adventures in reading quarto 1 hamlet
  • Polonius is called Corambis
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are called, respectively, Rossencraft and Gilderstone
  • Laertes is called Leartes
  • Gertrude is called Gertred
  • And then we have all these quotes:

“No Horatio, not I, if danger be now, why then it is not to come, there’s a predestinate providence in the fall of a sparrow.” (Hamlet)

“Upon my love, I charge thee let it go.
Oh, fie, Horatio, an if thou shouldest die,
What a scandal wouldst thou leave behind?
What tongue should tell the story of our deaths,
If not from thee? Oh, my heart sinks, Horatio.
Mine eyes have lost their sight, my tongue his use.
Farewell, Horatio. Heaven receive my soul!” (Hamlet)

“Oh, he is justly served.
Hamlet, before I die, here take my hand,
And, withal, my love. I do forgive thee.” (Laertes)

“O that this too much grief’d and sallied flesh
Would melt to nothing, or that the universal
Globe of heaven would turn all to a Chaos!” (Hamlet)

“O that this wet that falls upon my face
Would wash the crime clear from my conscience!
When I look up to heaven, I see my trespass,
The earth doth still cry out upon my fact,
Pay me the murder of a brother and a king,
And the adulterous fault I have committed:
O these are sins that are unpardonable:
Why say thy sins were blacker than is jet,
Yet may contrition make them as white as snow:
Ay but still to persevere in a sin,
It is an act ‘gainst the universal power,
Most wretched man, stoop, bend thee to thy prayer,
Ask grace of heaven to keep thee from despair.

My words fly up, my sins remain below.
No King on earth is safe, if God’s his foe.” (Claudius)

“To be, or not to be, ay, there’s the point,
To die, to sleep, is that all? ay, all:
No, to sleep, to dream, ay, marry, there it goes,
For in that dream of death, when we awake,
And born before an everlasting judge,
From whence no passenger ever retur'nd,
The undiscovered country, at whose sight
The happy smile, and the accursed damn’d.
But for this, the joyful hope of this,
Who’d bear the scorns and flattery of the world,
Scorned by the right rich, the rich cursed of the poor?
The widow being oppressed, the orphan wrong’d,
The taste of hunger, or a tyrant’s reign,
And thousand more calamities besides,
To grunt and sweat under this weary life….” (Hamlet)


Title: So Hot, Give Me Your Gasoline

Author: ballsdeepinjesus / @harrythewinemom

Summary: Louis grins and cocks his head to the side, rolling his shoulder against the door. “Just wanted to get to the know the boy who was ogling my ass throughout the entirety of Act III, Scene IV.”

Harry blushes and toes his feet along the floor, biting his lip. In retrospect, he’s a little taken aback by his shamelessness throughout the play. He’s always been told that he’s quite single-minded, but he took it to another level tonight. He’s not sure he regrets it. He looks back up at Louis and trails his eyes over his body. No, he definitely doesn’t regret it.

[Louis is hamlet. Harry is an admirer.]

Published: 3 May 2014

to everyone who lives in new york: love yourselves and go see the mobile theater unit’s hamlet production at the public theater.  chukwudi iwuji continues to be the most beautiful man alive and kristolyn lloyd’s ophelia made me cry actual tears. also tickets are only $20

  • you:the boys are back in town
  • me, an intellectual:the young male humans have returned to the small hamlet in which they were born