“You know why we’re such good spies, Kris?”
“Your brain and my brawn?”
“It’s because we look like such a normal couple. No one ever suspects the nice, normal couple.”
“A normal couple? We’re gay Korean men with a six-inch height difference and knives strapped to our ankles. Exactly which part of that screams normal?
“…shut up and pass me my gun.”

Exo at the Mall

Xuimin: spends twenty minutes picking out a scarf for Chen, settles for a mug instead.
Chen: unknowningly picks out that same mug for Xuimin.
Lay: Stands by the shelf with his solo albums thanking the people who buy one.
ChanBaek: ??? MIA together and no one’s noticed.
D.O: grabs 50+ pairs of khakis (they were on sale).
Kai: secretly (not really) following D.O with a bucket of fried chicken.
Sehun: Gets all the bubble tea in stock (Yehet).
$uho: Ca$ually pay$ for everything.

Dating Suho Would Include
  • because of his busy schedule, you wouldn’t be able to see him that much but once you do every second you’ll cherish it. 
  • when you’d wait for him at the airport, in your sweats.
  • when loud screams from the fans aroused, you’d lift up your head to see the boys coming out of the terminal.
  • Chanyeol would spot you first and walk towards you, you’d smile and give him a hug.
  • of course you saved the best for last, you ran up to him and attacked him with a hug.
  • he’d grin and kiss your temple, the fans would scream louder when you guys touched.
  • you let him and the boys do some fan service, as in taking photos and saying hello.
  • you’d let the boys stay over at your house, and they’d make a mess but Suho would yell at them to clean up.
  • we’d have a movie night when the boys came back, we were watching a scary movie.
  • Tao of being the scaredy cat he was cuddled with my arm, I giggled and held his cold hand. 
  • you could feel Suho’s glare at Tao, I couldn’t help but grin and nudge his side.
  • he groaned and snuggle his head into the crook of your neck.
  • when the ghost’s face appeared in front of the screen Tao would shriek and bury his face into your neck.
  • when it was your birthday, you’d tell Suho not to buy you anything and just wanted his presence. 
  • of course, he wouldn’t listen and bought you an expensive necklace thank you were thankful for.
  • there were haters of course, people that said you used him for his money.
  • but he was there to comfort you and tell you he loves you.

if you want me to describe what dating (person) is like just ask!