“eğer ben bir pisuarı, tuvalette değil, galeride teşhir ediyorsam, üzerine imzamı atmışsam ve siz onun içine işeyemiyorsanız, bu sanattır.”

Marcel Duchamp

Görsel : Marcel Duchamp - Photographer by Man Ray 

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bethgrop2010 replied to your post “What’s your take on Nicholas and his DUI and arrests? Honestly I would…”

Which group photo do you mean? The one with all of them together that I’ve seen has him in it. Unless that’s his brother

You do know that there is this thing called photoshop right?The fact that he’s in the photo doesn’t mean he was physically there for the photoshoot. Just watch the video on youtube and you’ll see. Wait, I’ll make it easier for you.

Screenshots from the actual photoshoot:

No Nicholas in sight.

Then (or maybe before this) he made his own photo shoot:

And the final product, magic! He’s there!