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If you believe the player isn't a thing, then how can you explain the "Since when were you in control?" line?

Without trying?

Like, I’m sorry if I seem snide, but I legit do not understand how that in any way even suggests the presence of a player. 

There are many things that Chara says that only makes sense if they are talking to Frisk, and several other things that, like this phrase you just pointed out, also make sense when thinking of it in terms of Frisk. 

Could that phrase on its lonesome be construed as referring to the player? Yes. But in context of the whole conversation, in particular to Frisks’ SOUL and Frisk’s DT, Frisk not only can be read as who Chara is talking to but is fact the simplest and most straightforward read for who Chara is talking to.

We are ALWAYS given choices to make as Frisk. Forgive Asriel, or do not? Comfort, do not? Pick up the umbrella, do not? We’ve been doing that all along … As Frisk. It’s often even phrased in the same way. Same deal, except this time, Chara’s kind enough to inform us that such choices were made at their sufferance. Perhaps even their genuine approval. 

Is there even another way to interpret this … ?


suicide squad (2016)

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Oh yeah, on another note, how does Frisk manage to have more Determination than Flowey, who's made of the Determination of 6 human SOULs, even at the beginning of the game? That feels like a plot-hole that I never understood.

Now, to be fair, Flowey didn’t get ALL of their DT. Only a portion from each of them. There’s likely leftovers in spades, considering how the SOULs continue to persist even now. It’s possible that that averaged out to less DT than your average fallen child.

And …To be honest, I feel like there’s more to SAVING than meets the eye. The humans who fell before Frisk are implied to have the power to SAVE and LOAD. Of all the people who have the DT to SAVE and LOAD, they’re seven, eight children who fall into the same hole? No adults on the surface? 

The power to SAVE is only possible through determination, but I wonder if it maybe has more pieces involved than we are aware of.


“I’m often asked for advice and I  almost always don’t give any. Because it doesn’t make sense, it’s horribly unfair, it’s impossible to plan your life, murderously difficult to get a mortgage or support a family and the uncertainty and the insecurity that it feeds you with, on a daily basis, can sometimes be asphyxiating.” {x}