I like Dean’s refusal to immediately accept Jack as a good person. Not only does it make more sense than Sam’s approach, but it also means that if Dean at some point doea decide that Jack is in fact good, it will be earned. Just like Dean’s trust in Cas or Benny didn’t come immediately, without having to be earned. And therefore it held much more weight than some random, out-of-the-blue ‘this guy must be good because I’m projecting myself into his situation’ stance.

Make You Feel Good

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 2674
This is the first smut I’ve done in a long time. Be gentle, please.

Warning: Smut, fingering, oral (female receiving), squirting, unprotected sex (be safe people)

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Dean’s Point Of View

           Y/N rarely brought a guy back to her motel room. I probably girls back too often. Sam had his nights here and there. But Y/N wasn’t one to have one-night stands. So, when I heard the guys’ voice in her room on the other side of mine, I was a little curious.

           And then I heard the words that sent me into a storm of rage.

           “You’re gonna take it you filthy fat cow.”

           “Get out,” Y/N’s voice was broken. I could hear her tears, “Please.”          

           “Not until I get what I came for. Not like you’re going to get it from anyone else. I’m doing you a favor.”

           I didn’t remember leaving my room or busting in to Y/N’s. But there I was, physically making that guy leave her room. With more threats to kill him, castrate him, and humiliate him if he ever came near her again.

           “Dean?” Y/N was curled up on the bed, wrapped in a sheet.

           I rushed to her, “He’s an idiot. He’s such an idiot. You’re beautiful and perfect. Everything about you is perfect.”

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Dean, Nihilism, and His Reliance on Proof, Rather than Blind Faith, When It Comes to Supernatual Allies

We witnessed nihilistic Dean in s7. To the point that even hunting wasn’t important to him (this was a recurring theme for a long time in s7). I think this is my best argument for why his reaction to Jack is not entirely about his current state of hopelessness and grief. He’s experienced great loss in s13, but he’s still doing his job, which is to protect the world from supernatural creatures. And that’s exactly what Jack is–a supernatural being who could potentially destroy the world. And Dean has always relied on evidence when it comes to whether or not he believes a supernatural creature deserves his trust. 

Think of Benny and Castiel and Lenore, or his long-standing caution with Crowley and Rowena; even his temporary trust of Ruby, after he learned she saved Sam’s life. Dean doesn’t trust supernatural creatures on blind faith, or hope. Maybe he would have been gentler in his interactions with Jack if he was in a good frame of mind (and maybe not), but the fact is, right now, in the current story, he’s doing better than he was in the gifs above. At least he cares enough to want to keep the world safe. And that means not blindly trusting a being who has the ability to take control of people’s minds, and who has already almost unleashed evil into the world. 

Dean might end up being wrong, yes. Maybe Jack will be the light the world has always needed, but Dean isn’t wary of him because he’s lost everything. He’s wary because he’s always been wary of potential supernatural allies until he’s given enough proof that he doesn’t need to be. (gifs from 7.09)

“Dean is John”

John: Maybe Sam can be saved. But if it comes to the point where he can’t be saved, you gotta shoulder the responsibility of killing him. I’m not telling you any more details but here’s some nice speech about how I’m proud of you bye

Dean: Sam wants to believe you can be saved. But if it comes to the point where you can’t be saved, I’ll shoulder the responsibility of killing you myself. I’m also not going to play around with your feelings or use you to feel better about myself or try to make you into an instrument to achieve my goals

I really hope that Cas’s comeback scene will be meaningful, that it isn’t rushed or swept aside. I really hope (and I know I’m foolish to still wish for things), that his coming back from the dead will be its own scene, that he’ll be the focus, that the boys have strong reactions.

And I’m really holding onto that ‘Cas! cas, it’s really you. You’re back. You’re back! Cas…’ welcome back destiel hug. I mean, after all the mourning dean has done, and all the regrets he was left with, I hope that he lets himself feel all the emotions this moment unleashes in him.

And I know maybe cas will be confused at first, but then he’ll hug dean earnestly.