In which Mary notices Dean and Castiel (self-indulgent drabble set somewhere in the beginning of season 12)

The Winchesters, Mary, and Cas are working a case together, and they split up. Cas and Dean go to finish off a nest of vamps while Mary and Sam resolve things with the locals.

They meet up at a shitty 24 hour diner at some ungodly hour of the night, and Mary is so engrossed in conversation with Sam that she almost misses the way Dean’s hand hovers at Castiel’s lower back as they enter the diner. Almost.

“Finished ‘em off real good, huh, Cas?” Dean says with a tired smirk once they’re seated, nudging the angel with his shoulder.

“Yes,” Cas agrees, opening his menu.

Sam orders a coffee and Dean glares at him so he orders a soup too. Castiel gets the same thing that Dean gets.

“You need to eat?” Mary asks.

Castiel shrugs. “It’s a habit, now.”

And Mary notices the way that there is almost a foot and a half of empty space on Dean and Cas’s side of the booth that they’re not using. She notices the way their arms touch from shoulder to elbow.

“So,” She says to Sam, later, when they are alone, “Dean and Cas?”

“Oh,” Sam scratches the back of his neck. “It’s, um, complicated, I think.”

And Mary nods, because, yeah. Isn’t it always?

Dean does not consider himself a cat person. John loved dogs and Sam loves dogs, so it follows that of course Dean would love dogs too. 

But things change: Dad dies and Sam goes off to college and Dean, well, Dean meets Cas. Cas always smells like sugar and coffee. Cas always has a book tucked under his arm, a wide smile ready for Dean and, as Dean finds out, an enormous yellow cat named King.

The first time Dean sleeps over at Cas’ place he wakes up with King sleeping on his chest, purring like a small engine. Cas is asleep, and there’s no one around to see Dean pet King softly, scratch under his chin and behind his ears. 

Of course, King quickly learns that Dean will sneak him table scraps when Cas isn’t looking, and this cements his place as Favorite Human. 

To Castiel’s delight, King takes to sitting on Dean’s lap, or next to him. Wherever Dean is, so is King, sitting nearby. He’ll set his head on Dean’s leg or, if he’s not getting enough attention, his phone. 

The funny thing is that Dean finds he doesn’t mind at all. He enjoys having this gigantic fluffy cat following him around all over the place. He likes that King sleeps in the bed with him and Cas, that he seems to listen when Dean talks. 

It’s at the point when he’s considering using King in his proposal to Cas somehow that he realizes he might, in fact, be a cat person after all.

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Fake Fic name: Two Brothers, One Angel



Oh my gods.

small talk

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“What is with that guy?” Dean wonders, leaning over the deli counter to watch his most recent customer leave.

“What guy?” Meg wonders from the register.

“That guy! The one you just rang up.”

“Seems fine to me.”

“He’s so polite .”

Meg shoots him a look and sidles over, barely missing putting her hand directly into a pool of spilled mayonnaise on the counter. “What’s wrong with polite?”

“Nothing wrong with it. Just, you know, nobody is that polite. What’s his deal.”

Meg sighs and gazes with him out the window. “He’s cute, don’t you think?”


“Oh come on . I saw that mooney look on your dumb face.”

“I mean- he’s not ugly .”


“I’m serious though. He’s weird .”

“Why don’t you just ask him? He’s in every day.”

“What the hell am I supposed to say?” Dean wonders, “ Did you grow up in a cult, you fucking weirdo?

“Hey, i’m offering solutions here. I don’t see you having any bright ideas.” She gives him one last long look before flicking him in the elbow and walking away. Leaving Dean to chew thoughtfully on his bottom lip and gaze out the window.

He’s not sure why he’s so hung up on this guy, honestly. Yeah, he’s a pretty cute dude. He always looks like he’s just rolled out of bed; tired eyes, bedhead, and a rumpled work uniform. It’s not really just that though, Dean is curious. He’s curious about that tight posture and quiet voice, all theplease and thank you ’s, the averted eyes. He looks about Dean’s age, early twenties, but Dean doesn’t remember him from school.

Added up, it all makes Dean a little twitchy. There’s just so much to wonder about.

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Fake fic- he loves bees

He Loves Bees

Cas Novak is a charming bee charmer in 1930’s Alabama. He’s an unusual fellow, does what he wants, when he wants, gender roles be damned. He falls head over heels for one Dean Winchester, currently engaged to the meanest man in town. There’s a cafe and some cancer. Tell me if this seems familiar.

Oh yeah and a dead brother. And a dead mean ex-husband. And some BBQ.

Lots of BBQ. Longpig. Yup.

The One with the Fanfic Competition: Ch. 16

Pairing(s): Dean/Cas, Sam/Dorothy

Fic Summary: Started as a Tumblr prompt fill, but due to popular demand, was expanded on.

In which friends and family of the Winchesters have gotten into a secret weekly fanfiction battle for best scenario of Dean and Cas finally getting together.

That is, until Castiel finds out.

Tags: characters write fanfiction, everyone ships it, Shipper Sam, references to all kinds of fic tropes, Fluff, Fluff and Crack, Humor, Cas accidentally finds out about the fic competition, SO MUCH FLUFF, Angst, References to Abuse, references to prostitution, Internalized Homophobia, hobbies and therapy for PTSD, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Slow Burn, Accidental Plot

Chapter Summary:

“So.” Charlie’s attention dropped and bounced back. “Flip-flops, huh?”

Dean kicked them off and put them in the closet, shooting her a glare. “Vera, huh?”

Shutting the door and propping her weapon in the corner, she moved to sit on his bed. “Oh, my day was very boring, I promise. Yours, on the other hand, I am very curious about.” She placed a finger to her lips, head tilted to the side and face scrunched as though thinking very hard. “A walk in a warmer climate- involving flip-flops I am pretty certain you didn’t own before today- plus, what was it? Ice cream and sherbet? Followed by plans for breakfast in the morning. Meanwhile, we’re here in snow-covered farm country.” A dramatic pause as he took a seat. “Well! Didn’t we have an interesting day.”

Chapter One | Chapter 16

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For the fake fic thing, if it suits your fancy, either 'Chubby Bunny' or 'I've heard it both ways'

Chubby Bunny is the story of Dean Winchester, the only man pretty enough to make it into Hef’s alluring cadre of Playboy Bunnies. In 1969 New York, he seduces Cas Novak, of the Pontiac Novaks, in Hefner’s famed Playboy Club. There’s cigars, martinis, and an unhealthy obsession with Dean’s waistline. He and Cas embark on a whirlwind trip around the world as they dodge Cas’s overbearing mobster father and Hefner’s angry bunny retrieval squad.