This is one way to get dinner I guess

Happy Tongue Out Tuesday!

I’m Polly from Babylon Animal Shelter in Babylon, New York. My friends there made a page for me, and it says, Perfect Polly Prays For A Family.“ They think I’m perfect!  💕

They also say I’m a Golden Retriever inside the body of a pit bull, and they may be right, although I don’t think breed matters as much as what’s in your heart. And my heart is so full of love I can’t wait to give it to you!

I am incredibly affectionate, I love to snuggle and be in your lap, and I like nothing more than to be by your side. I’m good with cats, and I like other dogs if they’re very calm.

In my former home (although it wasn’t really a “home”) I was always outside and had litter after litter. No one but my babies ever let me love them, and they were always taken away from me. I need to give my love to someone who will never, ever leave me. Please help me find that person with a re-blog? Or maybe… be that person for me yourself?

Call (631) 643-9270 or email baarc@townofbabylon.com to find out all about me!