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"You cannot begin to fathom the amount of fucks I don't give " #1 Dad David Wymack protecting his foxes ! Xx

He’s watching tapes from their last game with one sweating hand flat on the desk, the other prodding the rewind button over and over again until the loops stop being anything but cheering and colour. Their lines are sloppier with more people in them. He can see where they’re stretched too thin and where the strikers are overcompensating.

He can see the tension in their ranks even though they’re trying to pull together, like they’re slapping a bandaid on a broken leg.

“Knock knock.”

Wymack looks up to find Abby hefting food through the doorway like some sort of dream. She unpacks armfuls of it onto the table and gives him a private smile when he catches her eye over the wavering paused TV.

“That for me?”

“Well this would be a hell of a show if it weren’t,” she laughs, piling a wrapped burger on top of a plastic container of caesar salad.

“Didn’t want to assume,” he grumbles, reaching for one of the burgers. She slaps his hand away.

“Wash your grubby hands first.”

He raises both hands in surrender, muttering, “you let the kids eat finger food with blood on their hands but I can’t hold a burger without scrubbing down—“

“David,” Abby interrupts pointedly. “The faster you clean the faster you eat.”

He rolls his eyes on the way to the bathroom and then rolls them all the way back to his office, keeping his affection in a headlock. Abby’s sitting with her legs crossed and her food unwrapped when he gets back, and he spies two ketchup packets lined up beside his burger, just how he likes it. He’s biting on a smile when his phone rings.

Abby startles, Wymack fumbles in his pocket, Neil’s name blinks up at him.

“Can’t you eat lunch at noon like a normal person, Josten?”

There’s a shifting noise, like paper sliding over the receiver, and then Neil says, “Coach?”

Wymack frowns at Abby across the room. She gives a little questioning head shake with her eyebrows raised, perfectly poised to be upset. He hates that they’re always bracing for fucking heartbreak around here.

“Yeah, Neil. Talk to me.”

“Uh, yeah, listen. Andrew might have killed someone.”

Wymack closes his eyes. Breathes in for three long beats, holds his hand up when he hears Abby shifting to her feet. “What do you mean might have? And think about the words you’re about to say to me, Neil, because if you try to cover Andrew’s ass I’ll get real impatient real fast, understand?”

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I’m all for people Neil met in other countries inadvertently running into him all the time.
Neil doesn’t go to a tiny unknown college out in the middle of nowhere. Neil goes to a D1 school. People from all over the USA go to the college whether or not they intend to play sports there. Neil was all over the place when he was running. I want some girl in his Spanish class to just walk up to him and be like, “Did we go to high school together?” And for Neil to just panic like Fuck. I recognize her? Shit. “Jersey?”

A foreign exchange student from Austria runs into Neil in the parking lot after having watched the foxes play a home game: “Have we met before?” The guy is dressed like he’s there to support the opposing team. Neil recognizes the boy and since he’s not hiding anymore, Neil admits it. “Wie geht es deiner Mutter?” They talk and catch-up until the boy’s friends find him.

It happened a few times before Neil became a fox too, when he and his mom were in some touristy areas. Like once a week a teenager on vacation with their family would walk up to him, “You look like this guy I used to know? Jake was it?“

The older Neil gets, the less people from his past recognize him. Neil’s face is on athletic-wear advertisements now. If he walks down a public street, sometimes exy fans will come say hello to him and ask for an autograph, but not much else.

Neil does end up signing things enough that he keeps a sharpie with him wherever he goes.

One time Neil is in the city for a game and he and Andrew decide to walk to dinner. On their way, they “accidentally” walk past a billboard that has Neil on it (“Fuck off! Andrew, I didn’t know it was there!”)
Then a man about Neil’s age walks up to them, “Pardon? I don’t suppose we’ve met before?” Neil absentmindedly responds, gesturing at the billboard, “Does that ring any bells?” The man just laughs, “No! Wales, I think? About 15 years ago? Did you use to be blonde?”
And that’s how Andrew finds out about Neil’s British accent.

Hey guys, so first off I’m new to the fandom but I just wanted to get an idea off my chest:


Like, exy played in the street, among kids. No armor or gear, no specially weighted ball or special court, played in streets and on cul-de-sac’s. Little kids getting into it because their older siblings play. No rules, but punching and hurting people is just naturally frowned upon. You can play with anything as long as it works as a net. Goal’s being decided on by rocks and shoes placed specifically. Arguments on whether or not there was a goal because the net might not reach as high as the ball was when it crossed the line, but it could have been. Exy being played like basketball and football and soccer is in the streets

Just, Street Exy