When people say their ship is superior because it’s gay/lesbian

When people say their ship is superior because it’s straight

When people post hate in the tag

When people overreact and call other people racist/homophobic because they don’t like their biracial ship

When gay people think that all straight people who don’t ship their gay ship are homophobic even though there does exist straight LGBT supporters who DO ship their gay ship

When straight people think that all gay people hate straight ships even though there are some out there who don’t:

When you’re a multshipper and you love everyone’s ships:

klance fic rec list

i’m really lazy so this is super belated, BUT i’ve finally made a klance fic rec list.

i have a Thing about established relationship fic and WIPs, so you’ll find neither on this list. if that’s your thing, apologies! otherwise, my standards are pretty high for enjoyable fic, so i hope you enjoy!

also, i tried to avoid recommending too many of the mega-popular fics within the fandom (highest kudos/views/etc.) mostly because they are so easy to find, and i wanted to give some of the lesser viewed fics some attention. that doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy some of the most viewed fics in the fandom, though!

starlight - this fic does a great job of flipping the “friends trying to get other friends together” trope on its head. on-spot characterizations with lance really trying to do the right thing, and failing.
word count: 7719
rating: T

we’ll make it, you and me - because everyone needs near-death fic in their lives.
word count: 6421
rating: Tish
(warning for violence/injury)

what are you willing to do? - there isn’t enough smut of keith and lance fucking in their lions to ever truly satisfy me but this helps to ease the hole in my heart
word count: 3859
rating: E

somewhere i have never traveled - i am a sucker for some good postmodern structuring, and this fic delivers beautifully. lots of feels between two stupid boys in love.
word count: 4257 
rating: T

and i’ll keep you a daydream away - because everyone needs some parks and rec AU in their lives. very humorous!
word count: 2952 
rating: G

bonding time - i know you’re here for explicit recs so just take this heat!keith and enjoy it and its sequel, you fucking pervert
word count: 16416
rating: E

we’ll be counting stars - college AU with keith being a pining, ridiculous mess.
word count: 2958
rating: T

sweet like honeysuckle late at night - featuring prime banter between pidge and lance, along with some humorous porn. (not between pidge and lance. that’d be weird for a klance rec list.)
word count: 4838
rating: E

to catch a thief - a cute, flirty AU with lance as an art thief and keith as a cop.
word count: 5176
rating: T

pepsicola - really endearing rivals-to-friends-to-lovers fic that runs alongside canon.
(also this is inspired by phee’s art and that’s just lovely)
word count: 10320
rating: T
(warning for violence/injury)

the little things - cute fic of klance through hunk’s pov!
word count: 1675
rating: G

rapid escalation - wherein keith is oblivious to lance’s crush. really adorable and accurate characterization!
word count: 3095
rating: M

the benefits of afternoon tea - lance and hunk in a tea shop!! and keith is their server!!!
word count: 1185
rating: G

take the easel way out - this fic had me at “keith is a nude model for lance’s figure drawing class and lance is a flustered mess because of it”
word count: 4093
rating: M

it’s quite bizarre, and will remain this way - THEY’RE SPACE MUSEUM VOLUNTEERS and it is cute as fuck
word count: 16588 rating: T

with quiet words i’ll lead you in - beautifully well-done fic that explores the darker side of being part of voltron.
word count: 5217
rating: T

after doing this i have come to the conclusion that there is not enough porn in this fandom yet. get on it, fanfic authors


Yuuri and Victor did NOT break up

This is exactly whatt Kubo wants! A cliffhanger!

Kubo wants us to believe that Yuuri and Victor will end if and I repeat IF Yuuri loses. Let’s get real, Kubo wouldn’t do that. She does not intend to end their relationship because the show is about a healthy relationship!

Please relax they aren’t going to break up and Yuuri DEFINETELY still has a big chance of winning! We’ve seen him perform and how high he can score! He will be last most likely because the show will end off with his performance!

Victuuri will not break up, they want a cliffhanger before the big finale! Please don’t worry too much twe already no Victor ain’t taking that shit.

What Kubo does is give us a very happy episode, then fill us with angst and cliffhangers, then will leave us happy and fulfilled for the finale!

So stay calm because I KNOW and have faith that Yuuri will succeed in his last routine since he’s never perfected it. He will finally perfect it in the ending.

I’ll give a more definite explanation later about how he will win gold so stay tuned! :)

Wyglądasz dziś strasznie
pewnie znów przytyłaś
Nie mieścisz się w spodnie-
nie zauważyłaś??

Musisz szybko schudnąć
bo jesteś za tłusta
znów za dużo zjadłaś-
czy to nie rozpusta??

Masz za grube nogi-
nie wstydzisz się tego??
przypominasz beczkę-
zejdź z oblicza mego

Popatrz na swój brzuszek
i na swoje uda
czy nie będzie lepiej
kiedy będziesz chuda??

Zobacz na modelki-
patrz jak wyglądają
Masz być taka jak one-
niech twe kości wystają

Teraz nie ma szans
byś była szczęśliwa
Bo jesteś za gruba-
i tak to już bywa

Przestań wreszcie jeść
zacznij dbać o ciało
a wtedy zostaniesz-
MODELKĄ- jakich mało

the signs as things a teacher i had has said/done

Aries: *someone sneezes* “o h mygod shUT UP”

Taurus: “i’m not being stubborn i’m being right”

Gemini: “WILL YOU SHUT U- please be quiet :)”

Cancer: *brings 18 month old daughter to class* “this is mine”

Leo: “don’t be a narcissist. be more like me.”

Virgo: “the one thing i hate most is when you do something wrong right after you’ve done it right”

Libra: *says something ridiculous* “ahahaaaa i’m so fired”

Scorpio: *goes violently red while teaching bc he’s so into it*

Sagittarius: “ok turn to page zevnty twent- twe s… seventy…” *points to water bottle* “u thought that was water nah it’s vodka” 

Capricorn: “dont f*ckin swear in my class”

Aquarius: *giggles like a schoolgirl while ur reading just to fuck with u*

Pisces: “Excuses are like assholes; everyone has them, and they all stink.”

Przepraszam Mamo jaka jestem. Jak Cię traktuje. Jak wygląda moje życie, mój świat. Przepraszam za to co myślę. Za to, że próbowałam się zabić. Za to, że nie poświęcam Ci wystarczająco uwagi. Za to jak się zachowuje. Za wszystkie me błędy i kłótnie. Przepraszam Cię za to, że nie doceniam tego jak o mnie się martwisz nocami. Za to, że wykończyłam Cię sobą. Przepraszam za Twe łzy wylane przeze mnie. Za to, że nie potrafię okazać jak Ciebie kocham. I wiem, że chciałaś bym była lepsza. Bym wniosła coś do tego ludzkiego świata. Przepraszam, że zawiodłam.
—  sostupidsmallgirl


1. Smiley eyes

2. Unpretentious laughter

3. Hard working

4. Talented (His voice is golden! He writes songs too. ARS!!!)


5. He looks like an otter!

WHO EDITED THIS???!!! You have some skills. LOL! 


7. Nich-In -V

8. He’s brighter than the SUNSHINE


10.  He’s a precious little cinnamon bun that we need to protect 

11. He defines EXCITEMENT

12. He’s crazy sometimes

13. His another form of happiness is HITTING Jackson

14. He has his own world

15. His love for dogs COCO

15. ENGLISH TIME His english~~

16. GAMER 

17. He becomes more SAVAGE nowadays

18. He’s CUTE without even trying

19. He deserve all the love in the world

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