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for dating app: 26 years old, 7'1", brown eyes, black hair, enjoys sports of both the virtual and physical variety, along with some friendly joshing with the neighborhood kids. would like to take you on a long drive and finish up with a night playing wiisports

i dunno if i…. should believe the 7′1…. or assume that u maybe meant 6′1…. or if you really are a Tall Pal

though no matter what you’re tall woah : o And the hair eye combo is SO IDEAL, very cute

and I am down for Wiisports but my interest in real sports is sadly minimal at best </3


I made my first cartoon at CalArts!

Holy 🐄!

This blog has 1,022 followers!! 😱 thank you all for following and reblogging my original posts! I’m so glad I make some of you happy and you can relate to me 🙈 I love reading your comments and seeing you tag your caregivers/littles! AH!! Thank you thank you thank you! 😄💖