so yeah..i just made a humanAU of steven universe where rose and jasper are sisters with pink diamond as their single mom.rose kill pink for whatever reason.got adopted by yellow diamond who is pink’s older sis.wants to take revenge.but rose is already dead.then end.the last one is influenced by ‘’mindful education.’’

ok at first i wanna draw cute jaspy fluffs.but the recent episode messed me up alright??im not good at explaining things.but im sad that jasper is not ok alright? TAT

Another interesting thought in Mindful Education about the three figures that Stevonnie faces in the nightmare: Eyeball, Jasper, and Bismuth.

All three of these individuals tried to kill Steven.

You know what else they have in common?

None of them were after Steven for his own actions. They all attacked him because they thought he was Rose. Because they were holding him responsible for Rose’s actions.

Something I’ve been turning in my head since the episode Bismuth is the fact that Rose has really made some things a lot harder for Steven by her own inability/unwillingness to seek closure. Rose could have let Bismuth go, at least tried to make amends and be honest. She had thousands of years of peace to do that.

Instead, she left Bismuth for Steven. No instructions, no explanation.

Rose nearly got Steven killed.

In the hallucination, these three figures form into Rose herself, who seems to be looking down on Stevonnie, as if judging them.

But frankly- I’m going to accuse Rose of some bad parenting, here. Because, honestly, Bismuth is incredibly powerful. Lucky shot or not, she was able to take out Lapis, who, its not an exaggeration to say that Lapis is probably the most dangerous single Gem currently active in the cast- I’m not counting the Diamonds here, because we don’t have any real measurement of their powers.

Rose leaves Bismuth for Steven to deal with- totally innocuously, like the t-shirt and sword. Like a present.

Yeah Rose, it’s not at all like this is going to go to hell really badly because your son happens to have several major identifying markers that would leave people to believe he’s you. It’s not like, even if you never expected Bismuth to forgive you or trust you ever again, you could have at least let her go and explained what would happen.

I’m not saying “Rose is the real evil”. But I am saying, it is pretty significant at this point that one of Rose’s major character flaws- her trouble looking back- is at the point where most of Steven’s worst enemies at this point are chasing him because they think he’s Rose. Jasper, Eyeball, and Bismuth are all figures from Rose’s past who still want their pound of flesh from Rose’s actions, and each of them at this point has tried to take it from Steven.

The worst gem joke of all time

Rose, Amethyst, and Jasper walk into a bar

That bartender asks “what will it be?”

Amethyst says “four waters please”

The bartender pours the four waters, with a look of confusion on his face

Rose notices this and asks “what’s wrong”

The bartender says “Why do need water?”

Jasper asks “what do you mean?”

The bartender answers “You don’t need to eat or drink. Aren’t you all gems?”

Rose, Amethyst, and Jasper look at each other, and at the exact same time, they respond:

“Of Quartz we are.”


so i made a post about the kids as adults after the games and you guys like it, so i thought id share my sketches

here are the 3 other kids after anshu. alka is the rosemary kid and she loves animals and refuses to eat meat (at kanayas astonishment). jody is john and roxys child (theyre married) and jamie is john and terezis (theyre dating also). ill post more on them on a separate post.

here in order, from top to bottom, you have: mayor reading serious mayor things, jade talking ectobiology (she and roxy are working on creating a shit ton of babies whose DNA will be generated randomly via ectobiology), jake being an explorer and making maps of the new earth, john being a stay at home dad, roxy looking perfect as fucking usual, and terezi going “H3Y ROXY 1M BORROW1NG YOUR HUSB4ND 1F YOU KNOW WH4T 1 MEAN. YOU C4NT T3LL B3C4US3 OF MY GL4SS3S, BUT 1M W1NK1NG.”

dirk being a cool uncle to anshu and alka. anshu calls him grandpa just to fuck with him

more parentstuck bullshit to come.

So when I read the cursed child, I literally hated Rose like the second she started talking because she was super fucking rude and annoying, and I just want to say that I’m really disappointed with how they made her character because it is so inaccurate. Like I know that we don’t know what she would actually be like, but there’s no way that Hermione would allow her child to judge someone based off of their parents becauSE THATS EXACTLY WHAT PEOPLE DID TO HER FOR HER ENTIRE ENTIRE TIME AT HOGWARTS