q: how does he love you?
a: with every atom of his existence 

q: how does he look at you?
a: like his soul is screaming at him to be selfish 

q: how do you love him?
a: with hope

q: how do you look at him?
a: with despair

—  You didn’t tell by Abby S

how goddamn brilliant was this episode, though, in terms of storytelling? you start with these two separate stories, plots, threads - running parallel to each other, seemingly unrelated - both evolve in a way that gives you this growing sense of unrest, a sense that keeps growing, like two trains on the inevitable track to crash - how utterly fantastic was that? i imagine people are gonna overlook this, because this was the second episode in a three-parter, and it’s always the beginning and the end that interest people most - but for an episode that could easily have been a dull filler, that was masterful