Two Extraordinary Relationships.

Okay. I know that Riley and Maya are “each other’s extraordinary relationship” and they are the “Corpanga” of this series but here’s the thing:

Shawn Hunter and Cory Matthews are also each other’s extraordinary relationship. There were two in BMW, not one. Cory and Topanga may have taken the front seat in the first series, and Riley and Maya take it in this one, but that doesn’t discredit the once in a lifetime friendship Cory also got to experience with Shawn, right? So then that begs the question:

Who is Riley’s backseat, extraordinary relationship? Because I think there is one. I wonder who it will be. Or, who is already is? 

Is it Lucas? Is it Farkle? Is it neither? Okay, WHY?

 What do you think? I want to know. 



(Cr. Multitabi on vine)