Move over Emoji Movie


Congrats to @markiplier on reaching 18 million subs. today!!! This was a super fun speed paint to put together because it includes a few fans congratulation Mark on this accomplishment. :D I hope everyone, including him can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeEdLA6DH-I&feature=youtu.be

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Superpowers/superspy AU! A is the dashing hero, B is their close friend and maybe-love-interest, C is the over-the-top supervillain who is totally not just flirting with A at every opportunity, nope, definitely serious supervillainy here.

C kidnaps B, but while they’re waiting for the inevitable rescue, they get to chatting and make a connection. Hijinks ensue as C continues to show affection to both A and B in the only way they know how: kidnappings and ‘death’ traps.

Happy Birthday, Meliodas!

I wanted to do something silly for today, so I thought it would be funny if Meliodas hated his birthday. This is just a little scene that takes place during (obviously) what I refer to as the pre-fish pie era. Sick of being denied the fun of a party, one year the Sins decide to tackle Mel to the ground and make him celebrate goddamnit.

Superman is a Cryptid

for @atlasisreal and the peeps in the roseph discord because you wanted superman!Robert and Joseph with a big crush and okay I turned it into cryptid superman you’ll just have to forgive me <3

Joseph stared out the window, day-dreaming more whimsically than a self-respecting father of four probably should. He couldn’t help it, he knew what he’d seen, no matter what other people said. Joseph rested his head on his fist and continued to stare out the window, trying not to think about what a cliché he had apparently become.

“Earth to dad.” Chris’ voice eventually made its way through his daydreaming, making him jump and snap around, away from the window, trying not to seem embarrassed, embarrassment would indicate guilt after all.

“Sorry sorry, what can I do for you kiddo?” Joseph asked, shaking himself out of definitely not a fantasy about a caped hero – and he wasn’t talking about Damien. Damien had a cloak not a cape anyway, he got quite frustrated it you called it a cape, as Joseph had learned early on.

“Are you fantasising about that ‘dashing flying man’ again.” Chris griped, arms crossed, making Joseph seriously regret accidentally referring to him as dashing in front of his eldest.

“No!” Joseph answered, it sounded way too defensive and unconvincing even to his own ears.

“For god’s sake dad he’s not even real.”

“I know what I saw!” Joseph squawked, “And watch your language young man!” He then added, a little belatedly.

“Good to know which one of those things is currently more important to you.” Chris deadpanned, though it was difficult to tell when Chris was deliberately deadpanning and when he was just speaking in Chris.

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