Halloween Kisses - Byron Langley

Request: Can you do a byron imagine? Maybe one where they take polaroids and its all cute and fluffy? ❤️

Smut: No

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“Alright, just stay still.” Joe instructed as he brought the camera to his face. 

Tonight was the annual Gleam Halloween party and of course Joe was all for it. He lived for things like this so it only made sense that he wanted to take a crap ton of photos in order to remember it because with the amount of drinks he had, he would surely forget it all in the morning.

“Come here.” Byron said to you, pulling you towards him. You had Byron have a flirtatious relationship where you’re constantly teasing each other. You’ve never done anything with him but with the way you thought about him, you definitely would. With a beer in one hand and the other around your waist, Byron brought his face closer to yours.

“Smile.” Joe said. With your drink in your hand and the other one resting softly on Byron’s chest, Joe snapped the photo. He handed you the polaroid before moving onto the next group of people.

“It’s cute.” You said, showing Byron the photo once it had appeared. 

“Not as cute as you.” Byron flirted. You pushed him slightly, embarrassed at his remark before bringing your drink to your lips. 

A couple of hours later and the party was still going strong. Joe had definitely had one too many, along with the rest of the guests but you and Byron had never left each other’s side. 

“Let’s take a couple more.” Byron said, picking up the polaroid camera that had been sitting on the table for hours now. He wrapped his arm around you once more and began snapping photos. 

“Oh I have a great idea!” Zoe said, noticing you two. “Follow me.” She grabbed the camera from Byron and led you two to the area of the room that was decorated to the max. The fireplace was lined with fairy lights, with candles and pumpkins placed on top and bats placed against the wall which made you realize it was the best place for photos.

“Get closer.” Zoe said, motioning for you two to move closer to one another. 

Once again, Byron’s hand found your waist and brought you closer to him. For a split second, your eyes locked onto his and you immediately forgot Zoe was there. His blue eyes made you feel so warm inside and the calming effect they gave off made you lose track of where you were. Your eyes flickered from his to his lips and for a moment, the world stood still. The feeling of his lips against yours made you feel as if anything was possible. Sure, you’ve thought about what it would be like but being in the moment…it was totally different.

“I knew this would work.” Zoe whispered to herself but just loud enough for you to hear, causing you to laugh, ending the kiss. “It’s cute, definitely a keeper.” She said, handing you the photo but pointing towards Byron and giving you a quick wink.

Jack Maynard - Flowers

Prompt(s): “Stop being so cute!”

Requested: Yess

Warnings: I don’t think so

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Word Count: 1171

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It was Saturday morning 11:30, “He’ll be here soon” you thought to yourself.

The elevator stopped on the floor you knew the boy with dirty blonde hair lived on. Someone got off the elevator so you were currently all alone and as usual he didn’t turn up until the doors began to shut.

“Almost missed!” He laughed as he ran onto the elevator. 

“So unlike you” You replied and rolled your eyes.

This was the conversation you had almost every Saturday morning since you moved into this apartment block.

“So plans for today?” You asked as the elevator doors closed, like you hadn’t had this conversation a million times and his plan were the same every Saturday. Eat breakfast, go see friends, work then getting really drunk.

Despite talking to him every week the only thing you knew about him was his Saturday routine. Neither of you had ever actually exchanged names.

“Well I was thinking about doing something different today” He laughed “…Yeah never going to happen.”

“May I ask why every time I see you you’re holding a bunch of flowers?” He asked and gestured towards the gorgeous purple flowers you had just bought.

“It’s my thing, I buy a new bunch of flowers every week.” You answered as the elevator doors opened on the ground floor.

“Well see ya” He said as you both got of the elevator.

“Bye!” You replied.

You were stood outside the elevator doors later that day waiting for the it to arrive when you heard a familiar voice behind you.

“Hey flower girl!” You turn around to see the boy from the elevator with a bunch of people who you were guessing where his friends.

“Hey” You laughed.

“Look I actually have friends” He said and gestured to the people stood with him.

“I’m surprised” You teased which made all his friends laugh.

He smiled.

Then suddenly the elevator doors opened. You all managed to fit into one elevator.

