Another year down, I would just like to say thank you to the Star Trek fandom

Thank you for basically being one of the few, few TV show fandoms to not die out immediately after it goes off the air.

Thank you for being an unfailing and welcoming source of joy, optimism and humor.

Thank you for being such a sweet community with very, very little drama and enthusiasm for newcomers.

Thank you for the beautiful fanart, theories, fics and discussion. 

Thank you for being resilient for your love of Star Trek,

And thanks to Simon Pegg and Justin Lin for giving us the reboot movie we needed, and a forwarded thanks to Bryan Fuller, so here’s to a new show to the Trek’verse next year!

Really though, thanks, this show and fandom have been an anchor for my sanity and joy.

Live long and prosper!

It’s very comforting to know that I’ll live to see Star Trek’s 100th anniversary. Keep the fandom alive, fellas! ;)

Spock and Uhura being best friends is the best

  • weekly harp playing
  • gossiping in vulcan just to annoy the people around them (cough Jim cough)
  • Spock threatening telling Scotty about ancient vulcan warrior tradition when Uhura finally starts dating him
  • theorizing about alien cultures all the time (what nerds)
  • vegetarian lunching, Uhura getting Scotty to properly program vulcan dishes
  • Uhura giving Spock human courting lessons
  • just being supportive of each other
True Star Trek Fans

I think it makes it truer, speaks a million words, when a trek fan can stand up and say ‘I ship this’ and the other fan can say 'Oh I don’t ship that, I ship this.’ And they may not agree on the ship, but when you can still, at the end of the day say. “Friend, you are my friend, sure you have different aesthetics, we might even completely disagree on something. But I will respect you, and I won’t call you names, or belittle you for liking ____" 

To me, that, speaks a billion words.

There is no wrong way, to enjoy Star Trek.

But there is a wrong way of being a Trekkie.

When you stop believing in the core principles; infinite diversity in infinite combinations. The beauty of what /could/ be the future of Star Trek.

That is where you’re gravely mistaken. You’ve lost the meaning, its purpose despite the entertainment quality.

To me, carrying the term 'Trekkie’ is such a huge honor, and a privilege. Something to hold onto and say, 'I know what we’re capable of’ 'I haven’t given up on humanity because I /know/ we are capable of something like this.' 

THAT is beautiful, that, is what it means to be a Trekkie.

Once you start angrily blasting others for liking, doing what they love, especially if they aren’t hurting anyone? Calling names whether you think it to be 100% true or not? 

Harmful, shameful, please reevaluate your thought process. Please.

"We all have differences, may we all come together and become greater than the sum of all of us.”

smitten Scotty being ridiculous trying to ‘court’ Uhura and needing all the help he can get

  • gossip with Bones trying to see if Uhura likes him likes him
  • Kirk’s lessons in Getting Your Crush’s Attention by Ripping Your Shirt
  • Chapel teaching how to actually get her attention (just act extra cute)
  •  Sulu telling him the meanings of flowers
  • Spock teaching him how to recite poetry in Swahili (he would threaten Scotty, but Uhura can take care of herself and he knows it)

basically being utterly ridiculous and not really knowing what to do because smitten