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Idk why but I really want a lowkey kind of comedy about about a kid who studies hardcore all the time because she’s sure she’s a Ravenclaw and it’s her favorite house but then she gets sorted into Hufflepuff and is like??? Wtf???

And a kid who is Sure they’re a Hufflepuff because they’re really good at finding things when they go out exploring but then they’re sorted into Ravenclaw and they’re like um no??? I suck at math?? I can’t get into the common room because riddles are mean??

And then the two of them become friends and are just disgruntled together while being completely oblivious as to why they were sorted into their houses and this honestly isn’t even a fun idea I just want to see it for some reason??

“Yeah I just don’t understand why I was sorted into Ravenclaw”

“What’s that on your desk”

“Just my rock collection, I have 67 different types”


“I’m Not a Hufflepuff, I studied for eight years to get into Ravenclaw”

“Wow that must’ve been a lot of hard work”

“It was”


yo okay srs question about face glitter and stars nd all those pretty things, what do i use to glitter up my cheeks?? to make it stick rlly well but like is this silly, I don’t want to use glue???

Unpopular Opinion: Doctor Strange

Yes, I’m watching it and yes, I’m excited for it.

I realize that there’s a ton of wank about this movie, but I feel the need to say that I’m Asian in both ethnicity and nationality, so I don’t feel the need to see myself ‘represented’ in Hollywood movies in the slightest. I’m a long time comic fan and while I love it when they race bend (Candice as Iris? Zendaya as MJ? YASSSSS), I don’t take it as a personal affront when they don’t.

I also feel the need to point out that Taiwan and Hong Kong have incredible cinema, and I’m sure everyone who actually cares about an Asian cast and a cool hero’s journey (or in this case, heroine) has already seen ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, but there’s plenty more where that came from. (If you want recs, ask me for them!)

Would it have been cool if Doctor Strange was played by an Asian-American actor? Sure. But as long as the movie itself is good and doesn’t make fun of Tibetan culture, I don’t see why it’s so wrong for a white person to learn about Asian things and to turn out to be good at them. 

I used to do martial arts when I was a teen, and we sometimes had foreigners travel halfway across the world just to learn from the school I took classes from. It’s not necessarily a ‘white person does Asian things better than an Asian does’, but rather, this person likes this thing a whole lot, spent time and money to travel to another country to learn it, and you can be damned sure they’re going to throw their whole heart into learning it. Yes, foreigners do tend to excel in local dojos, but mostly because it’s a self-selecting process. Locals who practice martial arts do so for many reasons: genuine interest in the art, a way to keep fit, exercise, convenience (one of the girls I used to train with only picked it because it fit into her schedule better than aerobics did), etc. So obviously the foreigner who drops everything and travels halfway across the world is going to be better at it than the average student who’s just in it to keep fit. (And yes, I realize this doesn’t really correlate to the mystical arts, but as there are no actual schools where magic is taught, you’ll have to bear with my flawed analogy. ;)

An Asian-American will obviously have a different perspective, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the only valid perspective. I could argue that an Asian-American should be more supportive of their own cultural background and spend more money on Asian-created things, (comics do exist in Asia, after all), but I don’t begrudge them the desire to read/watch media in English. To each their own, right?

All of our opinions are shaped by our own personal experiences, and your experience is not more valid than mine, nor does my choosing to watch a movie make me a terrible person. I’ve seen people unfollowing/attacking each other viciously over wanting to watch a freaking movie, and many of them aren’t even Asian

Watch the movie or don’t watch the movie, it’s your choice and no one can take that away from you. But before sending hate or unfollowing someone over their personal choice, perhaps we should also consider what comes behind this decision, and remember that not everyone comes from the same background and/or country as you.

ALSO: regarding the white-washing of The Ancient One– there is a real life conflict between China and Tibet, and I think that casting a Chinese actor to play a Tibetan would ensure that this movie never sees a release in China; hundreds of millions of dollars which Marvel needs in order to recoup and profit off of the sheer size of their production. As there is precedent for real life politics spilling into Hollywood movies in the past (Resident Evil’s Ada Wong skipped the Japanese premiere and made the producers remove her image from ALL posters that were released in Japan due to real life Chinese-Japanese dispute over the Senkaku islands), I can understand why they chose to cast a ‘safe’ white choice. Asian-American viewers may not care about politics and/or China, but the Chinese government allows only 34 foreign films to be shown to their populace per year (it used to be only 20), and any American film that gets through their strict censorship is almost guaranteed to profit. (Even the ones that flop in the US manage to recoup/profit if shown in China, as their movie-going population is very closely about to exceed America’s (it’s estimated that they’ll do so by 2017). Thus, Hollywood has been censoring their movies left and right just so they can grab a slot. 

If you want to know more about how Chinese censors influence American movies, this is an excellent article. Food for thought!