‘Did somebody die in the area?’ Jayce asked the woman, sounding pretty hostile to Fern’s ears, crossing his arms over his chest.

‘There’s no reason to be grouchy, big guy. I’m here to play some bowling…’ She run her fingers up his chest playfully. ‘And maybe to have some fun?’

‘The only way scavengers have fun is feasting on the dead bodies’, he said coldly and then leaned toward her. ‘And these claws won’t let you bowl, Debora’.

‘Can’t believe you’re still mad at me!’ Debora squeaked, and Fern winced from the sound. ‘It’s been a year!’

‘Bodily harm results in a sentence’, Fern heard Roosje whispering to herself. ‘Bodily harm results in a sentence. You shouldn’t fight people you don’t like, Rose. Think about what Hank said.’

‘You robbed me!’ Jayce spitted. ‘Or did you just collect your payment for a night that way?’

Debora pouted and made a gesture designed to draw attention to her body. ‘You know I don’t earn money with this’, she said haughty.

‘Yeah,’ Jayce nodded, ‘I know. You just rob your men instead’.

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I didn’t realize how much I was missing this field until we set foot in it – immediately, that spirit-soaring feeling, light and movement flooding you, in you and out of you and around you.