This pink velvet gown was first seen in Parade’s End on Rebecca Hall as Sylvia Tjetjens in 2012.  It was used again in the 2014 second season of Mr.Selfridge on an extra. Interestingly enough, it appears to have been put on backwards when it was used in Mr.Selfridge.

Costume Credit: Magdalena

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Every time someone says animating women is hard, I look right at Steven Universe. Rebecca Sugar didn't have to make all the females look different but she did. She has is having no problem making every single woman look different.

Steven Universe is exemplary of a *lot* of things people have been saying “wouldn’t” or “couldn’t” work in animation or fiction in general. Racial diversity, body diversity, non-straight characters, complete disregard to the enforced gender binary, positive fat characters, combating toxic masculinity…

There isn’t enough I can say about Steven Universe, personally. I’m so thankful for it and I really, really, *REALLY* hope to see more things like it in the future.


Untitled #237 by inspirene featuring Forever 21

Rag bone pullover, 235 AUD / H&M high waisted black skinny jeans, 52 AUD / Acne Studios black pointed toe flat, 655 AUD / Rebecca Minkoff blue tote bag, 205 AUD / FOSSIL silver tone jewelry, 155 AUD / Topshop cut out ring, 24 AUD / Forever 21 polish jewelry, 7.96 AUD / Monica Vinader geometric jewelry, 405 AUD / Jules Smith spike jewelry, 75 AUD / Forever 21 scarve, 14 AUD

Women in Film - July 2015 highlights:

10,000 KM - co-written by Clara Roquet

Jackie & Ryan - written and directed by Ami Canaan Man

The Mama Sherpas (out Jul 21 on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, VUDU) - written and directed by Brigid Maher

Meet Me in Montenegro - starring, co-written, and co-directed by Linnea Saasen

Strangerland - co-written by Fiona Seres and directed by Kim Farrant

Tig (Netflix release) - written by Jennifer Arnold, directed by Kristina Goolsby and Ashley York

Trainwreck - starring and written by Amy Schumer

Unexpected - written by Megan Mercier and Kris Swanberg, directed by Kris Swanberg

10 Cent Pistol • Amy • Ant-Man • Ardor • Catch Me Daddy • The Gallows • Irrational Man • Jimmy’s Hall • Lila & Eve • Minions (2015) • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation • Paper Towns • Phoenix • Safelight • Samba • Southpaw • The Stanford Prison Experiment • Tangerine (2015) • Terminator Genisys • Vacation (2015) • The Vatican Tapes • What We Did on Our Holiday