Where did we eat: Ode to Food

After hearing some good things about this place, I finally decided to try it out.  Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to the hype I heard.  First off the service to be seated, and get food was pretty slow.  We went on a Tuesday night so not exactly your packed dinner day.  The second thing was that they claim they have the best Guinness in town.  I do a Guinness Walk to try the Guinness all over town.  This one was not the best in town in my opinion so they should probably stop saying that. 

On to the food, I had the Guinness Brined Porkchop and the wife had the Maxx Burger.  My porkchop was overcooked, but the sauce was a good fig demi-glace.  For the burger, while the cajun bacon was good, the rest of the it was just okay.  I had some high expectations maybe, but I came out underwhelmed.  I will give them another chance in the future but for now, meh.