Lefou in Love

Super generic, dumb title. But anyway.

I saw this headcanon a few days ago about Stanley teaching Lefou to read and Lefou obviously using his newfound love for literature to write poems for him – I couldn’t find the original post but I’m sure others have seen it. I’ll edit this with the user who came up with it when I find it – but I decided to tweak it a little and tack my own headcanon onto the story.


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I'm confused where the Jared is white thing came from? Like didn't we know he was white from then start? And don't know how to break this hard hitting news but Misha is white too. Hellers hated all the women and anyone of representation of it got in the way of their ship. They picked Misha, a while man every time

**snorts**  My darling anon, destiehellers/minions don’t think before they speak. Aside from all of your examples, they also call some of us ‘old’, meanwhile their overlord is double most of their ages. He is closer to OUR age then theirs, but that seems to allude them as well. 

Rewatch & Write!

Okay, the rumblings have come to fruition, fic writers!  After some discussion with @puzzlingpeace, we’ve decided that this Saturday, March 25, at 10:00 P.M. EST, we are going to do a rewatch of the classic episode Ice and tack on a tipsy writing challenge after the rewatch.  

We’ll do a fun drinking game (or two) during the actual episode, and the “challenge” will simply be this:  Write for one hour after the conclusion of the episode and post what you’ve come up with.  No beta, no word count restrictions, just post.  Easy enough, right?

We think it’ll be a fun way to bond and a unique way to grease some of the gears of your mind that may normally be stuck in place with some extra libation.

Obviously, you must be of legal drinking age if you’re going to participate in the drinking game.  And, with @startwreck‘s blessing, we’re bogarting her chatroom-style for the purposes of this rewatch.

Episode will start promptly at 10:00 P.M. EST, so sign in a little early, and have your beverage of choice in hand!  Reminders to come as the day approaches!

See you on Saturday!

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O dalliance, for the good of the dear country and her safety. Dividing the faction of Jews and dishonoring the entire sect. What is it to you, “Kosher and non-kosher?”, it’s all beef and lamb. It seems that the press is free, on the condition of liability. - Al Jawahiri

*Jawahiri was eventually arrested on March 28th under the pretense of defaming the government by publishing an article titled “Kosher and Non-Kosher,” which denounced the excessive tariffs that impoverished Iraqi Jews were forced to pay to kosher butchers. The poem provoked the Chief Rabbi of Baghdad to file a grievance against the government, and Jawahiri was found guilty of inciting the masses and sentenced to one month in prison, with an additional month tacked on for insulting the government.

*The veil of Jewish women in Iraq.


“Around the World” from Grey Gardens
Some of the most beautiful and devastating lyrics I’ve ever heard.

Around the world
With stones and shells.
The nicest ones I lost.
Around the world
without a boat
And just a quote from Frost
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.
A lovely crossing on.
Around the world, the world around, the attic wall.

Around the world there isn’t room
For every special thing.
Around the world
You choose a few
To make the music sing.
A silver mask from a masquerade
Around and round I twirled.
You tack them up
So when you go
the world will be the one you know.

A bird cage I plan to hang
I’ll get to that someday.
A bird cage for a bird who flew away.
Around the world.

So. I’m cleaning up my blog to get rid of a lot of unwanted art and posts, and I might come back on here for cosplay and art purposes. I don’t know how active the tumblr community is anymore or if it’s worth it to come back, so shoot me a like or a message with your own opinions. I’ll tack on a gif of Guy and Rock Lee for the sake having something more noticeable.

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This moment from the DS9 episode Tacking into the Wind is very brief and subtle. Yet, it’s one of the most powerful scenes in the series with Casey Biggs and Nana Visitor handling it superbly. Damar is initially angry over Kira’s words. But then she shows regret on her face. And he opens his mouth almost as if he’s about to say something but stops. He just gives her a tiny nod of acknowledgement. And I always interpreted that as Damar understanding that given Cardassian history and his personal history, he really hadn’t been all that different than the Dominion.

anxiety is not cute, shy girls who get nervous in public sometimes, anxiety is getting to dizzy you can’t walk and then being sent into a spiraling panic attack after a presentation

depression is not “grunge” 18 year olds who occasionally smoke ciggs and listen to sad music depression is constantly feeling numb, and dead and you don’t know why

bipolar disorder is not girls in skirts having short outbursts of anger at people once a week, bipo;ar disorder is someone having so many emotions changing so fast you don’t know what to do and can’t control it however hard you try

psychosis is not pale white girls in boxer braids holding baseball bats psychosis is people with severe issues that cuts them off from external reality.

Mental/psychiatric illnesses are not trendy or grunge. Stop making severe problems your “aesthetic”


nails for breakfast, tacks for snacks (demo) // panic! at the disco