• what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: marlene's death in insurgent was probably the laziest and poorly written death scene i've ever read. like it makes zero sense for christina to wake up ONLY TRIS when she heard the simulations getting activated. how it is possible that it never crossed their minds to go back and get others when they realized that just the two of them won't be able to save them all? like what would marlene and others do if there was no one to receive their message? jump anyway? i doubt so because they seemed to speak only when tris came closer and was ready to hear the message. chiristina meanwhile could've gathered the whole freaking faction. but even so, there's NO WAY that nobody else woke up during all this, anyway. like ???? it is clear that VRoth only killed off marlene because she just needed some kind of excuse to make tris give herself in and honestly i'm so angry