. I wish I could include everything I drew in there (There’s Spones! There’s Uhura/Chapel! There’s sad Jim!), but I decided to pick some of my favorites in honor of this awesome day. I hope you guys like it and may we continue to boldly go~!

It’s very comforting to know that I’ll live to see Star Trek’s 100th anniversary. Keep the fandom alive, fellas! ;)

smitten Scotty being ridiculous trying to ‘court’ Uhura and needing all the help he can get

  • gossip with Bones trying to see if Uhura likes him likes him
  • Kirk’s lessons in Getting Your Crush’s Attention by Ripping Your Shirt
  • Chapel teaching how to actually get her attention (just act extra cute)
  •  Sulu telling him the meanings of flowers
  • Spock teaching him how to recite poetry in Swahili (he would threaten Scotty, but Uhura can take care of herself and he knows it)

basically being utterly ridiculous and not really knowing what to do because smitten

I want a coffee shop au where jim is the owner and scotty and carol are baristas

bones is a doctor who sleepwalks in every morning to get his caffeine fix which is weird because there’s a coffee shop much closer to his house and this one isn’t even en route to work, but his detour may have something to do with the cheerful young blonde astrophysics major who is always on till in the mornings and is sweet and chats to him even when he’s only half-conscious and sometimes even draws cute little smilies on his cup to cheer him up

and jim comes out of the office to help out in the afternoon because he really enjoys flirting chatting with customers and trying to matchmake the regulars (that cute curly-haired freshman and the asian guy that always comes in after teaching fencing? totally dig each other) but suddenly starts being around a lot more often when this serious professor-type guy begins coming in everyday for a cup of tea after his lectures to mark papers. he may have written his number on spock’s cup the first time he served him - he’s not proud of it, but seeing as spock came back the next day and was comfortable talking when jim totally didn’t go over to chat under the guise of clearing up, he figures he might still have a chance. 

scotty’s adorably awkward when it comes to the customers but he’s really great at coming up with new drink ideas and is the only one who can fix the coffee machines so generally he’s just around to be an extra pair of hands and to man the counter when carol and jim are busy and sticks around at the end of the day to serve the last few stragglers whilst jim shuts up shop, and he doesn’t mind too much because recently an angel has begun running in last thing every day to grab a fruity iced cooler - the shop is in between two places where she teaches singing lessons, she explains with her flashing smile - and she always makes conversation and calls him monty (which greatly alarms him until he realises he’s got a name badge) and, um, scotty may have fallen a little bit in love with her