People think I’m the cute one. The girly one. Oh, sweet little adorable Amy Rose? Wonder what kind of cake she’s baking today? Well I blend in buddy, but I carry a big hammer, and I never forget!

Do you know what I do to my enemies? I crush them, and I eat them for breakfast, even after I already ate breakfast, and brunch! So, do not push me, and don’t mess with my friends!
—  Amy Rose
(“Knine-to-Five Knuckles.” Sonic Boom, S. 2 Ep. 16)

anonymous asked:

You seem like someone who isn't new to fandom and I have to ask: have you ever had the experience of seeing a large chunk of a show's fanbase actively campaign against a spinoff? i.e. is what's going down with The Blacklist a unique case?

*rickety grandma voice* I’ve seen some crazy-ass shit, son.

Jokes aside, yes, to me it is rather unique, anon, because TBL/R is a unique creative catastrophe. More rambling and complaining behind the cut, as usual:

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                                          Nothing lasts forever.
                                              Forever is a lie

                                    All we have is what’s between
                                             hello and goodbye

Anyone ever think about why some TV shows (or movies, books, etc) inspire you to be active in the fandom, and others don’t? I don’t know about other people, but I typically have one TV show at time that I’m truly obsessed over, and want to discuss with others, and read/write fanfic for. My other TV shows I just watch. I enjoy them, but most of the time when an episode finishes, I don’t really think about it again till it airs the next week. 

Are there factors which make a show a fandom show for you?


So last night I rewatched Fire (as you may have seen from my obnoxious post). I wanted to do Fire for the @txf-fic-chicks challenge since I’ve been shocked at how few fics there are about this awesome episode! It has everything: cute pouty Mulder, shirtless Mulder, flirty Scully, jealous Scully, a random plot point that CC never references again. 
Anyways I wrote up this fic in record time and @alittlemissfit cleaned it up for me (as she always does an amazing job of making my words make sense)
So enjoy! 
@piecesofscully @kateyes224 (thank you for this fun challenge!) 

It might have been petty of me, but I hated Phoebe from the second I laid eyes on her. I know what you’re thinking, and no, my dislike was not due to her kissing Mulder.
I knew how I felt about her from the second she opened that car door and scared the shit out of us.
One second I’m listening to that cassette tape thinking, alright, this is how it ends, in a courthouse parking garage with Mulder. The next second I’m staring a bug-eyed Englishwoman in the face. I know, commenting on looks is the lowest form of criticism, but really, what did he even see in her?

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This is what it should look like. The goal, at least. The wings should have a sun-ray pattern that appears to be emanating from the horns. 

For today, I made the feet. Fortunately I have an inexpensive pair of shoes that I don’t really wear so I used them as the base. Looked like Hanzo’s footwear because of the two claws and the heel part.

Things I still need to do: 

  • Make the leg armor - but before that, prime the feet for painting. Tomorrow.
  • Make a new extension for the older staff. That should be easy.
  • Make the half-mask. Might do this before the first pointer, but maybe not because I’m running out of glue. Remake the horns and make them a little bigger and more accurate.
  • Look up more articulated wing tutorials. I still have some extra PVC pipes and wood lying around here. Buy/find some screws.
  • Find and buy olive green leatherette and thin rubber sheets.