“My eyes adored you though I never laid a hand on you
My eyes adored you like a million miles away from me
You couldn’t see how I adored you
So close, so close and yet so far”

-‘My Eyes Adored You’
Frankie Valli (and the Four Seasons) 1974

I thought these two photos complimented one another and needed to be merged. Could be TentooxRose or HardyxRose or HardyxHannah …whatever strikes your fancy.

Fic Writer Wednesday 6/14

In which I read too much fic™ (every week’s caption). 



Gallifrey, For a Moment by @goingtothetardis: Gorgeous Ninth Doctor feels. This is how it happened, absolutely.


please stay by @megabadbunny: far, far too much angst. This will rip your heart out through your stomach and you should absolutely read it :D

can I kiss you? by @lastbluetardis: 100% canon certified. This was their first kiss.

courage, dear heart by @starsandfairytales: Someone must always be the Doctor. This was painful but beautiful.

A Bit Dull by @jem-scribbles: GitF? What GitF? This is what actually happened and you will never convince me otherwise.

take my coatby @lastbluetardis: Ten/Rose wedding fluff? Don’t mind if I do!

Unprecedented Spark by @skyler10fic: Full disclosure, demi!Doctor is one of my most sacred headcanons so this was everything I needed. More exactly like this please!

Forever and Never Apart (Chapter 6) by @chocolatequeennk: next part of the Pompeii saga!! Love the Talk Rose has with Donna and how improved the Doctor’s inner monologue is with his wife beside him

Getting Through (Chapter 5) by @khaelis: it’s not often you come across something so inventive that completely makes you believe you’re on an alien world with the Doctor and Rose, but this does! Beautiful references to their time spent apart, and is something wrong with the Doctor? 

At the End of the Day by @goingtothetardis: This fic has it all. Love confessions, telepathy discussions, sexy timez, Gallifrey… seriously go read it!

A Way to Move Forward by @goingtothetardis: If you know me, you know I love me some Doctor angst. And this delivers. Absolutely perfect, and the treatment of Martha is spot on as well!

A Shop Girl With A Broken Fob Watch by @licieoic: Fanfiction is at its best when worlds collide, and that’s exactly what this is: fanfiction at its best. Broadchurch? Doctor Who? Doctor/Rose? Hardy/Rose? Why choose? They’re all here, all fantastic, and the denouement is one of the best I’ve ever read in any Ten/Rose fic.

that we whisper by @lvslie: yes, I read it again. Might as well get used to seeing it on these rec lists because I may never stop reading it. Nightmare h/c is best h/c and this is perfection.

I Will… (Chapter 2) by @hellostarlight20: Does retaining a telepathic connection make BWB worse? Yes. Does everything make BWB worse? Yes it does. Do I care? Not as much as I probably should, because this is beautiful.

Trembling by @tenscupcake: too much angst? Absolutely yes.

5 Times People Asked Rose Tyler About the Father of Her Baby by @lauraxxtennant: the kidfic to end all kidfics, so far as I’m concerned. Rose is perfect in this, running the full gamut of emotions that she would be expected to in this situation. One of my favourite fics ever!


As Long as We Both Shall Live (Chapter 3) by @chocolatequeennk: Gorgeous conclusion that ends it perfectly, as was never in doubt! Barcelona (sort of), Bad Wolf!time senses (always), and fluffy fluff makes everything I need in a Tentoo fic!


ways to say I love you by @lastbluetardis: Also canon. The amount I am Here For Eleven/Rose reunions cannot be measured and this is perfection!


taken care of by @goingtothetardis: gorgeous Hannah/Hardy perfection.

More Missing Scenes by @fadewithfury: Hannah/Hardy, Season 3. I saw this when it was posting on tumblr but I had to scroll because I hadn’t seen it yet. So happy to have read it now! :D

Where Oceans Meet by @fadewithfury: Fake relationship perfection, angst perfection, Hannah/Hardy perfection… Did I mention this was perfect?

Here For You by @fadewithfury: Why yes, I did require a police procedural with healthy doses of protective!Hardy. So damn gorgeous.

