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A painful love story

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Supernatural Writing Challenge

↳prompt: lemonade

galaxystiel vs. bennyandthevamps

Pairings: Destiel
Word Count: 2,402
Tags: AU - Human, Gardener!Dean, Rich!Castiel, Awkward Flirting, Summer.

Lemonade (AO3)

Summary: Great, a new gardener. Just what Castiel needs, another grouchy old guy bossing him around in his own garden. Except Dean isn’t grouchy or old. Just the opposite.

Beta’d by the lovely @submish

“Castiel, are you even listening to me?”

Startled, Castiel’s attention snapped back to his father. His guilty expression showed just how much attention he’d been paying to the conversation. Afternoon tea seemed to have gone on forever, and it was a beautiful day outside. The sun was shining, the heat was intense, without a hint of a breeze or a cloud in the sky. Castiel was just itching to go out into the garden and settle down by the pool.

“Sorry, father,” he murmured, ignoring the amused expressions of his siblings, Gabriel and Lucifer, as well as the disapproving glare from Michael. “I was distracted. You were saying?”

“I was saying that we’ve hired a new gardener. Your mother hates her roses being neglected and just because she’s across town visiting your Aunt Hannah doesn’t mean her standards will lower.”

A new gardener? Great. That meant another old guy hobbling around the garden shouting at Castiel to keep away from the flowers, as if it was his garden and not Castiel’s. Mr. Devereux was an irritable man and Castiel had been thankful for his retirement. Hopefully, he could quickly leave an impression on the new gardener that he wasn’t going to be ordered around in his own garden.

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So there was a slow moment at work today, and a lot of Pokemon pop up in our building, so I was discreetly trying to catch one without my boss noticing. Just as I got the little fucker, she barges into the room and goes AAAHH YOU’RE PLAYING POKEMON, CHECK THIS OUT, YESTERDAY SOME KID SAID THERE’S ONE NEAR OUR ICE CREAM MAKER! 

There was, indeed, a Pidgey near the ice cream maker. Thanks fam.


Lean, Mean, Demon Dean says good morning.