“You know why we’re such good spies, Kris?”
“Your brain and my brawn?”
“It’s because we look like such a normal couple. No one ever suspects the nice, normal couple.”
“A normal couple? We’re gay Korean men with a six-inch height difference and knives strapped to our ankles. Exactly which part of that screams normal?
“…shut up and pass me my gun.”

Who is Chanyeol?

screams ultimate bias

♡ Park Chanyeol

♡ “happy virus”

♡ “yoda”

♡ “3.01″

♡ Biggest dork on the planet

♡ has a dog called Toben

♡ Is tall

♡ god took his time on him

along w the rest of exo

♡ raps

♡ sings

♡ plays the guitar

♡ plays the piano

♡ is a dj

♡ composes 

♡ produces songs

♡ models

♡ can unlock the doors without a key

♡ bowling king

♡ masters everything

except dancing

♡ He is also fucking rich 

but not as rich as $uho

♡ lends all his money to sehun

♡ doesn’t mind buying a car that costs $500.000

he can buy me three times w that money

♡ Has the most unique voice along with kai

♡ His voice is deep and soothing while singing

♡ but strong and powerful while rapping

♡ has reeaallllyy good collabs

♡ stay with me ft.punch

♡ don’t make money ft heize where he dissed mnet

♡ let me love you ft junggigo


or should i say fa eest momint

♡ sorry not sorry

♡ won the best collab award

♡ a wise man once said “you lovin’ the size”

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♡ Wrote heaven

♡ And gave sehun lots of lines

♡ bless him

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♡ He is so good looking

♡ despite the fact that he’s a freaking giant

♡ he is ethereal

♡ i’m not even talking about his photo shoots


♡ art art art art art art art

♡ was really popular in high school coz he looked so good in uniforms

looks better without

♡ Visual af

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♡ He knows it

♡ but sometimes tends to forget that he’s the sexiest man alive

along with the rest of exo

♡ He has lots of nicknames but the only one that matters is

♡ happy virus

♡  A wise man once said

♡ “no matter how difficult something is,i will not pout and smile like an idiot”

♡ pure hearted boy

♡ He’s always so giggly and happy

♡ is the mood maker of exo

♡ manages to make everyone smile

♡ with his dorky and goofy side

♡ camera caught him saying “yeppoo” to red velvet’s irene

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omg i love him chanyeol you cant do dis to me

♡ however also cries a lot

♡ They say that people with big eyes cry a lot

♡ he has the biggest eyes

♡ he said that he cried on his car after Exo’rdium Japan concert due to stress and hardships

♡ But we’ll protect him

♡ Also cried cause he was so happy when he received many gifts from fans and friends for his bd

♡ He is a soft boy indeed

♡ Also,a dork

♡ Sleeps his eyes open

♡ Screams his ass off

♡ hits anything nearby when he’s laughing

♡ chanyeol+floor is a tru ship

♡ he loves the floor

told ya fam

♡ They call him yoda coz he got big ears

big and beautiful

♡ He said that he watched his part “3.01″in growl’s mv at least 100 times coz he thinks he’s too handsome


♡ If you’re mentioning chanyeol,you have to mention


♡ the precious,holy relationship

♡ they basically want to marry

♡ but sm is a bitch so won’t let them

♡ They adore each other

♡ they’re the real life couple

♡ went to see kid together to adopt one

♡ baekhyun said that if he were a girl,he would date chanyeol coz he’s kind but we all know the real reason here

♡ chen said baekhyun is being too unrealistic coz he can’t even reach yeol’s ears

♡ –>baekhyun wears chanyeol’s  clothes

♡ They buy couple shoes from gucci

♡ they had oversea dates —->ny where chanyeol bought him coffee

♡ They also said that C in CBX stands for chanyeol and introduced themselves as Chanbaek


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stop staring baek he already knows

