V4 Trailer Recap/V4 Predictions Post.

The hiatus is dead. Long live the hiatus. It’s been a long one, and eventful in ways both non-RWBY-y - hurricanes and clowns and Ash Ketchum losing another goddamn Pokemon League (You were right there, Ash! Right. There.) - and RWBY-y - the Pyrrhexit, RWBY And The Cursed Child coming out (way too much time travel, tbh) and apparently there was something about chibis? Anyways, it’s over now, rejoice all, and Volume Four has come to break us down into base components of pure sadness, also rejoice all. There’s a whole lot to look forward to, but before that let’s do a quick recap of the V4 Trailer then get in some general predictions for the madness to come. Sound like a plan?

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