Topp Dogg Preference: Making Them Jealous

Can I request a preference for the boys when you’re trying to make them jealous for fun but then it backfires? You decide how to end it hehehe -Anonymous

A/N: I slightly modified the request to be about instances where you or someone else make the boys jealous and it backfires. Some happen for fun and some happen on purpose.

P-Goon: He can see you across the dance floor, flirting with the man. The man you hand-picked from a sea of people. He saw the way your finger tips ran up his arms and that dumb smile that only he should have the privilege of seeing. He knew you were only acting, it wasn’t you it was your role. He continued to glare at the scene form behind the camera, his gaze only hardening more when your lips got closer and closer together. He slammed his drink on the table just when the photographer yelled that the shoot was over. You quickly thanked the man who volunteered to help you with the shoot and kissed his cheek. He smiled back and waved goodbye. You threw down the handbag you were modeling with and rolled your neck. 
“God that was tedious.” 
“Looked like you were having fun.” 
“Yeah, six-inch heels and leaning against a muscular stranger lots of fun. His name is David and he’s had the most gorgeous blue eyes. Oh my god Sehyuk his eyes were like crystal-” 
“Yeah. I saw. I saw your man with the jawline cut from marble and his abs perfectly chiseled and how he was checking you out the entire goddamn time. ” 
“Are you jealous of him Park Sehyuk?” 
“Jealous that said hand-picked, muscular stranger almost kissed my girlfriend…yeah.” 
“Good. Cause the next round of shots needs me to deal with a jealous boyfriend.” You said with a smirk as the camera fixated on you two. He let out a light chuckle, kissing you for a brief second.  “Say cheese!” 
“Bite me.”

Hojoon: “Break a leg baby, I’m on right after you.” Hojoon said, kissing your cheek before your performance. You two were having problems lately regarding some members being too handsy around you, and the whole ordeal has put a strain on your relationship. Jiho in particular couldn’t keep his hands to himself and Hojoon was getting quite tired about it. The sign of wear and tear has began to take a toll on both of you, causing sleepless nights and lots of arguments. The only outlet for you two was dance. You two just happened to be at the same dance competition for the first time in months and you two finally felt as if things were patching themselves back together. You smiled back at him as you heard the bass thumping and your name being called. Hojoon gave you one more kiss before letting you go on. Hojoon always knew you put ten thousand percent out there on stage and always scored high. The way music flowed through you was a gift really. He decided to watch your performance, shoving to the front of the barricade, ready to watch you. You mentioned something about doing partner work with someone and a kiss scene. He’s seen the performance multiple times, minus the partner of course. However he was not aiming for your partner to be one of his closest friends, Xero. He could feel the rage bubbling as the music started as you draped yourself over Xero, the piece about a relationship gone sour. He watched as you two shared a passionate kiss on stage before the music turned darker and the moves became more short and powerful. When the routine was over, he left the front row and stormed to back stage. You called out to him and grabbed his wrist only for him to rip it away. 
“If you were trying to make me jealous than congratulations, you did it. I hope you’re happy.” 

Sangdo: “Y/N how come you can frost cupcakes better than me.” 
“Is someone jealous?” You taunted, waving the icing bag around. Sangdo pouted and streaked your cheek with purple icing, letting out a light laugh. You gasped in shock before smearing pink icing across his mouth. You two were soon in a full-fledged icing war, smearing every inch of skin with pastel pink and purple. You both ended up in a fit of giggles, coated in the sticky sweet substance. 
“Let this be warning Y/N…don’t make me jealous.” 

Nakta: He watched in awe as you had makeup gently pressed to your face, making your face even more flawless then usual. 
“Y/N?” Your manager asked, stepping into the room. “We’re going to be ready in approximately thirty minutes, make sure you look fabulous. There’s at least five-thousand people out there.”
“It was a sold-out show and this stadium holds up to fifty-thousand people…” 
“I said at least five-thousand. Kiss your boyfriend goodbye you have a show to do.” She said, shutting the door behind her. You quickly kissed Nakta goodbye and sighed.  
“What’s wrong?” Nakta asked, rubbing your shoulder soothingly. “Backstage jitters or something?” 
“I just…I just need to breathe and calm down…I’m just…scared.” You responded, taking deep breaths between each word. 
“Hey just be glad you can perform in a sold-out stadium show….I would kill for this opportunity.” Nakta remarked, his words a bit stinging to admit. You had only debuted as an artist only a year ago and you’re playing sold out shows. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t lying. He continued rubbing circles into your shoulders. “But I know you, and I know you’re going to do great.” 
“Thanks Nakta…” You breathed out, finally calming down. 
“No problem princess.” 