♡ There’s also a love-hate relationship called


♡ They get along really well and love each other

♡ but not afraid to hit or diss each other in front of the camersa

♡ ksoo secretly loves chan but too scared to admit

♡ coz chan is a cheesy giant who will talk about it all the time

♡ chanyeol supported him on his drama

♡ he said “thx chanyeol” with a disappointed face

chanyeol is his secret one night stand

♡ The height difference is real tho

♡ They’re adorable we hope bbh doesnt know

♡ ksoo often forgets chanyeol’s presence 

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♡ Chanyeol is also multi talented

♡ he can sing,rap,dj,play 5 instruments and compose


♡ Sometimes he doesn’t show but

♡ he is da real mvp

♡ loves dogs

♡ has a small dog called “toben”

♡ said”he is a kind dog and i wanted to name him as toben since Beethoven is also a kind and respectable person”

♡ bootiful

♡ Also great with kids

♡ cooked a meal for a smol child on a variety show 

♡ was cute

♡ Also,dancing his dancing isn’t the best

♡ the thing is

♡ compared to normal people who don’t dance like me,he is a great dancer

♡ but since everyone in exo knows how to dance perfectly

♡ he isn’t considered as a good dancer in exo

♡ he also has a giant body

how is he supposed move all the parts perfectly

♡ is good friends with chimchim of bts

♡ woozi of SVT

♡ Joohoney of Monsta X


♡ As well as jonghyun of shinee


♡ He is the most adorable person on the planet

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♡ his relationship with members is just

I love lay so much looks at this adorable cutie pie i hate u sm omg he sso cutteee

♡ He is a part of the beagle line

♡ chen+chanyeol+baekhyun

♡ also a part of the shopping crew

♡ sehun+vivi+suho+chanyeol

♡ Part of the chingu line

♡ ksoo+the beagle line

♡ he gets along withe everyone except ksoo

♡ for once lay touched his crotch on kbs music bank accidentally and he was like boi what r u doin

♡ pokes lay’s butt


♡ knows every single girl group song and choreo i mean twice

♡ said oh shit on a live broadcast

♡ is thirsty for lay

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♡ he is a dork who we must protect!


(click for high quality !)

Aaaa– here we go here’s my gift for the @tsukyamgiftexchange for @f-uho ! 

I loved all your prompts (I had a hard time choosing one ahah) but the Art School AU definitely won my heart >♡<)9 photographer Tsukki and artist Yamaguchi secretly using each other as models would be so cute!!

I hope you like it ! and Happy New Year to you ~

Exo as your Daddy

Request: exo as your daddy p.s you write really well, jiayou, fighting!

Suho: It’d be something that came rather naturally to him. He’d love to hear you call him daddy, whether in public or private, he didn’t mind. He’d do anything for his princess.

Chanyeol: Chanyeol is a rather dominating character, so he’d love to hear you call him daddy, just not necessarily in public. This certainly meant that you were able to tease him by whispering the word in his ear, usually resulting in some punishment later on in the night for how naughty you had been.

Tao: I feel like he’d have mixed feelings about being called daddy by you. This boy can go from cute and cuddly, to sexy and strong in a matter of seconds. He would dislike you calling him daddy in public, but love it at night when the two of you were alone - especially when you begged.

Lay: Calling him daddy would be more of a loving, rather than lustful thing. Despite the fact that Lay tends to be very gentle and kind, there were rare occasions where he would ask you to call him daddy, which you would more than happily do so.

D.O: This would practically be Kyungsoo’s first name to you. There wasn’t a moment in the bedroom where you didn’t refer to him as “daddy,” clearly meaning that he loved when you called him by his dominant name.

Kai: Although he’d most likely be rather shy to the idea, there were times where he’d absolutely love it. Hearing the way the word “daddy” came from your mouth drove him crazy, especially when you were begging for him, letting him know how much you wanted him.

Baekhyun: Being the little tease he is, Baekhyun would correct you whenever you called him by his actual name, saying something along the lines of “You are only to refer to me as daddy, understood?” Followed by a proud smirk and a smack on your ass.

Xiumin: I don’t believe there would ever be an occasion where you didn’t call Xiumin daddy. He loved more than anything to hear you call him daddy, most especially when he had you tied up and begging for him. This boy would be all for dominance.

