[USA San Francisco Bay Area]: In Honor of Our Friends affected by the December 3rd 2016 Ghostship Fire in Oakland CA

Please join us at the Oakland Queer + Trans Open Mic on Tuesday, December 6th all of the donations gathered will be a group gift to the families of our friends and our artivist community family members who were victims of the tragic Ghostship Fire this past Friday.

Please bring music, poetry, film, stories, visual art, spoken word, songs, movement medicine + rhythms to celebrate the power of their spirits and their gifts to energize others

  1. Bay Area Bisexual Network (BABN) (x)(x)
  2. SPECTRUM Queer Media (x)

arthurpendragons  asked:

haley, have you seen the ouat winter finale? CANON SWANFIRE IN EVERY UNIVERSE. i made a post about it, but it does not convey mY EMOTION. i needed to come into your ask to see if you'd seen it!!!

I didn’t watch but I heard about it! And I cried. Talk about true love. Fate. Destiny. Whatever you want to call it. And the giant picture of him in the banquet hall? Me too, Charmings, me too. 

Our book has been judged!

We have received more than a handful of complaints about the Judgmental Map of South San Francisco Bay being the only map in the book without a description. As if complaining about your cutthroat jobs and poverty-stricken six-figure salaries wasn’t enough. And, if this isn’t enough to satisfy you, you can always check out the best-selling book for yourself here.

Pending Physical....

The Giants have signed Mark Melancon to a four year, $60mil deal. That’s a shit ton of money–enough to make me feel a little nervous–but that’s what it takes and thank the Baseball Gods they never really went after Chapman.

I'mma let Ratto take over here:

The contract, which is the highest for a closer in terms of total dollars invested until Chapman and Los Angeles’ Kenley Jansen sign their deals shortly, is not the important part, though. The important part is that Bruce Bochy’s brain is less likely to explode, and that Madison Bumgarner is less likely to yank off a buffalo’s head in rage at another lead blown.

Ray Ratto, CSN

Kicking off the week with a new cosplay pic! I LOVE this shot by Robby Idol Photography SO MUCH, and it’s a new print available right now! Don’t forget until Friday, the code MOLLYLOVE3 will get you 25% off EVERYTHING in store, too!!

I made both of these costumes, I’ve been dying to get photos with a Bison that matched my Street Fighter IV Cammy, so I just made it and forced Chibi to wear it! RobbyIdol made all of his armor, and the shin & shoulder armor on mine! We found a lovely place to shoot, and this was a shot I had in my mind I wanted to get the whole time, since I’d seen a somewhat similar fanart and liked it!

I’m working on some new Street Fighter fun, as well :3