Hansol: Hansol stared at the glass bottle spinning between you and the boys with agony, hoping, praying that the top of the bottle would end on him. He’s had a crush on you for months now and he wanted to desperately tell you how much you mean to him, but he always chickened out at the last second. He watched as the bottle spun round and round, crossing his fingers mentally to land on him. He let out a sigh in defeat as the bottle pointed to B-Joo. You and him smirked at each other and launched into a passionate make out session, his jealously bubbling with each sound of your teeth meshing together. When you were done he grumpily left the game for a glass of soda. You instinctively followed him, knowing that he was upset. 
“Are you okay?” 
“No you’re not.” 
“Yes I am Y/N.” 
“You were fine until I kissed B-Joo.” 
“Oh is that what we’re calling ‘shoving my tongue down B-Joo’s throat’ now.” 
“I’m fine-” 
You cut him off with a kiss that was more passionate than B-Joo’s, this one was fueled with fire. After a few seconds, you both let go, out of breath. Hansol smirked at you and carefully sipped his soda. 
“I’m fine now.” 

B-Joo: “Y/N, you don’t look good in that outfit.” B-Joo repeated, annoyed with how man times you asked and each time he responded with the same thing. You bi the inside of your cheek and turned to the attractive store employee. You smirked and tapped on his shoulder. You smiled and put a section of hair behind your ear. “Excuse me, is this a good outfit for me?” You asked in your sweetest voice. B-Joo’s mouth dropped open as the employee looked you up and down, enjoying the view. “Not really, that color is really ugly on you. But I do know where we can get you one in a nice color for you.” B-Joo guffawed and started slapping his knee, wheezing. You turned flustered and started surveying your body. B-Joo composed himself and walked behind you, wrapping you in his arms. He pecked your cheek and slightly swayed with you in front of the mirror. “Karma’s a bitch sweetie.,,but you’re still the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on.”

Xero: You jumped in line to the roller coaster, eager to jump on. You tugged Xero’s arms happily, kissing his cheek. 
“Thank you so much for joining me.” You said giddy. Xero gulped and held your hand tighter as you two got closer and closer.
“I don’t know Y/N I’m getting a little scared.” He responded, wincing at the screaming people that whizzed by. You smiled and rubbed him comfortingly.
“If you want to leave we can babe.” You responded with a kind smile. A man in front of you turned around and looked you up and down. 
“Damn…if you want to ride with a real man…just let me know.” He said, snapping Xero back into reality. His expression hardened and he glared at him. His hand tightened around yours and gave you a tight squeeze. Before you know it you were waiting to be seated in the roller coaster. Xero never let go of your hand as the two of you reached top speeds and went upside down. When the ride was over, the man from earlier ran to the trash can and violently threw up. Xero scoffed and smiled. 
“Aren’t you glad you went on a ride with a real man Y/N?” He asked, loud enough for the man to hear. 

A-Tom: “I’m off.” You said, walking into the room, adjusting yourself. “How do I look?” You asked your boyfriend, who whistled in response. 
“Holy…you look wonder Y/N…” He responded, standing up from his chair to place his hands on your hips. “However I am a little jealous.” 
“I’m jealous that everyone else is going to see how hot you look right now and I’m stuck home.” 
“Okay but guess who I get to come home to and who gets to see what’s underneath this outfit?” 
“Damn now I have to wait until you get to come home for me to enjoy your body? You just made me super jealous of all those men who get to drink you up in that outfit.” He said, pecking your cheek. “Stay safe beautiful.” 
“I will baby.”

Yano: You rapped a few versus into the microphone, trying not to stumble over your words much and trying to keep with the beat. Yano looked at you from behind the screen with awe as you spat fire into the microphone, your gestures and indication of how passionately you were working. Since you were a trainee, no one in the room expected you to nail the rap on your first try, despite the anxiety you felt over performing for the rest of the company for the first time. When the song ended you nearly collapsed from nerves, your legs barely carrying you to the entrance of the both. You were met with enthusiastic clapping and cheers from other trainees and idols. Yano joined everyone whole-heartedly, so impressed with your skills. 
“You sound better than Yano!” Hansol remarked, earning cheers from the crowd. Yano felt a slight pang of jealousy at the comment, remembering how the first time he rapped he wasn’t met with the same level as enthusiasm. The feeling left a bitter taste in his mouth, but he was still proud nonetheless. 

arguably the most amusing thing I’ve written today:

“It turned out that human young had a ritual that involved creating effigies out of frozen condensation and then granting them names. Whether this was purely symbolic or whether some diabolical human power would later bring these effigies to life to do their organic masters’ bidding remained to be seen.”

I’m so tired of seeing these post floating around tbh. “why did y'all let topp dogg flop” is why.

first off, Topp Dogg has never flopped. Just because they haven’t reached their deserved success doesn’t mean they have flopped. A flop is when something or someone is a complete fail. Someone or something who never makes any achievements and stays at the bottom. Since when has that been Topp Dogg???

Idk about you, but I see my boys making vast improvements. Their popularity has gained, their rap and vocals have gotten better, their dancing is still amazing, and they’re better than they were back with Stardom. There are still some hiccups but never ever have they been a flop. Topp Klass would never allow that to happen.

Yes they’re underrated, we know that. But that’s not stopping us TK from rooting for them 24/7 and putting in our best effort to make sure they don’t actually become failures like people think they are. Do you know how often we worry about them disbanding??? We put in so much effort and time to make sure that will never happen. So don’t you ever refer to Topp Dogg as a flop or even imply that they are. Its insulting to them and us real toppklass.