Chen: Chen loved to tease you about the fact that you called him daddy, but at the same time, he loved the fact that you called him by that name. Being such a little tease, he’d usually say something along the lines of “Yeah, you like when daddy does that to you? Tell me.”

Sehun: He’d make sure that if the two of you were in private (or on rare occasions, in public) that he’d give you a slap on the ass if you didn’t call him daddy. He loved hearing you call him that, being such the dominant person that he is. If you teased him by calling him his real name, he’d definitely make sure to punish you for it.

Please leave me any requests you have for imagines like these. I love to read your ideas! :)

Exo at the Mall

Xuimin: spends twenty minutes picking out a scarf for Chen, settles for a mug instead.
Chen: unknowningly picks out that same mug for Xuimin.
Lay: Stands by the shelf with his solo albums thanking the people who buy one.
ChanBaek: ??? MIA together and no one’s noticed.
D.O: grabs 50+ pairs of khakis (they were on sale).
Kai: secretly (not really) following D.O with a bucket of fried chicken.
Sehun: Gets all the bubble tea in stock (Yehet).
$uho: Ca$ually pay$ for everything.

Gdje si bila danas?

Danas sam te tražio prije nego je pala kiša

Šetao sam na mjestima na kojima bih te mogao sresti

Popio sam kafu u kafiću koji bi ti se mogao svidjeti

I gledao sve te djevojke koje su dolazile

Pile svoja pića, gledale u telefone

Pričale sa momcima ili sa drugaricama

Nisam te vidio ni u jednoj od njih

Gdje si bila danas?

Kad je pala kiša išao sam pored rijeke

Nisam imao kišobran pa sam pobjegao do prvog haustora

Stajao tu, zapalio cigaretu i gledao

Kako prolaze auta, kako prolaze ljudi i odnose petak

U prošlost, na gomilu dana u kojima te

Nisam imao.

Gdje si bila danas?

Da li sam to bio pred tvojom zgradom ili pak živiš na drugom kraju grada?

Kiša je prestala i ja sam krenuo gradom

Bio sam na svim mjestima za koja mislim da bi ih mogla voljeti

Nisi bila tu.

Počinješ mi nedostajati, gdje si bila danas?

Mislio sam da ću te sresti na stanici

Ili možda u tramvaju, pokušat ćeš dohvatiti rukohvat ali

Možda si preniska pa se moraš uhvatiti za mene

I izvinuti mi se uz osmijeh

Pa se u svakoj krivini, na svako ljuljanje tramvaja

Primaći bliže.

Gdje si bila danas, tražio sam te na mostovima?

Vjerovatno voliš gledati kako rijeka teče

I razmišljati kako su patke čudna stvorenja

Volio bih te zagrliti uz ogradu, nasloniti uho uz tvoje i

Probati čuti kako razmišljaš.

Bio sam na onom mostu gdje kače čaršave sa grafitima i porukama

Svojim ljubavima

Uvijek sam mislio da je to grozan način da se pokaže nekom da ti je stalo ali

Danas sam poželio okačiti veliku poruku sa ograde

Gdje si bila danas, možda bi je vidjela

Napisao bih

„Još te tražim, gdje te skriva Sarajevo?“

Napisao bih

„Hej, kad ćemo početi živjeti?“

Gdje si bila danas?

Sigurno misliš da postoje bolji načini da se nekom pokaže ljubav ali

Ponestaje mi ideja

Mislio sam bit ćeš na svirci u Anderu

Mislio sam skakat ćeš pored mene ili ćeš me slučajno posuti pićem

Brisati mi košulju maramicama dugo nakon što si očistila mrlju

Ili bar me gledati s druge strane

Gdje si bila danas, tražio sam te

Gdje si sve ove godine?

Tražio sam te u susjednim državama

Na morskim plažama i planinskim vrhovima

Tražio sam te i tamo gdje nikada nisi ni pomislila da odeš

Gdje si bila danas?

Pisao sam ti pjesmu, čitao sam ti je za onim istim stolom

Gdje uvijek završim dan

Uz cigaretu i piće šaptao sam sebi samom

Neke čudne molitve

Gdje si bila danas?
Jesu li ti rekli da te tražim?