“Hey so I’m having a bit of a party at my apartment at about 10:30, come round?” He asked shyly.

“Sure” You replied.

You were trying to play it cool but really you were really excited to be invited to this party, to get to know him more.

“Cor, Jack on the pull” One of his friends said.

As he was leaving you realised you didn’t know which apartment lived in.

“Wait!” You said loudly and he turned around “Which apartment?”

“Number 44″ He replied as the doors closed between you.

You looked at the clock on your wall and realised it was 11pm. Crap you were late! You quickly shoved on your converse and ran out the door, you hadn’t really dressed up, you were wearing ripped jeans and a cute top.

When you arrived on Jack floor and began walking down the corridor to his apartment you could hear the music that was being blasted.

“Well at least I won’t go to the wrong apartment” You thought.

You knocked on the door and almost as soon as you knocked the door was swung open by Jack who was holding a can of beer and looked tipsy.

“Flower girl! I thought you weren’t coming, it’s my thing to be late no yours!” He laughed.

“I’m fashionably late” You laughed.

“Anyway come in!” He held the door open for you.

You walked in and looked around. There were tons of people dancing, making out, and drinking a lot. There was a ton of alcohol laid out on the kitchen worktops.

“Wow I thought you said a small party?” You laughed, shocked by the amount of people in his small apartment.

“I have a lot of friends” He winked and you rolled your eyes.

He walked into his living room where most of the people were and you followed.

“Hey guys flower girls here!!!” He announced to the room.

“Y/n, my name is y/n” You corrected.

Not many people seemed to care you were there other than the boys you had seen earlier.

“Hey” A few of them said and nodded at you.

“Y/n?” Jack said.

“Yes and you’re Jack right?” You asked.

“How do-” 

“Your friend said earlier, I’m not a stalker I promise” You laughed.

“Well y/n this is Mikey, Joe, Oli, Josh, Caspar, Byron and my brother Conor” He introduced you.

“Wait you guys know each other but you don’t know each others names?” Joe laughed.

“It’s complicated” Jack replied.

“Lets go get you a drink” He said and dragged you towards the kitchen.

That was the first drink of many more. You had a great time, drank a lot and danced with Jack a lot. Jack had drank a lot less than you and was only tipsy. He had said he was trying to be ‘responsible’.

You were currently sat on the sofa and Jack had one arm around you and was holding his phone with the other.

“Why is she staringgg at me?!” You slurred loud enough so the girl that was death glaring at you could hear.

Jack looked up to see who you meant and she looked away.

“Ohh thats Missy, I used to sorta date her, we weren’t really that offical” He explained

“She is death glaring me” You laughed.

“Hey lets go outside” Jack suggested.

“Outside?” You asked 

“The balcony” He said and got up and dragged you with him.

“Okay thennnn” You replied.

You sat down on the floor against the fence thing around the balcony and Jack sat opposite you.

“The suns rising!” He laughed.

“Whattt it hasn’t been that long!” You went to check the time on your phone “Shit where my phone!”

“Here, chill” Jack laughed and pulled our phone out his pocket “ I put my number in it by the way” He winked. Then put your phone back in his pocket.

“Anyway you never told me why you buy flowers every week” He said.

“Ohh yeah. It’s a thing me and my mum used to do. I buy flowers weekly based on what mood I’m in. Flower colours have meaning, they represent different emotions.” You explained.

“Aww stop being so cute! That’s adorable” He chuckled.

“How is that adorable?” You laughed.

“Because it is.” He laughed.

The sunlight hit your eyes, making it difficult for you to see.

“Come sit here” He patted the floor next to him after he saw you squinting to see.

You went over and sat near him.

“Tonights been good” He said.

“Yeah” You replied.

Neither of you said anything for a second. You got lost in his eyes. You saw him glance him at you lips, you leaned in slightly and so did he.

Before you knew it you were kissing. 

He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer. His touch leaving your skin tingling. He kissed you soft but passionately. 

You pulled away as the sunlight hit your faces.

“I like you a lot flower girl” He whispered.

“I like you a lot too” You replied.