Friendly reminder...

…that Lucien was once madly in love with a woman, and his father murdered her right in front of him while his brothers held him down and made him watch.

So even if Elain ends up with Azriel, Lucien still deserves THE WORLD. 

So please Sarah J Maas, treat him kindly and don’t ruin his character for the sake of a ship…

“ Bedtime stories aren’t very common in troll culture. Bro never read a bedtime story to Dave either. So sometimes when all the trolls and kids slept over, John, Jade, and Rose would read some of their favorite childhood books to them. John would read either Captain Underpants or Diary of a Wimpy Kid, doing funny voices for characters. Rose would often read from Harry Potter and Jade would often choose various picture books. The trolls and Dave love gathering to listen to their friends read.”

Submitted by Anonymous