Much Ado About Nothing - Dance of the Tennant Edition

Tbqh Beatrice and Benedick are the most delightful characters in all of Shakespeare. Not only are they *hilarious*, but in true Shakespeare fashion, they are also immensely kind and loving with developed pasts and amazing chemistry. But at the same time, they also aren’t push-overs and can power-team their way to success. For better or worse, they don’t take any shit from anybody or each other, but there is still a ton of trust and love between them.

And what’s better is that their relationship is so solidly built on friendship and compatability, that they are fabulously flexible in however you interpret them. Want a Elizabeth/Darcy enemies-to-lovers story? Check. Ex’s with a past who still love each other but have since grown up? Check. Freaking two hella gay kids using each other as beards bc they’re platonic soulmates who could grow old together anyways? Check check check.

Basically, Shakespeare created the ultimate #goals relationship & I will never really get over it.


It’s not marriage, right? It’s not some civil union or whatever. I don’t know, just like, fuck it. We should try it and if it doesn’t work out and if it ends in tears then we’ll get over it.