To Breathe The Name (playmoss)

For longing, desire, and the deep, beaten in thought that it’s all wrong.

(Credence-centric Credence/Newt)

An Act of Kindness: Bastille - Help Me Out of the Dark: Matt Hires- Carnival of Rust: Poets of the Fall - Vampire Smile: Kyla La Grange - Dark in My Imagination: Of Veronica - Breathe Me: SIA - Drumming Song: Florence and the Machine - Every Other Freckle: Alt-J

That Man|LeviHan Mix|Attack on Titan| LISTEN

1. Caro Emerald -That Man| 2. Hittin’ On All Sixes - The Legend of Korra OST| 3. Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better - Annie Get Your Gun| 4. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody - Fergie| 5. This World Will RememberUs - Bonnie And Clyde Broadway| 6. Young And Beautiful Jazz Version - Lana Del Ray| 7. As Long As You’re Mine - Wicked| 8. Reason Or Rhyme - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra| 9. Hearts A Mess - Gotye

Art - http://la-petite-revereuse.tumblr.com/post/63288252003

Hey fellow Klokateers! 


I don’t care you post a little, or a lot, or just reblog every once and awhile. I really mean ALL METALOCALYPSE BLOGS.

I going make a better fanlisting than just posting a name on a blank page. It’s going to be in a “Follow Forever” formats that we’ve seen on tumblr from time to time. It will be like a Follow Forever, as well as a fandom appreciation.  

So I need EVERYONE in this brutal fandom to either Reblog or Like this post and I will put you in the list. The list will be in Alphabetical order, including Metalocalypse-only blogs.

Right now I’m going to start on the graphics and it’s going to be amazing.

If you want to see an example of one. you can go here 



So, as most of you will notice 5SOS is gaining a lot of attention (with the boys getting number 1 on the Vodafone big top 40 and all) and they are no longer our little secret anymore. And whilst we are all incredibly proud of them and want them wholeheartedly to achieve their dreams because we love them so much, it’s a little sad knowing that soon the original 5SOS fans are going to be swallowed up by the wave of incoming new fans.

I came up with the idea to make a ‘5 Seconds of Summer Original Fanlist’ which will basically be a list made up of all the fans who have been there since 5SOS was made up of three Australian teenage boys in need of a drummer (who turned out to be fabulous) and always screwed up the lyrics to their covers, or even those who were there before 'She Looks So Perfect’ hit the radios and the boys took a massive leap in popularity. After this list is created, I will tweet it out to the boys, so they can forever know who has truly been there from the beginning, supporting them, cheering for them, and loving them.

Here are the rules and conditions:

  1. Must reblog this post - likes will not be counted
  2. Must be following me (calumbatman) - and yes i will check im not daft
  3. I am going to stop adding people on 4th December 2014 at 12:00am (E.S.T) (as this is the 3rd anniversary of 5SOS becoming a band) so make sure you reblog beforehand or you will not be counted. 
  4. If you want you’re twitter name to be added, you must send me a message saying when you became a fan and why, along with your twitter name so i can add it to the list too.
  5. I will add EVERYONE to the list, regardless, unless you do not meet the above conditions.
  6. Please read this (x) if you question why i’m doing this, as it is not mean’t to be an opportunity to brag about who’s been here the longest, but instead to prove to the boys that they have a loyal fan base who have loved and supported them forever, and will continue to love and support them as they grow as a band. 

So get reblogging if you want to be remembered as an Original 5 Seconds of Summer Fanlist xoxox

Bad, strong Girls|snk girls Mix|Attack on Titan| LISTEN

1. M.I.A - Bad Girls| 2. Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire| 3. Beyonce - Run the World| 4. Marina&The Diamonds - Girls| 5. Lana Del Ray - This Is What Makes Us Girls| 6. Valora - Extreme| 7. Anouk - Nobody’s Wife| 8. Lorde - Royals| 9. Bat For Lashes - Horse and I| 10. Iron&Wine - Woman King

Art - http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=38764434

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Court-Records' 10th Anniversary : Trial Minutes

Once upon a time, an Ace Attorney fan named Croik opened a little website named Court-Records.

It wasn’t a lot to look at (sorry, Croik, that’s why you hired Wooster), and the news came in as hand-added tables on the front page.  Affiliate banners were available for those interested, and a fanlist and LiveJournal communities rounded out the recommended links.  (And yes, one of them was specifically for Phoenix/Edgeworth slash.)

It didn’t have its own domain; its forums lived on Invisionfree, back when the URLs there started with “s” instead of “z”.  Character profiles hid spoilers by setting their text to the background color, and navigation was done through a few icons at the bottom. 

It was the first major English Ace Attorney fansite, and ten years later it’s still kicking.

For a few words on Court-Records turning 10, or to share your own thoughts, click through the link above!  But even if you just catch our Tumblr posts now and then - thank you for reading all these years, and for helping to make the Ace Attorney community what it is.