The most advanced tank in the Japanese Arsenal, the Type 90!

Japanese High Command wanted to replace its outdated and obsolete Type 74 tanks with a tank that lived up to the modern standards of warfare–and so the Type 90 was created. 

Introduced in 1990, the Type 90 replaced all of Japan’s aging Type 61 and Type 74 tanks. Equipped with modern fire-control systems and sensors, powerful composite armor, and a German-designed Rheinmetall 120mm smoothbore cannon. As well, the Type 90 is equipped with a cupola-mounted M2 .50 calibre Browning HMG and an indigenous 7.62 MMG. Like most modern tanks, it is expensive to produce, but reliable and maneuverable. 

However, unlike the battle-tested Leopards, Abrams, and T-90s of other modern militaries, the Type 90 has never seen combat. Its role has largely been training exercises, and while advanced, is already being replaced by the Type-10 MBT.