Dom is a great guy. He’s fun. But he’s Mr. Macho. The way you see him when you see him as Jace, that’s how he is.
To go along with that, Alberto, that’s exactly how he is. He is Simon. If you look at Alberto’s credits, he’s done a couple shows here and there as a guest, but he landed one of the leads in this role. Alberto is Simon. He is actually Simon. It’s uncanny. When you see him talk as Simon, just imagine the camera’s off. That’s exactly how Alberto talks. That’s exactly how he is. Great guy.
Magnus literally oozes out of Harry, who is a great guy too, he’s so cool. He’s the first actor I’ve worked with who can actually dance better than me. [Laughs]. He’s full of surprises and he will be a lot of people’s favorite character.
Alan as Valentine is soooooo intense, there are some scenes were he literally terrified me, Alan is a great actor and person who has become a master at what he does. I tried to learn as much from him as I could.
Emeraude is a wonderful person. She’s a little quiet, but when it’s time to work, she is quite a professional. She is one of the most professional people I’ve ever seen.
—  Curtis Morgan on the Shadowhunters cast (x)
Publish Your Stuff Interview: Sarah Godfrey & Victoria DeRubeis on Co-Writing and Self Publishing

Sarah and Victoria are the authors of the upper YA urban fantasy “Marionettes of Myth” and  its sister NA “Monsters of Myth” series. They have a penchant for characters that supersede gender roles and expectations, and also characters of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Mythology of the world is a guaranteed way to get their salivation glands going. Their ultimate dream is to make readers suffer as they have at the hands of their characters. You can find their work at Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, and Goodreads. You can also find them elsewhere on tumblr as Sarah & Victoria and Keyboardsmashwriters, on Wattpad, and Redbubble. You can learn more about their books at their website, The Marionettes & Monsters of Myth!

You can now enter to win a signed copy of Dance in Shadow and Whisper on Goodreads and get the book on Kindle for free for the next five days! Remember to keep up with Sarah and Victoria on tumblr to see their upcoming work!

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Ronaldo opens up about his younger days and how he got into football in an exclusive interview for Herbalife | August 1, 2015

“Everyone in my family loves football. I remember one day playing in the street. My father said to me, ‘why don’t you come into the club when I work?’ I said “yes, why not.” And I started to play. I go to training every day and I liked being part of a team. I trained every day and my father was there to help me.

In the beginning, I felt that I was different to the other kids. I did not think that one day I would be a professional, playing for Manchester United or Real Madrid or Sporting.

I would just play to enjoy but I was never thinking I have talent and that I’m going to be a professional. In the beginning, I did not feel that. But after three or four years, I started thinking ’I want to play there’ and I started watching the games and then I started to dream about it.”

10 Things We Learned About Chris Colfer at his #BNAuthorEvent

Glee star and author of the wildly popular “The Land of Stories” series Chris Colfer came to B&N to an event that filled the store. Fans had been waiting in line outside since the evening before (he brought everyone in the line cookies!), and the line snaked down four floors of the Union Square Barnes & Noble location. People in the audience came from Canada and Mexico, and many of them had already finished reading Chris’s latest book, Beyond the Kingdoms, that had been released that day, while they were waiting for the event to begin. We chatted with him for a few minutes before he greeted his super fans, and here’s what we learned:

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