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did anyone ever take you up on that thing you said one time about how if people wanted to argue with you about rape they had to pay you?

LMAO no and honestly I should bring that back! I keep forgetting that is a stance I committed to. Hey right-libertarian/g*m*rg*t* assholes/dudes from TiA: if you want me to engage with you about your bullshit rape “facts” here is my paypal.me! I charge 30 dollars an hour for written explanations, 45 for written explanations done while exercising some degree patience (the appropriate degree of patience will be decided by me). Written explanations done with an assumption of good faith on your part are not available at this time. 

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Do you know when the next major competition for Rg is? I've decided to actually start following the next quad

Aeon Cup from september 9th to september 11th, it’s a world cup for RG clubs, you usually have Gazprom from Russia, Dinamo from Belarus, Deriugina school from Ukraine.. I can’t find a nominative list for this year, bc the website is in japanese..

here you have the list of RG tournaments for the year (there are a lot compared to artistic gymnastics) : http://rg4u.clan.su/tournaments/FC/List_IRGT_FC_2016.htm?update_31/08/2016_12:08:20