Anthropomorphic Plushie/Stuffed Animal Pattern!

This Anthropomorphic Plushie Pattern is free for use under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License! It was a collaborative effort between Matrices and Klickitat (aka MalyTwoTails). This pattern will create a 25-inch plushie with anthropomorphic-style proportions. 

For full instructions and pages, including the original Canine pattern, in one .pdf to download, you will be able to find it here:

ZIP file of the PDF or PDF Format

Also available: Short-faced Head Pattern (PDF only) – This head is a short-faced version that includes a generic shape for animals with shorter snouts such as a Housecat, Big cat, Rabbit, Seal, Otter, Red Panda, Puppy, Skunk or other short-faced creature depending on how you finish it with your ears, nose and markings! If your chosen animal has a shorter snout, this is the head pattern for you! It matches up with the original pattern to replace the head and snout pattern pieces.

There is a moderate to advanced skill level required to create this pattern, and it is not intended for beginners. If you have made other large sewing projects before you should be able to put one of these guys together! 

The neck, arms, legs, tail or other extremities can be jointed with doll joints and finished like above. 45mm joints shown. The “male” end is the part inside the tail, the “female” end and washer are on the table (those go inside the body to snap the doll joint on) This is a great example of a joint that doesn’t have a complete end, but needs the joint to stick out from it. It has a shorter material (minky) used on the joint surface. This is a good example of a way to complete the head and neck joints on the pattern as well!

Pictured above: Top row, Malameux by Matrices, Jackal by jillcostumes, Far Outhere by Far_Outhere
Middle row, BeetleCat by Beetlecat, Akariku Kitty by akariku
Front row, Brighton by Klickitat

Please note, we have released our complete pattern collaboration for free, so please do not use it to make plushies for profit! This work is licensed to you under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Thanks everyone! Enjoy this pattern!


First things first- BIGHIT has 4 versions of WINGS. On their official shop, it says the photobooks are nearly the same except for a FEW pictures. I’m thinking that the different photos will be the ending pairings from the short films (the merging of circles).

Right now, they released Jungkook and Namjoon, and in Namjoon’s short film, his circle merges with Jungkook. I’m guessing they are version G? 
VER. N = Jimin, Suga
VER. I = Tae, Hoseok
VER. W = Seokjin, maybe all the boys (he got his own so this sort of throws me off?)

Y’all get what I’m saying, right?? I’m matching up the albums with the placement of the circles. I strongly believe that the photos will match up with the versions. So, if you’re looking for a certain member, this might be the pattern.

How to Make Basic Handpaws

         Here’s a short and hopefully simple tutorial on how to make handpaws with a sewing machine! This technique is also known as “pancake paws” since they are patterned and sewn flat with a sew-then-cut technique. This technique is done using a sewing machine, and you really only need ½ a yard of fur material for this project, depending on how long you want the wrist cuffs or sleeves to extend up your arm. You will also need any sort of fabric to use for your paw pads. Fleece, vinyl, or any regular non-fraying fabric works well.

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