She is one of the finest actresses in show business. A lot of young actors and actresses could have profited then and now from a few ‘eminars’ with Missy on their professional attitudes-their regard for the business of being an actor on their on-stage and off-stage deportment as it were — because I doubt that there ever has been, or ever will be, a greater 'pro’ than Barbara - Robert Taylor

Top 50 Most Wonderful and Talented Women » Barbara Stanwyck


160813 Review of Line-up for Busan One Asia Festival, CNBLUE!
CNBLUE, a representative handsome boy group to which Jung Yonghwa, the ambassador of Busan One Asia Festival, belongs. ‪#‎2016BOF‬
Yonghwa: Representative of handsome boy in Busan
Jonghyun: A real man and the former judoka
Minhyuk: Diversified entertainer with outstanding acting, singing, and even performing skills
Jungshin: a homme fatale with many different faces

Source: 2016BOF Facebook
CNBLUE.CL | twitter.com/CNBLUECL

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One More Time (Boys Over Flowers OST)

I’m A Loner (CNBlue)

Kingdom Of Predators (Hunter x Hunter OST)

Again and Again (2PM)

Waving Flag by K’naan (FIFA 2010)

A Better Tomorrow (by Leslie Cheung)

I’m Sorry (CNBlue)

Sunboat (It’s Okay, That’s Love OST)

Almost Paradise (Boys Over Flowers OST)

Gerua (Dilwale OST)

Eyes, Nose, Lips (by Taeyang)

No Other (Super Junior)

I Feel You (It’s Okay, That’s Love OST)

Uvogin’s Requiem (Hunter x Hunter OST)

Stand By Me (SHINee)

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“Just watched the first episode of Cinderella and the Four Knights and I loved it. What can I say, this format is popular for a reason. I grew up with princess stories, so I have no shame in saying that I love this kind of stuff. But I honestly hope they don’t fall on the same mistake of “Boys Over Flowers” and make the main leaders relationships’ abusive. “

Similar Confession:

“I actually liked the first episode of Cinderella and the Four Knights. I’m excited for it, I hope it’s good. The director is one of my favorites, so in my opinion it can’t be bad (unless they screw up in the end, which I doubt). It resembles BOF slightly but has differences. I hope people don’t have prejudice against the drama before it even develops. “

Cinderella: First Thoughts

I liked it, for the most part. Our lead is spunky, tough, big-hearted, and doesn’t take guys’ shit. 

This was a solid first episode, and we got to know some of the characters’ personalities pretty quickly. I mean, we all know how this is gonna play out, but I think (read: hope) the drama will have some unexpected or fun twist on the Cinderella story. 

Fave part: making the guy bow in front of his uncle; I lost it.

Least fave part: the choppy and really fast editing; I got a little dizzy and confused at times, like in the beginning with the fancy cars montage (which, by the way, totally gave off BoF vibes…not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but that’s the type of story we’re working with, so…).

For now, I like where his show is going. I hope our heroine’s total rejection of “princes” is not softened just because they are nice to her; I want to see her stick to her values and make the guys come to her. 

I will definitely watch the second episode, and then depending on reviews, I’ll binge watch the rest of the available episodes as soon as I can once I’m settled in.

Il y'a le sexe qui craint. Celui qui enchante. Celui qui fait dire bof. Le sexe vindicatif. Le sexe jubilation. Le sexe sportif. Le sexe répétitif. Le sexe impératif. Et puis beaucoup plus rare, il y'a le sexe qui transcende. Celui qui vous persuade que vous vous êtes engagé dans la forme de communication et d'échange la plus sublime qui soit, quand toutes les barrières tombent, quand vous vous sentez en fusion avec l'autre, quand la rencontre vous paraît l'expression la plus exaltante et la plus sincère de l'amour qui vous envahit et vous transporte. Le sexe transcendantal. Il pousse le compte-tours de votre coeur dans la zone écarlate. Il vous dit “ça y est”, parce que vous percevez que l'être avec lequel vous atteignez ce huitième ciel éprouve exactement la même chose que vous.
—  Douglas kennedy

160818 SpeXial’s acapella performance of Boyz On Fire on Pop Radio (cr. EmiLee)

Je viens de faire une liste des films dits “cultes” que je n’avais pas encore vu, et il y en a beaucoup trop.

En vrai, j’aime pas trop regarder les films cultes, parce que les gens en parlent tellement que j’ai beaucoup d’attentes et je suis souvent déçue… Mais bon, là, il y a quand même quelques grands films que je n’ai pas vu et qu’il faut que je vois pour redorer mon étiquette de cinéphile ! (71)
(Pour éviter le : “Tu te dis cinéphile mais t’as pas vu FIGHT CLUB” non, j’ai pas encore vu Fight Club… Mais bientôt ! C’est juste qu’il est tellement aimé que j’ai pas envie de me dire “ouais bof” vous voyez ?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Bref, je vous en mets quand même quelques uns où c’est un peu la honte de pas les avoir vu alors que c’est des grands du cinéma hein (je le reconnais)

Je n’ai pas encore vu:

- Fight Club
- Pulp Fiction
- Le Parrain (I et II)
- Le Secret de Brokeback Mountain
- Basic Instinct
- Autant en emporte le vent
- La Liste de Schindler
- L’exorciste
- Ghostbusters
- Orange mécanique
- Thelma et Louise

C’est ma priorité du coup haha
Nan mais franchement, les films cultes… Ca a intérêt à être à la hauteur de ce que les gens en disent hein.

Bon ben c’est parti du coup !

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And now what? Up-close pic of the mouth before it got the cut ✂️. Cute right? Just a super random idea that came to me so I just made it, (this happens a lot.) And now what? Is the question I always ask myself after finishing something…make it a Patch? Bag? Gift? I have a bit of a list going at the moment…all the things I want to make…bof! Have a fun WE! ✌️👀✌️

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Do you know of any really good Meanie cliche rich/badboy falls in love with poor/nerd/or whatever else books? Kind of like BOF or Playful Kiss

Hello anon! I have a compilation of badboy fics here. Below are some other badboy fics I know of. Enjoy! 

Heaven in Hell by Natalie_16
all in by gaybestfriend and meangyus
Daisies by blxxdinfections
Lay Me Down to Sleep by Kuehki
Is It Wrong? by kyunkkk and camelsaur-chen


160813 Boyz On Fire Taipei Fansign (marathon ver. - cut)