Gli abbracci sono un posto perfetto in cui abitare.
—  Labellezzadellepiccolecose - (via labellezzadellepiccolecose.)

I liked the hug.

I never expected much would happen in that scene. Do I want more? YES. But they aren’t going to do anything overt with other people nearby and a walker herd coming at them.

What I did like is that it felt natural, and she went RIGHT for him.

Remember when Daryl flinched before she ever touched him at the farm? Now he’s a hugger who hugs Carol all the damn time and I’m fucking proud of him for that.

And for everyone that thought Carol doesn’t want him, here she is initiating the hug, and the look on her face says she’d rather just stand in that alley a while longer and snuggle him.

That extra squeeze she gives him…she loves this dude, you guys.

No one else was hugging ya’ll…Morgan and Tara didn’t even fist bump, lol.  ;)

Personally, it does feel like there’s more than just a hug happening there.

Now, what DOES tick me off is that I don’t know WTF Daryl is saying.

I rewound that clip a dozen times and every time he sounded fucking different.

“It’s better than letting things be though, right?”

“It’s better to let things be though, right?”

These have two different meanings and I wanna know which one it is. It sounds like they’re talking in code and I need someone to take the marbles out of Norman’s mouth before I lose it.

I won’t even address the fact that it ALWAYS sounds like they’re speaking in circles and talking about nothing because this dialog situation is a show wide problem and the writers and gimple need fired over it.

If he said “it’s better to let things be though, right?” Then what the hell is he talking about? The look on her face when she replies confused me even more.

Dammit, Norman. USE YOUR WORDS.

You’ve heard of “think she’d settle?” now get ready for “better than lettin’ things be right?”