“My eyes adored you though I never laid a hand on you
My eyes adored you like a million miles away from me
You couldn’t see how I adored you
So close, so close and yet so far”

-‘My Eyes Adored You’
Frankie Valli (and the Four Seasons) 1974

I thought these two photos complimented one another and needed to be merged. Could be TentooxRose or HardyxRose or HardyxHannah …whatever strikes your fancy.


🌹 Pipers & Princesses 🌹

Requested by anon - Billie Piper characters’ favorite Disney Ladies  

 ↳ [part 2/3] : Brona - Lily - Fanny - Hannah - Hero 

Into the Dark (9/?)

Title: Into the Dark

Pairing: Hardy x Hannah

Rating: Adult

Warnings: Stalking, Sexy times

Summary: Alec swore off women after his marriage ended, and Hannah is in no rush to date again after breaking Ben’s heart, but sparks fly when they meet. The only problem is that someone else wants Hannah all to himself. Will Hardy be able to protect her? Will Hannah let him?

Previously on Into the Dark

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Cold as Ice, Warm as Autumn Light

Hardy x Hannah | Ghost!Hardy AU | (1/?)
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“STOP SCARING EVERY MAN I BRING HOME!” Hannah straightened her blouse and hair as she walks away from the front door, hoping no evident cracks, as a result of her slamming it, comes to her view the next morning.  An audible thump was heard from inside the house. Coward.

“That’s the third time Alec,”

Thump thump

“Well I’m sorry, I am a woman with needs. Unlike you, probably wanking yourself while I’m in the shower!”

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