Hey everybody I’m back again! And vet bills are going through the roof for my poor baby! In addition to a skull infection likely caused from infected teeth, he’s going to need dental work done and that means extractions and fixing broken teeth, and THAT MEANS, money!! Well, more than what I’ve already spent, and it’s adding up to a hefty $2000 really quickly.

So I’m opening up commissions again for the time being to help put a dent in that gigantic bill that’s going to greet me in January.

I’ll do robots, furries, aliens, original characters, Pokemon, My Little Pony, Warcraft, Wildstar, Flight Rising, men, women, children, dogs, cats, horses, birds, a whole bunch of things! Except porn and anything sexually suggestive and non-consenting! (Artistic nudity is fine, if you’re unsure, ask!)


Busts: $25USD (one chara limit)
Waist-Up: $30USD (each additional +50%)
Full-Body: $35USD (each additional +50%)


Basic color: FREE
Lineless: $10~20 USD depending on complexity (ex: X X )
Super Detailed: $45USD+ depending on complexity (ex: X )


Small animals/babies: $12.50USD each (Goat-sized and smaller)
Large animals: $20USD each (Horse-sized and up)

Complex Armor/outfits: $15USD+ depending on detail (ex: X X X )
*Dragons/other sentient creatures of that degree count as characters.

**All pictures come shaded.

***NO CANON CHARACTERS. Pokemon species and similar concepts allowed.

“COMMISSION FROM (Your tumblr/url/alias here)”

Then, COPY THIS FORM INTO YOUR EMAIL! And fill it out.

-Your Tumblr/FA/Deviantart/etc Name: (for crediting/linking back)

-Commission Type/BG/Extras:

-Your Paypal + your name as it appears:

-Character(s) Name, Age, Height:

-Short description of personality:

-Visual references (REQUIRED. Can be pics of real people, hairstyles, clothes, etc.):

-Other Details (Optional):



-Due to this being a huge pool I’m making for my kitty, no refunds once the picture is complete I’m afraid. If something absolutely goes haywire however, I will refund up to only HALF of the price you pay.

-Fixes are allowed! But once they surpass a certain number (and depending on the complexity of them or if they start getting super nitpicky) then I will start charging per fix.

-I own the rights to the art, you own the rights to the character. Simple! Do not alter the art in any way (color over it, edit it, etc). You CAN however make it your avatar, link it in RP profiles, use it in icons or on your phone or wherever you like! Just credit back to me please! (Specially for those rp profiles) :3

Anyway, if you’re interested or have any questions/want an estimate, email me at Cat_Works@yahoo.com ! And I’ll get back to you ASAP! Thanks so much everyone! Even just reblogs help <33 and you guys are great with that~

First 5 people to reblog this get a free inking commission!

If you win, I will be messaging you my email to send me details about your commission.

If you don’t receive a message from me by 12/9/2016 but you still want a Commission done, here’s my pricing document!

All winners will receive their image scanned, uploaded, and enhanced, then emailed to you.

1st Person to Reblog will get a Full body B/W inked portrait. 

2nd Person to Reblog will get a waist up B/W inked Portrait. 

3rd, 4th, and 5th will get a B/W inked bust.

All portraits will have a unique background created by me, unless you tell me you just want a white background.

A few separate rules:

  1. I will not do NSFW
  2. I have my own life, and may take a bit of time to do it. Feel free to drop my a line after a week of no contact, just don’t be rude. If you’re rude, I hold rights to take away your prize and gift it to somebody else.
  3. If you want the physical print, I will have to request you pay for shipping.
That's a wrap!

WIP Big Bang 2016 is over!

Congratulations to everyone!! We had a lot of great fic and great art posted and it’s time to celebrate! I’m so so proud of all of you and I hope you’re all proud of yourselves as well. You did something great by completing your stories and I’m really glad you all participated. I’m really impressed by all the fantastic fics and beautiful art that was produced. If you haven’t had a chance to check everyone else’s posts and leave comments, please do!

I had a great time modding and I hope you all had a good time too. There will be a survey up soonish so you can tell me how you thought it went and if you think any changes need to be made for the next round. As per the poll a while back, I will be starting a banned list, but that won’t take effect until next year.

For now, it’s time to cheer and squee and post the most excited/congratulatory gifs you can find! Have some wine and cheese and flail, shout, and have fun! You deserve a break after all your hard work :)

I hope to see you all again next year! 

   … madam prez and weird cactus-head dude were getting married?
he was rather uncertain of how to feel (jealous? angry? confused?), wracking his brain for some sort of decent reaction to the whole scenario.

   ‘ … well, fuck. do i gotta bring a gift? ‘
he didn’t have the budget for this.