Little tip in Breath of the Wild, if you have the Master Sword and full health, press L1 or whatever Nintendo calls it (the button to throw your weapon away) and instead of throwing the Master Sword away you shoot out a wave of light. It’s not that powerful, but it is fun.

contrary to popular belief, someone who is fluent in their second language (L2) is unlikely to slip into their first language (L1)  in these circumstances:

  • if someone just said something to them in L2 (this a big unconscious cue, and you’d be really unlikely to respond in L1 right after that)
  • when swearing in the middle of a sentence (e.g. “oh merde, i forgot my keys!”)
  • during sex
  • when speaking to someone they normally speak to in L2

it is slightly more common in these circumstances:

  • swearing, as long it’s not part of a sentence (e.g. they might just mutter “merde” if they forgot their keys)
  • if they’re surprised (especially if falling/tripping or experiencing sudden pain!)
  • when speaking to someone they normally speak to in L1
  • in their sleep or talking to themselves
  • when very disoriented, such as when concussed or on certain drugs

that being said, it is very common for people to intentionally use their first language in front of people who don’t speak it for a variety of reasons (they might use a short expression they only know in L1, call their partner pet names, dirty talk during sex because their partner finds it attractive) – but this is on purpose!

also this doesn’t account for people who grew up in an environment where people often mix multiple languages in their speech (e.g. spanglish or franglais) – in that case, they may accidentally drop an L1 swear into an L2 sentence, though they’ll still generally stick to L2 when speaking to people who only speak that language