American Nightmare


“Sam and Dean investigate a case that leads them to a devout religious family that lives off the grid. The brothers realize that the parents are hiding a huge secret that could destroy them all. “

>> [S12E3] - The Foundry
>> [S12E2] - Mamma Mia
>> [S12E1] - Keep Calm and Carry On


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What if Dean and Cas’s silent conversation by Cas’s truck went so smoothly because Cas picked up on Dean’s prayer? Like, maybe half the reason they’re getting better at communicating is because Cas is paying closer attention to the likely ongoing commentary in prayer format he picks up from Dean, like, constantly.

(boy’s longing so hard even Mildred picked up on it, you know? that’s gotta be overwhelming to deal with when it’s hitting you nonstop– especially when the unspoken agreement between them is we don’t talk about it)

But not only that, now that Dean’s opening up to him, with actual words out loud, Cas sees all that emotional blah blah blah Dean’s always pushing at him in a new way. It’s no longer just a bunch of stuff that Dean’s uncomfortable with, or isn’t willing to really address.

Dean’s not constantly pushing all of these things down anymore, and in fact is asking for Cas’s input. There’s no more “personal space,” “stay out of my head,” “we don’t talk about it” sorts of denials or discomfort.

Some of the walls they’ve both put up are beginning to come down.

And yeah, even if it really was just communicated entirely through a couple of glances and there wasn’t any sort of silent prayer happening there, it still happened incredibly smoothly, in a way we have never seen before. And that in itself is beautiful.

Alicia Witt Teases Her Supernatural Role — As an Old Foe of [Spoiler]'s
October 25, 2016
By Dave Nemetz

Castiel is about to get an unwelcome blast from the past on Supernatural.

Alicia Witt will be appearing on an upcoming episode of The CW’s demon-hunter drama, TVLine has confirmed. The actress announced the news herself on Tuesday via Twitter.

Witt says she’s been in Vancouver filming her role on the show, and is tight-lipped about her character, except to say that she “has a relationship with Castiel.” Witt quickly followed up to say that she “did not specify what *kind* of relationship” her character has with Cas, but TVLine has since confirmed that Witt’s character is named Lily Sunder, and she’s an old enemy of Castiel’s.