Animorphs books in Vietnamese (source) posted by the account tk_manga which is a comic store in Vietnam, and a few front covers (source). As for why there are two covers for Visser, the best I can figure out is that the Vietnamese editions numbers all the chronicles as a “series”, so The Andalite Chronicles are  books 1-3, the Hork-Bajir Chronicles are books 4-5, and Visser is books 6-7.

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TEITR...I mean if it is called the elephant in the room at least it's an acronym we can pronounce...or even better JIC (johnlock is canon) or just J or JL for johnlock....

TKS, the kiss episode

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The Killers need to do Carpool Karaoke!

i knoooooowwww!! that would be hella cool omg i think brandon and ronnie would accept fast omg OK PEOPLE IN SAM’S TOWN TELL TK THAT WE WANT THAT FOR THE NEXT TOUR OK OK OK OMG also tell them that i hate them but i love them sighs

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(@ask-tks-gems) OH IG OT IT: ♬ blue misguidedly atempts to woo present onyx with their singing/guitar skills while ✿ red brings flowers to support blue’s (lost) cause

Um… guys… guys! You better stop before he kills you…. GUYS!

The Obsidians belong to @ask-tks-gems

(Thank you all so much for all these muse reactions! This was really fun!)