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APE NIH?! Tadi okay je mase call. Skarang sedih plak!?? *Pluk kak Niko* dik Aren cayang kak Niko sampai bile2

Petang tadi mmg okay tpi ‘’ kesedihan ‘’ tiba2…hit’s into mah kokoro TT_TT cayang dik aren jugak- 

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“Negroes, be careful of what you do today! No one can tell what our condition will be tomorrow, whether it be slavery or not, if we do not strive toward the goal of racial strength, racial power, political and national independence. Let us rally around the banner of the Red, the Black and the Green, the universal emblem of African redemption.” MMG

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►Video : https://youtu.be/u3nCFt55v0E

“From rivals to friends” — the AMV with Sasuke and Naruto [brotp].
If you don’t watch “Boruto The Movie” just do this, this film is awesome~ 

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Hope this question doesn't make you uncomfortable but would you mind talking about your gender identity/preferred pronouns? A friend of mine is trying to sleuth around to find out and making assumptions based on stereotypes and I told him he should just ask but he didn't want to cuz he's #wild

Mmg the first one that came to mind was Kyle cause you guys are friends but then I dunno, could not be him, too HAHAHHA but anyways. Back then a lot of people used “he” on me which was okay. Some used “she” and i’m pretty okay with that as well. Tbh anything is fine by me. He/She/They. Just one thing i don’t want to be used is “girl” when someone’s talking to me. Idk man, I just don’t really like it for some reason? “You go, girl” like please no ;A; Just don’t. that’s why I always use “dude” “man” myself. HAHAHHA In the end I didn’t give anything specific :))