$crooge mcduck


Another panel redraw!!! Switching it up and doing one of Keno’s instead of Uncle Carl’s. (Click them for full view!)

This scene in King Of The Klondike has got to be one of THE greatest moments in comic book history, if not the BEST. So much passion and despair and anger all swelling inside that one panel. You can almost hear the “CREEEAKKK” of the smokestacks as $crooge uses all his fury to tear them down and whoop some ass.

I drew two versions, one where he’s still dripping in the nasty spitoon slew that was dumped on him and one without, which was what Keno drew originally. I also added tears because well…why wouldn’t he cry after hearing his mother died and his family is struggling to survive without him?

(PS, this was also the exact moment I completely and utterly fell in love with $crooge McDuck.)