Little Moments by @lostinfic: because I simply cannot get enough of these two and this is exactly why!


By Any Other Name (Chapter 7) by Khirsah: Dorian PoV of the infamous scene that started it all. Heartwrenching and beautiful, as always, and the gorgeous babies are so close to finally meeting!

Deep Smit

This is one of several posts I’ll be making of my drabbles and ficlets that I wrote for @skyler10fic for the @dwinboxbuddies event.

Hardy x Hannah | Romance fluff. Hardy is smitten, and rather nervous about it.

“How’s the tea?” Hardy asked, mindlessly rubbing his palms together. He was poised nervously on the edge of his chair, leaning forward with his arms propped on his legs, an inscrutable look on his face as he studied her. 

She was curled up across from him on the sofa, leaning against the arm rest, twining her fingers through her wind-scattered hair. An uncertain smile spread across her pretty face. “It’s *very* strong,” she said. It didn’t sound like a criticism, but he couldn’t be sure.

“Sorry,” he said sheepishly. “A bit more cream, mebbe?” 

“No, it’s lovely. I like it.” 

“You sure?” 

“Yeah, ‘course I’m sure.” Hannah smiled again. “People don’t make it strong enough most of the time.” 

A smile pulled vaguely at the corner of Hardy’s mouth. “Good then.” 

“Very,” she replied, biting her bottom lip before adding, “Can I ask you something?” 

“Wha’?” he grunted. 

“Why are you sitting way over there?”

Hardy felt his face turn pink. It was a valid question. They’d had a fantastic date—dinner (Italian), dessert (ice creams at the pier), and a walk along the beach—before he’d invited her home for a cup of tea to top things off. But as soon as they’d gotten there, he was suddenly feeling nervous and vaguely self conscious. His heart rate had increased, and his stomach squirmed anxiously… god, she was so beautiful, and so wonderful. How could she be here, with him, of all people?

He cleared his throat and glanced away. “Er, I, ehm…wondered if…I mean, I didn’t want to presume…” 

Hannah couldn’t suppress a sweet little laugh. “Very polite.” She furrowed her brow hesitantly. “Do you… *want* to sit by me?” 

“Aye, yeah,” he said with nervous enthusiasm, tonguing the inside edge of his bottom lip. 

Hannah grinned. “Well come over here then.” She patted the sofa, and he managed a smile, skirting the coffee table to sit beside her. 

He maintained a respectable distance, a solid six inches between his hip and her toes, glancing at her and feeling his heart quicken. This was ridiculous. He wasn’t some schoolboy with a crush, for god’s sake. Why was he so nervous? …Right. Because he was a middle aged divorcee with a crush.  He sighed. Some things never change. 

“Alec…” Hannah’s voice grounded him. 

He twisted in his seat, facing her as he swallowed against a dry throat. “Yeah?” 

She dropped her feet to the floor and scooted closer, electrifying the low hum of romantic tension in the room. “I…” she began, reaching up to brush a strand of hair off his forehead, gazing into his eyes “…forgot what I was gonna say.” She laughed, leaning in further. 

God, she was enchanting. He could feel himself being drawn towards her; now he could feel her breath on his chin; the warmth radiating off her skin; everything causing his insides to vibrate with magnetic energy.

She placed a hand on his knee, sending a thrill through him that elicited a faint, nervous giggle. 

“Er… should I say something then?” Hardy asked, barely above a whisper, studying her eyes; lips; that lock of hair that kept falling in front of her face. 

“Sure,” she said, nodding and smiling vaguely, laying her other hand on his chest. His fingers found the curve of her waist, and his insides fluttered as he felt a patch of bare skin above the beltline. 

“Han, I..” he began as his lips brushed hers, and suddenly he found himself in the midst of a delicious kiss. All his nervousness dissolved, replaced by something he hadn’t felt in a very long time. Attraction? Yes. Arousal? Aye, definitely. But it was more than that. 

“I love you, I think,” Hardy rasped breathlessly when they broke apart. 

“I love you too,” she giggled happily. 

“Aye, good! Good, that’s good.” He kissed her again, wrapping her in his arms as he basked in the glow of their happiness.