I’m Too Sexy- VanCon 2015 Music Video Contest Winner!

Okay yea, so I was one of the music video contest winners at VanCon and I’ve been itching to share this video for MONTHS, but I had to wait till it was played at the convention, so… here it is!  (I can’t believe they played this there. Omfg.)


“Dean!” You slid into the chair across from him and leaned over the table. “You should start thinking of ways to pay me back now,” you said with a big grin.

“Pay you back for what?” He raised his olive eyes up to your face.

“Well, don’t take this the wrong way but–I may or may not have noticed that you’re going through a bit of a…lull,” you said.

He raised his eyebrows at you. “A lull? I just shot that werewolf yesterday…”

You laughed and shook your head. “No–Dean… A lull in your dating life.”

“Oh–No, I–well,” Dead stuttered out, his eyes still fixed on your face. It was true that he hadn’t gone any a date of any kind for quite a while, but he wasn’t ready for you to know the real reason–that the thought of being with anyone but you left him with a sinking feeling in his chest and a pit in his stomach.

“I set you up with a friend of mine that I think you will really like. She’s great. She’s funny and pretty and really sweet. SO, pick out your best flannel because you, Dean Winchester, have a date tomorrow!”

Dean felt like a cold knife had just gone straight in between his lungs. “Awesome…”

When Dean’s Away, Sam Will Play- Part 2

Summary: Dean told the reader to have some fun with Sam while he was gone on a hunt. Now he’s home, and there is still fun to be had.

Read the first part here.

Word Count: around 1500

Warning: Shameless smut, no real plot, just sex. It’s a threesome, but no Wincest involved.

A/N: but-deans-back-tho : This is for you, because your GIFs when you reblogged the first one are the reason I wrote  a second part. Also for abaddonwithyall because I love her, even if she is in smut timeout right now and doesn’t deserve this.

You opened your eyes into the pitch black. With no windows in the bunker, you usually kept a dim lamp on as you slept, but you guessed you’d forgotten. You couldn’t see a thing. You had no idea what time it was, but your muscles were heavy and stiff, as if you’d been in a deep sleep for a long time.

As you adjusted to being awake, the scent of Dean hit you. Dean’s bed, you thought. Instinctively reaching out for him, your fingers tangled in thick, long hair.


That wasn’t Dean.

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