Broadchurch S1 AU

Her room at the Trader’s is just under his. It’s a peculiar kind of intimacy. She knows he wakes up at an ungodly hour even on weekends, that he gets a lot of calls that make him leave in a hurry, and that he falls asleep with the TV on but always wakes up in the middle of the night. She catches glimpses of him in the lobby and on the beach (the 3rd time he actually smiles back). When she hears a loud bang coming from his room, she knows something’s wrong. And when she decides to ride in the ambulance with him, their fates become intertwined.

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If it helps you breathe (1/4)

Pairing: Hardy x Hannah
Rating: teen and up
Word count: 4300
Summary: “In London, you can keep secrets. You can be anonymous, you can be whoever you want. But as long as one person knows you entirely and loves you still… it’s the best place in the world.”  After what they’ve been through, both Hardy and Hannah need one such person, a kindred spirit to enjoy the city.  

A/N: Many thanks to the lovely fadewithfury for her invaluable help.  

Ao3    FF.net

Set right after Broadchurch S2 and about two years after the SDOACG finale.


Staring at the words on her laptopscreen, Hannah huffed. There were only so many synonyms for ‘cock’ she coulduse in one paragraph. Her eyes flitted to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, Facebook was just one click away. No. She inhaled deeply, rolled her neck, and focused back on the text in front of her.

She was on a roll, typing away about a couple fornicating on a train, when she was rudely interrupted by her Beyonce ringtone. Jackie. Hannah winced as she picked up.

“You’re invited to Sunday lunch,” her sister said in a honeyed voice.

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Trouble is a Friend || xmidorixmex

She approached the house with a bit of caution, though she knew what she was doing.  He may have been into some stranger things, but this Peter Vincent was still a client and Belle had her own measures in place if she ever needed any help from the agency security.

After being let in with a slight eye roll from the person that had done so, she was guided to a rather large room that seemed to have its own bar.  Nothing new, seeing as how most of her clients had plenty of money to burn, which was why they could afford her.  Apparently it was his first time using the agency so she had to a sort of spokeswoman.

With a hand mirror she had brought in her purse, she checked how she looked one more time before waiting patiently for Peter.  She wore a black lace dress with her hair curled and partially up.  Her heels were no less than three inches and her make up was completely on point.