Your Birthday Month Kiss Match

January - Passionate kissing with Cameron

February - Soft kissing with Hayes

March - Rough kissingwith Sam

April - Shower kissing with Jacob

May -  Sensual kissing with Jack G

June - French kissingwith Matt

July -  Kiss cam at a Yankee Field with Taylor

August -  Short,sweet kisses with Aaron

September - Underwater kissingwith Nash

October - Airport kissing with Shawn

November -  Getting random kisses by Carter

December - Cuddling/kissing with Jack J

Stop Making Me Want You (Sam Wilkinson) STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT

Multiple requests 

I’m at a party and all I can think about it Sam Wilkinson. I can see him flirting with girls right in front of me and I hate myself so much for never telling him how I feel. You see, he’s friends with my best friend and we’ve hung out quite a bit. He’s has lovely hazel eyes, brown hair that I just want to run my fingers through, not to mention that he’s funny and sweet and well really fucking hot. The way he carries himself has me hanging on his every word.

Anyways, he hasn’t got the slightest clue. He’s talking to some girl that happens to be way prettier than me so that’s great. I can’t stand to watch this any longer so it’s time for a drink.

I make my way to the kitchen, where I find a full bottle of tequila. I take a huge gulp, and another, and another, and another… At this point I’ve lost count but my throat is burning, my vision is kind of blurry and I’m walking, more like stumbling, in all directions.

I think Sam noticed me because I’m pretty sure he’s walking towards me. “Y\N are you alright?” he asks but I can’t really see the expression on his face. I’m about to nod my head yes but almost fall forward. A pair of arms have saved me from the fall and I just assume it’s Sam. “Well I’ll take that as a no” he says and chuckles.

He helps me to the kitchen and sits me on a chair. The room is spinning and close my eyes. “ Y/N?! Wake up” Sam half shouts. I open my eyes and reframe from speaking because I know it’s only going to be a slur. He comes towards me with a large glass of water and helps me drink it.

I’ve never felt so stupid, if he didn’t see me as anything more than a friend before he surely doesn’t now when I look like a total dumbass. I stand up and things are little less fuzzy so I start walking and a hand grasps my arm and I turn to see Sam with a worried look. “ Where do you think you’re going?” he asks. “Home, why do you care?” I ask sort of annoyed. “Well I don’t want you to walk alone, anything could happen. You could fall or someone could take you…” he says seriously. “ Fuck Sam why do you do this? Be all sweet and cute and make me want you more? For fuck sake you’re just standing there looking hot as fuck and I can’t fucking stand it! ” I shout.

Once the words have left my mouth I instantly regret them. Sam is standing there shocked and I’m so embarrassed that I take off running towards the door. I can’t believe I just said that. What the hell is wrong with me? He’s never going to speak to me again. I’ve made it outside now and the cold air on my face helps me sober up a little more but I still can’t walk completely straight. I repeatedly curse myself for all the stupid decisions I made tonight.

“Y/N” I hear someone scream. I look back and it’s Sam. Shit. I turn back and pretend like I didn’t hear him but he knows I did. I hear him run up behind me. He grabs my arm and turns me around. “Look I’m sorry for what I said I” I start to say but am interrupted my Sam’s lips on mine. I kiss back and move my hands to his hair, running my fingers through it. This is so much better than I could have ever imagined.

He’s the first to pull away and I’m wide-eyed and confused as to why he would kiss me after what I said. He smiles “I never had the courage to do that until now… sorry you had to wait so long” he says. I can’t help but smile. I grab the collar of shirt and pull him in for another kiss.

This kiss is a lot steamier, he responds by picking me up by the backs of my thighs and walks up to his car.


His parents were away for the weekend and the timing couldn’t be better. As soon as you closed the front door, you were flipped over and pushed up against it, his lips making contact with your neck, sucking harshly. You were tugging at his shirt in an attempt to pull it off. He detached from your neck and pulled it off himself.

His hands going straight for the buttons of your blouse, he starts undoing them one by one but by the third button he just gives up and rips it open. The buttons scatter everywhere but that’s the least of your worries. He pulls the shirt down your arms and kneels down undoing your shorts. He pulls them down your legs and puts his hands on your ass, forcing your core closer to his face. He smiles devilishly and moves your thong down your legs.

You’re already panting and dripping, which he sees immediately and chuckles. He kisses you inner-highs and bites softly making you moan. Your hands fly to his hair as he swipes a finger across your slit, collecting your juices. He brings his finger to your mouth and you suck. He bites his lip at the sight of you.

You can’t stand it anymore so you spread your legs a little wider and push his head to your pussy. His tongue makes contact with your clit and your hips buck but he harshly pins them to the door. He’s going agonizingly slowly. He grabs your wrists and grips them tightly so you can’t move. His tongues darts inside you and you cry out his name.

This cry has an effect on him because he moves from between your legs and stands up. He grabs a fistful of your hair and smashes your lips together, pushing his tongue into your mouth forcefully. His other hand pulls down the left cup of your bra and rolls your nipple between his fingers. Your back arches and your mouth hangs open. Sam moves his lips down your neck to your other bra cup and pulls it down as well. He sucks it and takes it between his teeth biting it slightly. You moan loudly and he soothes the bite with his tongue.

He pulls away and puts his hands on the backs of your thighs and instinctively you jump. He carries you up the stairs and into a room you assume is his bedroom. He throws you on the bed roughly and crawls up your body, kissing his way up. You use all your force and flip over so you’re straddling him. You start kissing down his torso leaving hickeys as you go.

You pull down his jeans and boxers. You take his length in your hand, stroking it. “Babe I won’t last if you suck me off right now” he says desperately. You giggle and take a long lick. You swirl your tongue and the tip and suck. He putts hid hand in your hair and pulls you up his body, kissing you with more lust than before.

You sit up and place your hands on his torso. He guides his erection to your slit and you slowly slide down onto it, moaning softly. You start off slowly, going up and down, letting him fill you up completely. You feel every inch of him. It’s so intimate, like it’s more than just sex. You both have smiles on your faces until he takes his lower lip between his teeth and starts to thrust upwards rather quickly.

Your mouth makes an “O” shape as he continues. He flips you both over so he’s on top and really goes all in. He’s thrusting fast and hard. You’re a moaning mess beneath him. You pull on his gold chain to connect your lips as he keeps relentlessly fucking you. As soon as your lips touch he goes deeper, hitting the spot that gets you screaming and begging every time. Your hands start clawing at his back mercilessly.

You whimper and feel him smile against your lips. This only pushes him further and he pounds faster. “Fuck I’m so close ” he says. He’s still hitting your g-spot and every time you open your mouth all that comes out is strangled moans, a string of curses or you scream his name.

He moves a hand between your sweaty bodies and rubs fast circles on your clit. Your eyes roll back and your back arches off the bed as you cum. Watching you unravel beneath him, pushes him to the edge, he moans your name loudly and stills, shooting his load inside of you. He pulls out and lays beside you, pulling you so your head is on his chest, your breathing slows and you both fall asleep wrapped up in each other.

When you wake, you turn to see Sammy eyes open, staring into yours. He smiles softly and inches towards you and kisses your lips. “Good morning beautiful” he says. “Morning” you say with a smile. He looks down at your hands, they’re close so he closes the gap and intertwines your fingers, and begins softly rubbing your thumb.

He looks up at you and says, “I’m really glad you yelled at me last night”. You feel the blush creep onto your cheeks and he leans into to kiss you again with more force this time. I guess it’s time for round two.