Maps are ubiquitous in one sense, and completely missing in another. A lot of younger people donโ€™t own maps and atlases and donโ€™t have the knowledge a map gives you. We call things like MapQuest and Google Maps on your phone interactiveโ€ฆ but are they? Are they interactive? Itโ€™s a system that largely gives you instructions to obey. Certainly, obedience is a form of interaction. (Maybe not my favorite one.) But a paper map you take control of โ€” use it as you will, mark it up โ€” and while you figure out the way from here to there yourself, instead of having a corporation tell you, you might pick up peripheral knowledge: the system of street names, the parallel streets and alternate routes. Pretty soon, you’ve learned the map, or rather, you have โ€” via map โ€” learned your way around a city. The map is now within you. You are yourself a map.
"I want to have a baby with you." *Michael Clifford*

*Y/N’s pov*

Michael had been acting different lately. You couldn’t point out what it was but you clearly could tell that something was off. It was either him randomly confessing which baby names he likes or him randomly buying a little stuffed lion, saying that it would be perfect for if you were pregnant for your son or daughter to play with. And things got even weirder when you couldn’t find your pill pack.

“Michael?!” you yelled loudly. “Yes?!” “Do you happen to know where I put my pill pack?!” “Uh, no? Why?” “Because I can’t find it…" “Nevermind, I’ll just take another one!” The second those words left your mouth, Michael appeared in the doorway of the bathroom with furrowed eyebrows. “You have more pill packs?” “Uh-yes, in case I lose-” “Where is that other pill pack?” “In our bedroom, top drawer of the nightstand but Micha-” He had already rushed out and it left you all confused.

“Nope, it’s uh not in there,” Michael says casually as he walks back inside the bathroom. “Huh? What do you mean? It must be in there. Let me have a look,” you mutter but Michael quickly blocks the passageway. “I just checked it. It’s not in there.” “Michael, that’s impossible.”

You watch him swallow deeply and fiddle with his fingers. He’s once again acting weird. This is it. You’ve had enough. “Baby, it’s not impossible that you lost this second pill pack as well. I mean, you’re a very chaotic person…” You let out a long sigh and looked up at him again. “Okay, Michael, what’s going on?” “What do you mean?” “Lately, you’ve been acting different and now you’re lying. My pills are in that drawer for sure because I bought new ones a week ago. I definitely put them in the topdrawer so what’s going on?” “I-It’s nothing… What makes you think that?” “Michael. I know you. I can tell when you’re lying or hiding something, so please, tell me about it? You’ll feel better-” “I want to have a baby with you,” he blurts out. His cheeks turn red and he looks down at the floor.

“Y-you want what?” “I want to have a baby… with you.” “M-Michael-” “Y/N, I think I’m ready to be a dad and I know that you’ll be a great mum, so why not skip taking the pill today?“ Michael asks with pink cheeks. Instead of replying, you press your lips against his and passionately kiss him.

"Is that a ‘yes’?" Michael grins and you immediately nod confirming. "I want to have a baby with you too, Mikey.” “You don’t know how happy you’re making me feel right now,” he comments and reattaches his lips to yours.

Duchess of Cambridge also due to undertake engagement in capital on Thursday but no word from @KensingtonRoyal yet if this will go ahead. No reason to cancel Kate’s visit tomorrow in terms of location but police resources v stretched at moment, so wouldn’t be surprised if it is.
—  @RE_DailyMail
• He's being a little shit •

“PIETRO!!!” Y/N’s voice echoes through the hallway as she stomps her way into the living room, hair tangled and sticking up in different directions. She finds the super soldier siblings sitting on the couch watching tv, but Pietro is nowhere to be found. Bucky looks up, almost choking on his coffee. “Damn, doll. What the hell happened to you?” His sister sighs and gets up from the spot next to him. “I already told him not to piss you off.”

Y/N points to her head, “Well obviously he’s doing a shitty job at listening. Please find your boy toy before I get my hands on him and rip him to pieces.“ This comment actually makes Bucky spit out his drink. “Excuse me?! What the fuck, Becca?” He glares up at his sister, but she merely rolls her eyes at him and starts walking away. “I’ll go get him. I know where he likes to hide when he’s out causing trouble.”

“I’m sorry, I still haven’t received an answer. Boy toy?!” Bucky throws his hands in the air as he waits for Y/N to give him some clarity. “Babe, relax. Your sister is a grown woman.” “Not in my eyes!” “It’s not the forties anymore, Buck.” He grumbles under his breath and makes his way into the kitchen to make more coffee.

Rebecca comes back around the corner, dragging Pietro by the ear. He’s whining and begging her to let go, but she ignores him. Y/N crosses her arms and gives him a death glare as he is shoved towards her. The speedster fidgets and he looks like he’s ready to bolt. “Don’t even think about it, babyboy. You know I can stop you.” The puppy eyes he gives Rebecca usually works, but she isn’t very happy with his behavior today so the effort is wasted.

“Go on.” Pietro stared at his feet and mumbles an apology. Y/N scoffs, “What was that? I couldn’t quite hear you.” “I’m very sorry that I messed up your hair…and room. I won’t do it again, Y/N.” Rebecca walks up and places a kiss on his cheek. “And to make sure he has learned his lesson, he will be at your service for the rest of this week. Isn’t that right, darling?”

He stares at her, wide eyed from shock, “B-but, printsessa!” “Ah, you brought this upon yourself. If only you had behaved like I asked.” Y/N laughs and nods, “That’s a wonderful idea, Becca. Thank you. I will definitely put him to good use.” Rebecca grins and gently pats her adorable little speedster on the head. “I’ll make sure he shows up early tomorrow. Come now, love. Lets give Y/N her peace.” She grabs his hand and drags him away for the rest of the night.

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