Happy New Year Buddy Writers! 

It’s time for our first quarterly challenge. These challenges are designed to help you all get comfortable working together as a team while practicing your own skills as a writer and they are designed for the people in the BuddySystem only. For this challenge, we want you work together to create a three part mini series with each chapter being related to a prompt we have given you.

Your group will need to start by decide on a pairing. Once your group has chosen a pairing, designate one person from the group to send us an ask so that we send you the three prompts you will be working with for this challenge.

The ask has to say which group number you are and what pairing you have chosen for the 3 of you. There are no restrictions on the pairing. It can be character x reader, real person x reader, rp ships, character ships, oc x character, ect. The only rule is that you have to agree on the pairing since your 3 fics will all be a chapter to the same story.

Each prompt will be for an individual chapter written by one member of the group, with help and editing from the other members of course. You must decide amongst yourself who will write chapter 1-3 and who gets which prompt. This will help you grow  as a writer, and also start helping you all working together as a team.

The prompts will be: 1 song, 1 sentence, and one gif for each group. Divide it amongst yourself as you see fit. There are no rules on which order you have to use them in. They just all have to be used, and each member must write one of the prompts

You can write angst, fluff, smut or anything in between. Again, you have to agree amongst each other. This challenge is about establishing a working relationship and getting to know each other. It is not about pushing each other’s boundaries.

We are not forcing you to do the challenge. We know lives can get busy. We are encouraging it, but if you don’t have time - we get it. If one of you doesn’t want too, the other two people still can. We will just reduce the number of chapters, and you can pick which two kinds of prompts you want rather than having three. If two of you bow out of doing the challenge, the third person is out as well. This is a team building exercise. So make sure you guys are communicating with each other on this.

You have to decide on one Title for your story - you can add subtitles to each chapter if you want.

You have to tag our blog @spnbuddywriters in your fics and use the #SPN Team Building Challenge

If you want us to reblog your story you have to submit to us via link!

Use this format as your header when you post:





Read Part (1-3 depending one what number you are) by (tag which of your buddies wrote it)

Read Part (1-3 depending one what number you are) by (tag which of your buddies wrote it)

A/N: Written for @spnbuddywriters SPN Team Building Challenge.

The Challenge entries are due March 15th. All entries will be reblogged to this blog. There are no word count requirements. You can write 500 words or 10k. It is something you have to figure out amongst yourselves.

Main rule. Have fun - make 2 new friends :)

Love Rach, Erin and Kari.

Ps. if your got questions our ask is open for those too

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