oh my god okay so we were jUST about to take our pic like we were locked in a hug when the photographer had to quickly move and change something and so i thought she’d let go and just wait but she LITERALLY kept hugging me and i felt so loved in that moment oh my gOD what i adore her

Seeing people’s posts as soon as they get out of a SS is literally the most heart warming thing like they’re just so fucking excited everything about it is pure happiness and you know that they just had the time of their lives I love this album I love taylor I love everyone

the last thing i wanna say before i sleep is that after tonight, i cannot express further to you guys just how much taylor cares and wants to meet as many of us as possible - she knew i lived oceans away but still wanted me there tonight, among people from several different areas, and she’s proven that no matter the distance, we’re truly closer than ever this era and i’m just so incredibly grateful for everything she has and will ever do :’)

one of the highlights of my night was sitting at taylor’s feet when she was playing the songs and watching her converse back and forth with jack who was at the back all night as they were discussing her songs and she was so casual talking to him across the room like i felt like the rest of us were apart of their lil thing like wow she treats everyone so normally and i’m so happy wow