Imagine person A of your OTP demonstrates to person B that they are capable of tying a cherry stem in a knot with their tongue. Person B now suffers from terrible (or beautiful) thoughts of whatever else person A can do with their tongue every time they see a cherry.

Person A of your OTP is baking chocolate chip cookies for Person B, who is sick. Person B can smell some of the batch that’s in the oven and gathers the strength to walk over to Person A in the kitchen. Person B wraps their arms around Person A’s torso and leans forward to look at the cookies that Person A is putting chocolate chips on, but as soon as they do, Person B sneezes. BONUS: Person C starts freaking out about the myriads of germs that are possibly on the cookies and insist that the cookies be put in the oven longer/baked at a higher temperature. What happens after that is up to you.


Parker is unapologetically Parker.

That’s probably my favorite thing about her character.  Sometimes she knows she’s different but doesn’t particularly care.  Other times after the ‘odd’ thing she does is pointed out, she still doesn’t care.  Because she knows who she is, and how she got there, and nothing anyone says is going to change that.