104. Ravenclaw is the house in which there is always a strive towards knowledge. It doesn’t matter what form the knowledge takes as long as there is something to be gained from it. Many ravenclaws try to read every book they can get their hands on, even if the knowledge seems completely useless at the time because you never know when information will come in handy

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New Reblog/Comments Insanity

Followers, et al.

If, like me, you’re finding issues with the new reblog/comment/layout system, not just because it looks pretty horrid, but because you find it difficult to read/navigate, please, please reach out to support with feedback. Constructive feedback. 

There have been so many “wow, this sucks” posts and yeah, it does, but if you don’t respond to the staff and support team, through official channels, with actual constructive reasoning and expression, it doesn’t help change anything. 

I’ve seen a few posts from people with dyslexia having issues. People with other visual/neural impairments, too. Even for me (O), I get migraines and having to separate icons/photos from text to follow a thread in this new system is literally causing my brain to hurt. 

So if you want something changed, if you want the staff and support team to maybe start listening to users for once, bombard them with real, constructive criticism of features. Tell them what’s wrong and why and what might help fix it, with as little vitriol and swearing as possible (it may take a couple drafts – walk away and cool down if you get worked up before sending anything). 

Be helpful. Be honest. Be constructive. Go leave some feedback here: support 

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Going a little OOC Midousuji F2 and or C8. Please and thank you? <3

I went with C8 for this one, I hope that’s ok!

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