Lower McKinney Falls tumbles over Cretaceous-aged limestones, near Austin, Texas

FILM FRIDAY – Brays Bayou, Houston, May 2016


Just your regular 18 year old bisexual with a twisted mind.
I’m super shy and I can be a little awkward but hey I’ll try.
Horror movies are my favorite, the more gruesome the better.
Music goes along way with me, although I listen to many different genres.
Just message me on tumblr and ask for any of my other inquiries. ☺️

Hey Guys! Just a quick update on the cancer war… I am feeling pretty good now. I had my first of 24 chemotherapy treatments today. The Dr says going ahead with Chemo can knock my chances of recurrence down from 15% to 5%. That seems like a smart bet to me so its full speed ahead. It will be once a week for 24 weeks.

I go back to work next week, which I am NOT looking forward to. Oh well, it pays the bills. And it supplies the insurance, which is particularly important now :)