hoseok is honestly the most beautiful most gorgeous guy and i’m in love with him 💞✨

Wood You Like S’more?(18+)

***Author Note***

Spirit!sans from my first Undertale AU, Spiritale, and reader fic!

Spirit expressed his love of mountains and being outside among the trees after you had brought up passed memories of hiking as a child. His eagerness was infectious and you couldnโ€™t say no to his cute smile when he asked you to take him. After being together for a few months now, the two of you have become quiet close and he takes every opportunity to show you how much he loves you~

(Kinks include: biting, ecto tongue, mentions of monster heat, mentions of soul sex, dominance)

Making love with a monster up in the mountains is fucking in tents!

***End Note***

โ€œAlright, hurry up! Itโ€™ll be dark before we get there!โ€ Spirit called down from further up the hill.

โ€œHold up just a sec!โ€ You called back, bracing your hand against the tree. Crazy rock climbing skeleton. You looked up at him and groaned, your vision filled with even more terrain that just made your calves ache at the sight. โ€œHow are you so good at climbing anyway? You told me youโ€™ve never been hiking.โ€

He turned to the side, skull tilted up to the sun with eye socket closed and a soft smile on his face. โ€œI dunnoโ€ฆ I really like the mountains and breeze flowing through my bones.โ€ His eye socket opened slightly, and his expression was peaceful. โ€œIt just feelsโ€ฆ so nice. Being able to explore freely.โ€

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confession for irukas/irumino

i will start this by saying that i liedto nuu @irukasโ€‹ when i eventually decided to stop speaking with her. itโ€™s been eating at me since. she has since moved blogs, blocked me, and i feel the need to set the record straight. it will bring me closure, thatโ€™s all i want, however selfish it may be. this wonโ€™t solve anything, i havenโ€™t tried to reach out to her personally since we stopped talking, iโ€™m not going to pretend like i have, but now itโ€™s too late because iโ€™ve been blocked on all other platforms. seeing all this recent nuu shit has just made me more mad and i want to just let it fucking go.

i also want to say this isnโ€™t for sympathy or forgiveness. i was on the nuutrain for a very long time, as most of the community remembers.ย i apologize for any hurt i may have caused because of that, of course i do, but they are not obligated to forgive me.

this is about us, nuu.

this is literally just to express how deeply you hurt me, and how i doubt you even realized or recognized it.

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anonymous asked:

So, you got me into DS9 (thx for the space angst) and I've been thinking...I know the common perception of Cardassians is that they evolved from some type of reptile, but WHAT IF their ancestor was some alien version of a pangolin? Think about it...

omg that makes so much sense i mean i know we all like the idea of cardassians being reptiles but if they’re actually scaled mammals that would explain why female cardassians have boobs

also pangolins are legit one of my favorite animals so thank you for bringing them up