-cautiously posts this here-

this is my crash test robot i was mentioning designing earlier. Since @mx-bones is actually making canon ones (:D), this is a /very/ tentative design and will likely be changed to be more canon! (i wanted to make one specific character, so he will still exist but look different probably :3) he’ll be more like… personalized since he is a retired bot with a more human-like ai.

excuse my scribbles, i’m not nearly as good with pencil and paper as i am on digital

I’m still burnt out from AX so I won’t be making a whole lot of new stuff but here’s my (likely) ndk lineup!

Friday- being meguca is suffering (I haven’t worn this cosplay in like 2 years lmao) If you see me I’ll have a coobie plush and be making dumb meduka jokes 

Saturday- I was really surprised at the response rosaluma received last year so I’ll wear the revamped version on the main day and hopefully nab a spot in the cosplay contest!

Sunday- I’ll be Nep Nep so come make game console jokes with me please

hmu if you see me, i’ll probably be dabbing all over the place because i have no self control

i might regret this BUT, idc

my Discord is UncrushableCoobie#7247

my skype is therealsnapeshady (i think, you’ll see my name is ‘uncrushable coobie’

all i ask is you tell me what your tumblr username is if you try to add me so i know who you are