Broken Promises Part 3

A Dean x Reader / AU! angst series
(Dean’s POV)

Read Parts One, Two, and Four.

A/N: I’ve recently come to the conclusion that this is an AU. So there’s that. However, I really enjoy writing this story and the feedback I’ve gotten is incredible. I love where it’s headed and I hope you will too. I promise Part 4 will answer A LOT of your questions. Thank you as always to @balthazars-muse  for helping my ass out. Feel free to like, reblog, follow, and send me lots of feedback. I’d love to hear what you think of it, and whether you’d like another part. I appreciate you! xo

- angst.
- language.
- you’ll be angry with me.

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The last thing you wanted to do was hurt her more than you already had. Telling her this way was not how you intended originally, but her safety was at the utmost importance right now. Ten years - ten fucking years you had kept your secret, kept her safe. Now, one text exchange put both of your lives in danger.

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Jay-Z, Jay Brown, and Diddy courtside in 2009.

You can confirm Hov is recording an album when he lets his hair grow out: 
“When I make music, I normally don’t cut my hair. I started [working on BP3] last year and it’s getting really bad. It’s terrible. But I think for the art, I can live with it. And a lot of girls kind of like it, so I’m trying to hold onto it. I’m trying to elongate the album.” - Jay-Z, speaking on Hot97 in June 2009.